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another unique experience
by g. michael gallien

Volume 15/Issue 21

Hello, Louisiana. Fall is in the air and the winds are bringing changes for the better. We have been busy in Alexandria continuing to improved on the flawless foundation Tim Bordelon has built with the new Unique Bar location. If you weren't there for the grand opening show, you missed an outstanding evening of entertainment and festivities. The show was packed with divas from start to finish and it truly was standing room only. That is an accomplishment considering the size of the new building. Jennifer Jason Hart hosted and kept 15 queens on queue making sure the show flowed smoothly. (Outstanding job, sweetie.) Jessica Daniels from New Orleans was the featured entertainer along with Cory Allen singing live. Miss Greater Alexandria, Shayla Meche, turned out Miss Toni Braxton in "I Dream Of Jeanie" drag and was looking to grant wishes to all of the buff boys. (As usual.) We also welcomed home the Ebony Goddess of Denver-Keisha. (A wonderful human being in and out of a dress.) The place was packed with our favorite regulars, some faces we haven't seen in a while, and some devastatingly beautiful boys and girls from as far away as Atlanta, Dallas and California. Word seems to be getting out about the new club and the buzz is good. I'm excited about what's happening ;here and even more excited about what is still in the works. Tim has asked me to keep the lib on a couple of the more exciting plans until things are a little more confirmed, but stay in touch, kids. (I have the hardest time keeping my mouth shut.) Trust me, you'll love what's happening.

Well, I have been working my fanny off promoting the new bar and our Miss Central Louisiana America Pageant. I'm having a blast meeting new faces and getting to know some old friends even better than before. I was in Monroe a couple of weeks ago for one of their Tuesday night shows featuring the delicious diva Jessica Daniels. Jessica appeared with fishy little Candy Kane and the sweetest queen, Kymberlyn. Monroe welcomed us with the warmest reception and the people were amazing. Jessica and I got to spend a little time with our sister Sylvia Scarlett and the alter ego of Brittany Demarkoff. (He's a big ole boy!) We had the most fun recounting our collective MGLA weekend together. (And, by the way, Robbie, you are fierce on the microphone, dear. I like the way you talk, boy.) Sylvia told me that Hot Shotz will be expanding and adding more show nights, so it looks like Alexandria and Lafayette aren't the only areas with exponential growth going on. Give yourselves a hand for supporting your respective communities' establishments and making all of this growth possible. I urge all of you to get involved and work to make whatever you have in your area the best it can be. You'll have a great time in the process and end up with something you'll be proud to share with your sisters and brothers from out of town.

On that note, let me take a moment to grab the ;ear of the Alexandria crowd. I will be traveling a good bit in the not too distant future so I'll need some help keeping abreast of what's going on in the different circles of CenLa. I'm setting up a box at Unique so is there is anything newsworthy that you'd like to see in Ambush, drop me a ;note with a contact name and the best time and manner in ;which to get in touch. My lesbian sisters need to help out here. I know all about your pissy little secretive parties and you aren't fooling me. Don't make me come looking for you with ;my camera. Work with me and everything will be all right. There will be a note with more info on ;this at the bar so get in touch with me or Tim next time you're out.

From what I can tell, Rick Martinez has ben hustling like mad get ting Sylvia and Jessica ready for Miss Gay America starting on Nov.. 19 in North Carolina. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to a long-standing commitment for the same dates in Dallas, but rest assured I will be bringing you the scoop from some undercover agents working on my behalf. If you see Rick, Sylvia or Jessica, give them a hug and wish them the best of luck. They'll need your support. (Or you can just give them dollars and forget the rest. It costs a fortune to compete at this level. I hope all of you show bookers are listening. Support your sisters, sisters.)

And now the news. Makes plans to b in Alexandria on Fri., Oct. 24 for our next show. Mis Unique 97-98, Jennifer Jason Hart will be back, along with the Reba Diva from Kentucky, Rachael Michaels. Nicole DuBois, Miss LA USA 93 is coming in with her skinny butt and her big vocal cords, so we will have two vocal divas in the house to serenade us. Welcome back, Nicole.

Our Shocktoberfest Halloween Costume Contest will be on Fri., Oct. 31, of course. Prizes will be awarded as usual, but you must be careful. I think Tim is planning on giving Rene "Chi-Chi" Requenez, Unique Manager, away as a door prize. I guess Halloween can be scary for adults, too.

The next pageant is on Saturday, Nov.. 15 for the title of Miss Greater Alexandria. Mis Shayla Meche will be relinquishing her crown. (Although we may ;have to call some of our boys back from Bosnia to get it away from her. And don't be fooled-dude looks like a lady but fights like a dude.) Contestants must come from within a 50 mile radius of Alexandria. Tim is allowing from as far north as Natchitoches or so. The winner of this contest automatically qualifies for The Miss Unique Pageant with entry fees waived as well as future bookings, etc. Lucky girls that you are, I will be on the judging panel so come prepared. It will be lots of fun and great experience.

That's about all for now. I've got to jet to the next project, one of ;which is getting a website set up for Unique, so time is short. I will be traveling throughout south Louisiana in the next several weeks and I am anxious on meeting many of you very soon. Until then, Louisiana, stay safe and happy.

(This article is dedicated to the memory of Michael Patrick. Michael, our lives won't be the same without you and you are forever and fondly in our hearts. We love you.)

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