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brad does lafayette

Volume 15/Issue 22


Mystic Krewe of Apollo Lafayette
Throws Magnificent Announcement Party

It was a star-studded night in Lafayette as the party of parties was thrown at A La Carte by the Mystic Krewe of Apollo Lafayette. It was the announcement of royalty for their Bal Masque XXII scheduled for next January. This fine group of gentlemen (and gentle ladies) provided guests with the best food available in this fabulous city, and First Class entertained for the occasion.

I'm always treated like royalty when I attend one of their events, and it was especially noticeable on this particular evening as everyone cooperated to the fullest to make this a great evening for those of us who came to work the function. I can't recall any night when I was treated so well, so much like their own royalty. That is a good sign within a group when camaraderie and companionship are in full view for all to see and experience. Lafayette Apolloites are an exceptional group, and it showed throughout the evening, and I must thank my friends Roland and Jean L., for all their help with proper identifications.

It was a who's who of important people in Lafayette as all of the past royalty were presented. Reigning royalty, Sherman Mire and Blake Devillier, were noticeably adjusted to their duties as royalty, and they proved that they were excellent choices to carry on the royal tradition for their krewe.

Introduction of the royalty-elect, Joey Billeaud and Phillip LeBlanc, only brought out once more what this krewe is all about-togetherness in a fraternal order of the highest calibre. The queen-elect was stunningly beautiful in a magnificent black gown, and it was rewarding to see how regally she held herself throughout the presentation.

Fabulous Ted is captain for Bal Masque XXII, and congenial Mike is their current president in charge of keeping everything in order which he was doing a fine job of throughout the evening.

Mr. and Miss Apollo Lafayette also were in attendance, and they are a fabulous couple. Dashingly handsome Brother Smith looked as if he had just stepped out of an International Male photo session, and Racheal Denea was ravishingly beautiful in a sparkling red gown that turned many a head throughout the evening. Former Mr. Apollo Lafayette, Patrick Fontenot, was equally dashing, but then he always has been an outstanding asset to this fine group of men. His beautiful smile just melts you away into his complete control. Control me, sweetheart! Control me! And that's ditto for scrumptious Brother Smith.

Baton Rouge and Shreveport studs were out in force showing how the brotherhood within the Apollo family really works. Baton Rouge Bal Masque XVII royalty-elect, Sam and Jim, were on hand, along with an impressive lineup of outstanding members and friends. That beautiful lawyer Joseph was all smiles as he paraded his sweet Joey about the establishment.

Not to be outdone in the smiles department were the likes of reigning King Apollo XVI Damon and and his companion for the evening, Terrifically Terrible Tommy (who shook his behind like crazy out on that dance floor), marvelous Mitch and lively Matt (another mover and shaker and Baton Rouge's newest and hottest addition to their roster), floral Joe (exceptionally talented co-captain for next year's Feb. 6 event) with his equally talented other half Les, the dynamic trio from Beaumont, Texas, Nathan, Joel, and Darren (who always go out of their way to support krewe functions throughout the South, from Texas to Alabama), former king Gene N. (looking dapper after that whirlwind tour of Canada and the Big Apple), that country gentleman Don, along with David (the king-elect's neighbor and friend), another former king Hal (minus his hubby who couldn't miss the LSU-Florida game), Cotton (the queen-elect's other half), Red Stick's dynamic Lady Houston, and the equally dynamic and talented Scott, who really knows how to strut his stuff.

Not to be outdone in the supporting and strutting category was the magnificent group of men from Shreveport. They represented the Ark-La-Tex with pride and dignity throughout the evening. I only hope I don't leave someone out. Of course, I could never omit that double-D combination of Darren and Desmond. They are simply one of the most gorgeous couples on the scene now, and I spotted their magnificent smiles at that National Apollo event I attended at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Not to be outdone in the gorgeous category, however, was the outrageously dynamic Kenny King, Queen Apollo XII-elect, with his wonderful significant other, Jared, (whom I had photographed last year at Kenneth Ann's bar of bars and meeting place for the gay elite of the Ark-La-Tex, the Korner Lounge). The king-elect of this fine krewe is none other than my very good Shreveland buddy, Randy George, and this combination of royalty promises to be outstanding in all respects. The captain for Bal Masque XII was also onv hand to spread his good-will around, and he's none other than the dashingly handsome Bryan Sullivan.

Monroe had excellent representation with the fantastically beautiful Sylvia Scarlett, newly crowned Miss Gay Louisiana America. She is destined to be one of this state's finest representatives and from what I hear just may capture the national title coming up soon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her talent for this event is awesome, and you have to see it to believe it. She does Madonna as the marvelous Evita, and it's a spectacular presentation.

Also in the crowd of wonderful people were some of my all-time favorites. Joe, aka Shayla Gray, looked great, and I personally feel he is one of the finest and most talented entertainers to ever come out of Acadiana. Second runner-up to Miss Gay Louisiana America, Valerie Sugarbaker, was wonderfully breathtaking in that fabulous gown. Taylor Stevens and Cartier were standouts in the style department too, but they always are among the most stylish of all beauties in this part of the world.

The Royal Order of Unicorn had several representatives here. Of course, my ever-lovable cowboy, Mr. Kenny Hebert, was there, and I just drool every time I'm in his presence. He's one of the most cuddly and loveable young men I've ever met, an astonishing and amazing human being. The ravishing beauty and ultimate Queen of the Acadian Country and current Queen ROU XIV-elect, Miss Stephanie Stevens, just absolutely glowed with excitement and marveled everyone with her graceful manners and charm. She is simply a remarkable individual and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous in all respects.

A La Carte was decorated for the occasion with the theme of the bal masque, Apollo's Tabloids, vividly on display.

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