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Volume 15/Issue 22


Subject: hi Becky
Just a quick note to say thanks!!!! I am leaving for New Orleans tomorrow on business, & hopefully find some pleasure!!! Your gay tour was just the ticket I needed to familiarize myself with some of the clubs!! Thanks again, if I see ya' , I'll say hello!! "See ya in the Streets!"
--Cass Westbrook

Subject: Issacs Guns
Hi, i know this probably isn't the right place to e-mail about the band, but i was at Pride Fest this weekend and I heard them play Saturday... and I just have to know more about them. Could you help me? Thanks

From: panik
Hello ....I am the webmaster for 100% PURE MEN and I wanted to let you know that I just changed servers and now have my own domain name. Here is the new url: If you could please change my listing to the new url. Thank you. Cheers ....
--Robert - Thanks for selecting my site for September!!

From: (George Paul)
Subject: I'm not from Louisiana, but Hi,
I represent the Crossroads Real Estate Referral Network. The Crossroads Real Estate Referral Network is a free, non-profit network of lesbian and gay Realtors who provide referrals to ANYONE wishing to buy, sell or relocate anywhere, nationwide. I was wondering if you could include a link to our site on your list. The URL is I realize we are not located in New Orleans, but I saw no other service like ours available from your links page. We are certainly able to help anybody in Louisiana, or anywhere else in the US. Please let me know one way or the other. Thanks.

From: Geoff Cook
Organization: TD PAYROLL
Subject: good 'ol canadian fags
Hi, I just thought I would take this chance to say hi and introduce you to our new Bear group. If memory serves me right we met when I was down for Decadance. I'm a friend of Smurf, Bryan and Tracy (the Corner Pocket Gang). My group is the Toronto Chapter of GenX Bears Canada.

What we were wondering is if you would care to add our URL to your link page? In return we would add yours to ours: Getting recognized by the major search engines can be rather expensive. By helping each other out we can all maximize our exposure on the web. I hope you enjoy visiting our site. Should you have any questions about GenX Bears - Toronto or our site please drop me a line. If you see Smurf, Bryan, Tracy or Lee please give all my love to them and tell them that I'll write soon. Bear hugz
--geoff cook, web page administrator

From: David K K She
Subject: Create one Classification
Dear Sirs, Hello, 1069! Ha! Ha! I am writing e-mails to you today. it is because I want to find the directory for male stripping (male strippers). However, it is not found in your pages. Can you kindly create the classifications on the homepage. The navigators can easily to find the resources of male stripping. Thanks you very much! DON'T reply this e-mail. Many Thanks! Yours Regards,
--SHE Kar Sing, Michael

Subject: Mardi Gras
Started planning a Mardi Gras trip today and realize I should have done this a year ago. I'm wondering if FQRS is able to assist with accommodations for 2 guys for 2/20 thru 2/25/98? Just visited your very impressive web site and will hope that we can still find something at this late date. Thanks

From: Sensei - MIKE GABRIEL
Subject: I am straight (heterosexual) BUT, I do like Show Tunes. Got any awards for me ???
Hey guys, I was looking for an award and I saw this Rainbow Award. It IS a cool looking award. So I started looking thru the requirements and it said I had to be either a gay or bi-sexual male/female or a transgendered person. I am 100% straight ( heterosexual ) BUT ... I DO like show tunes. Got any awards for me ??? (ONLY JOKING ) I did see the award like I said and thought it WAS/IS very cool looking. I was sorry to see I was NOT qualified to be in any of the categories. I started writing just to tell you the award is nice looking, but then the Comedian in me took over. If you have a chance, visit The JAMES EARL RAY web site It is facinating and UNIQUE. Thanks, 'as always ... MEOW FOR NOW! (c) -Comedian/Actor(SAG)"Senseill
--MIKE GABRIEL, The JAMES EARL RAY web site(c), go to the bottom of the page for Cat Yoga PhoneCards(r)

Subject: Guest Book
name: Ryan Butterfield and James Pulsipher
description: When we are thinking of a place to go, we look up the clubs on your site. Thanks
home: Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: HEY BECKY
I and a couple of friends will be in town Nov6-10th, what do u recommend for the gals and guys to hangout ...have some ladies looking for some Southern Comfort...any suggestions would be great. Hugs

Subject: Guest Book To:
name: KP
description: I felt so alone till I came here. I'm glad I found you.
home: CO,USA
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: Eric Bridges
description: This is one of the best gay sites i've seen. I'm actually looking for something a bit more hardcore though. Could you help with a few links? Sincerely --Eric Bridges
home: us
find us: by surfing the web

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