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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 22


Mystik Treasures Open For Business

Another fabulous place to frequent here in our capital city is Mystik Treasures and Mystik Coffeehouse on Government. It is gay-owned, is actually two stores connected by a fabulous patio, and offers some of the finest giftables and unique coffees in the entire city. Kyle and Brian are the two sexy owners, and they welcome everyone but are really supportive of the gay and lesbian communities and hope that gays and lesbians will stop in for relaxation and shopping. It's really turning out to be a gay mecca in the mid cities area, and it is beautifully furnished.

I found both businesses to be absolutely great. Richard and Damon have already checked it out and plan to return on a frequent basis, especially for coffee and bagels. Not only is the coffee great, but the bagels are superb. It is just what you need to start the day off right. The giftables are quite unique and are from all over the world. Jewelry, incense, glassware, and other items make this a shopper's paradise. The atmosphere is divine, and the welcome I received was outstanding. It's a haven for happy people made possible by happy people, and offers a little something different and unique for everyone. They had a recent art exhibition to open here, and the place was packed. There's just something for all artistic individuals to enjoy, and the quality of the products offered is absolutely the best. Go by and check it out. You will want to return again and again.

George's had a packed house for their flashlight extravaganza, and Guy, Keith, and Doug served up the drinks minus their pants. In fact, when the free drinks were offered to the first person who would shed his pants, a local radio/TV personality didn't hesitate to get those drinks and proceeded to strut his stuff on the bar. Jeffrey, darling, try the stage next time, and do a little dance with the strut routine. Show your showman stuff! George's Halloween Bash promises to be a great, fun-filled evening. Richard is always such a delight to be around, and he plans out his activities well in advance. He always manages to keep his customers happy, and the place is always packed as a result. Another reason for his popularity is his support within the gay and lesbian community. if anyone deserved an award for continued support of charitable causes over the years, it would have to be Richard. He's always there, the top gun of our community.

I ran into Suzanne, of Pier 11 in Slidell, at the Hide-A-Way recently, and she is certainly a delight too. We had a nice chat, and I must check out this club. It's getting good notices from everyone who has been there.

I also got to talk with the fabulous Frankie for a while. She is another beautiful human being, and her DJ work is of the finest. She can keep the dance floor packed with her choice of music, a definite asset to the Hide-A-Way.

James and Kyle are ready for Halloween, and their costume contest will be earlier than the rest of the bars, so this will allow you to celebrate before the midnight hour. These guys also know how to plan ahead for big events too, so get the costume on early and trot on over to the Time Zone, a Main Street attraction. Their drink prices are the best in town, and Thursday nights are nice with gourmet food being prepared in the adjoining kitchen.

Traditions has the most elaborate decorations for this holiday. It's going to outdo the great theme they had for last year's party. The Big 0 knows how to do things right, and the place is going to be packed. Traditions is the biggest and best dance bar in the Deep South, and it will take a lot for any other club to even get close to this facility in style, class, and quality. Why go elsewhere when the best is right here in old Red Stick?

And the best is exactly what Don and Tom have in mind for their fabulous Blue Parrot. They jumped right in and created a great place for everyone. It has grown in popularity ever since they took over the management, and this growth continues on a daily basis. The atmosphere here is great, and their lovely patio is an asset to anyone desiring a different setting to the normal bar environment. Sipping a drink here is delightful, and many a southern gentleman can be found lounging in this beautiful and serene place. The Tasha babe even tickled the keys on the piano with her pretty hiney last week. Of course, she was only posing for a picture, but, oh, to have been one of the ivories. I can only imagine the pleasure there.

Don and Tom just returned from a vacation in Florida, and they both seemed so relaxed. I'm not sure about the new tan lines on those fabulous bodies, but I'd like to find out. I hear they are fantastic. The tan lines, darlings, the tan lines! And, of course, other points I can't mention in a family newspaper.

Something else wonderful happened in Florida recently. Our classy Claudette and dynamic Debbie, Spanish Town's most distinctive couple, took their vows in a special commitment ceremony off the coast at Key West. They met an MCC pastor while there, and she conducted the ceremony for them in this beautiful Gulf of Mexico locale. Debbie was beaming with pride when she told me about this. Congratulations to both of you. You make a great combo together and are very special neighbors and friends.

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