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r.o.u. honors

Volume 15/Issue 22

by Brad Benedict

R.O.U. Honors Royalty-Elect for 1998

Elegance is the best description that can be given for the magnificent announcement party that the Royal Order of Unicorn had at Tony Dees Footnotes Dance Studio on Florida Boulevard. It was a wonderful setting for this special occasion.

Reigning King and Queen ROU XIII, Doug Robinson and Effie Marie, were never more perfectly matched, and they beamed with pride as they welcomed guests to this special affair.

It was, however, a night that truly belonged to the royalty-elect, King and Queen ROU XIV, James Barbosa and Stephanie Stevens. Barbosa glowed with happiness and never looked so handsome as he did on this occasion. His beautiful significant other, Miss Tasha Sinclair, also shared in his special moment of happiness and looked spectacular in a gorgeous white gown.

Beautiful does not do the queen-elect justice. Gorgeous more aptly describes this charming and delightful individual. Stephanie's radiance was absolutely breathtaking on this special night, and she showed once more what I've espoused all along. She's simply one classy, enormously talented, and outstandingly lovely lady. Royalty becomes her. She wears it well.

A look at all the guests at this party was a look at high society for Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Bartending the event was a gorgeous Lords of Leather stud, precious Gregory, the other half of dancing sensation and the Lord of the Louisiana Dance, Tony Dees. Representing Apollo were: Joe and Les; Jim and Cotton; Damon, Mitch, and Tommy; and Sam, Gene, David, and Don. Fred, founder of the Royal Order of Unicorn, was there, and this man is a delight to be with. Former king Kenny Hebert and Bal Masque XIV was handsome in that black cowboy hat, his trademark at all functions.

In addition to the royal honorees, the place was filled with well-wishers from Acadiana. This occasion presented a who's-who for Lafayette, and for fear of missing someone really important, I'll apologize in advance for leaving people out, but it was impossible to talk with everyone, and there were so many new faces in the crowd. This is a good sign and shows that the Royal order of Unicorn is a diversified group with a supportive following from a number of areas.

I would like to compliment their Miss R.O.U., Tamira Colbert. This beauty was stunning in a white gown, and her personality was absolutely overwhelming. She totally captivated everyone with her presence.

Also on hand were Ms. R.O.U. Keisha Sons, Taylor Stevens with Milton, Savannah Leigh (with a cute and sexy little number named Chris), Wayne and his fabulous Mickey, Miss D.D. DeMarco with her hot little Jeff, Mr. Mirror Keith Nappier (absolutely a picture of perfection, from head to toe and all points in between), Debbie and Claudette, wonderful Josie, Jeannie (Tony's dance partner and fabulous lady), beautiful Ira (who never looked better), Kyle, John, and a multitude of others. The list could go on and on, but the end result is still the same. It was one magnificent gathering of important people in the gay and lesbian communities. It was a great show of support for one of the finest krewes in the state of Louisiana.

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