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Volume 15/Issue 23

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Damn that was good! Yes, yes...Halloween 14 was incredible! I have to say that the Halloween Committee and all those involved in helping to organize and/or put on Circus Eroticus must be commended for their work and ever increasing progress. The New Orleans Halloween event has grown by leaps and bounds into a very attractive, fun-filled, money making, monster machine to help raise much needed funds for Project Lazarus. I was unable to attend the kick-off party on Thursday night due to having to work at Oz, but heard it was fantastic and first class all the way.

After getting off work, I zipped over to the Pub/Parade to see who was out. G.M. Jonathan talked me into competing in the Best Buns contest that night. I agreed to do it and ran upstairs to visit DJ Diva Lydia Primm. Then caught up with Madame Dixon and Scarlet up in the Parade Penthouse as they prepared for the contest. Not long afterwards, they called all contestants to the back bar for instructions on the contest. I was "gumsmacked" when I saw the other contestants I was competing against--all big, buff, pretty dancers. I begged for Dixon to remove my name from the list of entries and he threatened to announce from the stage that I pulled out of the contest. So I did it anyway! I was slightly em-bare-ass-ed to compete but I made it through.

Friday night at the wharf was nothing short of being top notch and very entertaining. With thousands of beautiful men around, amusement rides, a 2 story spacewalk slide, super dance tent and free drinks, any patron would and could have a great time. I stayed through the end at 3am and rode out with 15 gorgeous boys from all over the states in a super stretch limo back to the French Quarter. From there we went and played at Oz and the Pub till who knows when.

Saturday night's Costume Party at the Auditorium was the CLIMAX of the weekend. Over 6,000 patrons dressed up in some of the best, creative and original costuming I have ever laid eyes on. Group themes were the best ever. Entering the auditorium, the energy level was felt in mass amounts. Seeing everyone zipping by with big grins on their faces and playtime on their minds gave DJ Timmy P, Ace and myself a charge of excitement. We immediately headed for one of the many cocktail tables and then to the dance floor to see what was going on. A giant mass of bodies filled the floor with gorgeous dancing boys up on the platforms for viewing pleasure. Between the music of DJ David Knapp and the light show, the dancing crowd seemed to be entranced. After scoping out the dance floor, we went exploring the hallways that led to other fun parties going on in the auditorium. We popped in on DJ David to behold one of the best looking DJ's to visit our fair city. After a little visit with him, we were on a search for E.T. (That stands for Extra Tacky) who was serving up cocktails and shots...we were slightly looped by the time we were ready to go. The attendance never dropped the whole night till they had to run them back down Bourbon Street to finish their reveling. After hitting Bourbon and St Ann again we partied till...

Sunday afternoon, with a nasty hangover, we still had yet another party to attend: the Annual Halloween Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. Needless to say, it was packed and stayed packed till around 6pm when they all headed back to the "fruit loop." The House of Blues did it up right and had a good time doing it too! Great food and cocktails along with some awesome black gospel singers twisted the boys and girls up into having a real "camp meeting." With napkins in the air and responsive singing from the revelers the room, was filled with lots of energy and socializing. One group of Atlanta boys were the center of my attention as they entertained themselves and all those around with their "old timey" Pentecostal dancing and shouting. Then Ace and I ran around visiting everyone we knew and taking pictures. We soon headed back to Oz so I could go on duty running the lights. Like clockwork the bars packed out at 6:30pm. They were all having a good time, as usual!

A grand "thank you" to all who participated in the reveling and worked so hard to put on a flawless weekend. Halloween 14 was a monster success. Snap...Snap...Snap in "Z" formation.

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