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Volume 15/Issue 23


From: (Houston Voice News)
Subject: Our Paper In Gayamerica
Hello: My name is Steve. I'm with the Houston Voice, the weekly newspaper in Houston for the gay and lesbian community. We love to be listed on your resources area under MEDIA. Of course, we'd be happy to set up a recipricol link. What's on our website? The entire Houston Voice paper can be read online every week. The paper is full of national and global news, as well as scoops on stories relating to gays and lesbians in Houston and Texas. Arts and Entertainment, movie reviews, celebrity interviews. It's all here! Thanks,
--Steve Labinski

Subject: URGENT:Detroit News poll on GAY MARRIAGE
The DETROIT NEWS is running a cybersurvey on gay marriage. The question is: "if Hawaii legalizes gay marriages, most state legislatures, including Michigan's, have said they will not recognize them. Do you think gays hould be allowed to legally marry? Vote in Detroit News Online Cybersurvey. Comments are welcome.

From: martin
Subject: Gay Positive Advertising
I'm currently doing a research for my final year dissertation on Gay Positive Advertising. (I'm a student in advertising.) And I hope you wonderful people *out* there can help me locate creative and tastefully done gay positive ads. An example would be the controversial United Airlines ad. yet another would be the Absolut ads. A good TV commercial reference would be the IKEA ad featuring a gay couple shopping for furniture. The whole idea is to feature ads from mainstream advertisers who are trying to penetrate (no pun intended) the very niche gay market. (I'm gay myself.) London's full of gay ads, but they're very often unimaginative ones. Those done for pubs/clubs/etc...That's why I'm resorting to the other side of the Atlantic. Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. (Especially scanned pics to buff up my presentation-you'll be credited of course.) Many thanks.

Subject: Love your site
A group of us from L.A./West Hollywood is planning our first trip to Mardi Gras in '98 and stumbled across your fabulous site...we even love the music! Any suggestions on where to stay (preferably gay)?...hope we're not too late to reserve a few rooms somewhere. Thanks ...
--Keith, Chris, Eric, Scott, Jim & Joel ... N'awlins bound!

To: From: John McILwraith Hello: My name is John McILwraith. I work with Chisel Media ( a adult gay E-Zine. I would like to send to you in the near future a press kit for your review. I am in need of your snail mail address in order to deliver the package when it is ready. I appreciate your time and attention to this matter and look forward to your response. @yourservice ...
--John McILwraith, Chisel Media

Subject: Guest Book
name: Ralph Ohlsen
description: I have just become an Independant Travel agent and I would like to get as much information as possible for my gay customers. If anyone would like to send me brochures on any type of gay travel - I would appreciate it. Email me and I will give you my address. Thanks
--Ralph Ohlsen
home: Long Beach CA 90803
find us: by surfing the web

From: George Broussard
Organization: Glenn Collins
Subject: Perhaps you can help me
George - I visited NO S.Decadance of '96... I was the guest of Mark McCartney -a friend with whom I've known since the USNavy. I talked with Mark in late July, his son Ryan was visiting from Ca. I have not talked with him since however, I did get his Birthday card back in the mail today, with "deceased" written on the front by "rtn to sender". Mark was doing really great with the new treatments, and I feel sure that if he were really ill, he would have called me here in Dallas. Anyhow, I met some of his friends when we visited last year, but I didnt get their names or telephone numbers ... what I would like to know is ... how and when... and if someone has Ryan's (son)ph # or address in California, I have something I need to give to him of his Dad's. I hope you, or someone in your organization can help me find these facts. Mark had many friends, he used to own his own pest control company. I believe he was affectionatly called by the name "Bug Lady" during those days. He lived at 722 Kerlerec street...his telephone number has been disconnected...Did you know him?...I believe he knew the Grand Marshall Wayne from the SD of '95. If you can help me, I sure would appreciate it, thanks!
--George Broussard,

From: Steffen Teufel
Subject: a visit in neworleans
hi, i'm gonna visit new orleans within an incentive journey from 06. - 10th november this year, staying at the hotel "le meridien", 614 canal st. could u pls. recommend any "must-visiting" gay-place ? i'm from germany, age 29, like to have good food and some nice people surrounding me. thx. in advance for your assistance. best regards from germany

Subject: Guest Book
name: Ricardo
description: GREAT!Now I'm just want put my signature in your GUESTBOOK!!!Call you later. :-X email:
home: Porto Alegre/RS/BR
find us: by advertisement/marketing

Hello, While I was in Florida recently, I noticed that no one I spoke with was aware of the situation at Chrysler Corporation of intense anti-gay/lesbian/bi/trans discrimination and harassment. Please distribute the following information and emails as widely as possible, especially to the gay and mainstream media. This would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a summary (only) of the situation, there is much more information available. Please let me know if you would like additional information. Sincerelely, -Ron G. Woods, CHRYSLER'S SAD RECORD OF DEALING WITH GAY/LES/BI/TRANS ISSUES CHRYSLER HAS: Dropped corporate sponsorship of Ellen for coming out; Allowed severe harassment of gay/lesbian/bi/trans employees in facilities. (web site:!yscamp/history.htm) Reportedly threatened to pull all advertising from Esquire Magazine if they published an excerpt by gay author David Leavitt because of gay content, which led to the resignation of the literary editor of Esquire Magazine in protest. (Source: GLAAD); Refused the demand of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) to add domestic partnership benefits to the contract for gays/lesbians. CAW President Buzz Hargrove said in the October 23, 1996 issue of the Los Angeles Times that "macho" Chrysler Executives were not ready for that. Even though General Motors of Canada accepted the demand; Refused United Auto Workers (UAW) contract demand to add "sexual orientation" to the existing non-discrimination policy; Failed to post their new "Standards of Conduct" in facilities; Not yet followed through with giving official status to the glbt employee group; Sat back and did nothing as Will Perkins, the owner of 3 Chrysler dealerships was a leader of the anti-gay Colorado Amendment 2; Not yet announced their promised diversity training program; Provides sexual harassment training to new hires only, even though contract says training is for everyone; Forced the union to go on strike to stop sexual harassment against women at the Mound Road Engine Plant recently; Owned 50% of the Mitsubishi plant at Normal, Indiana until recently. This is the plant that the EEOC filed a lawsuit against because of hundreds of complaints of sexual harassment against women. CHRYSLER CONTACT INFORMATION: To reach Chrysler Corporation by email:; or write: Robert Eaton- CEO, Chrysler Corporation, 1000 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, Ml 48326.

Further contact information including toll free number, fax, number and direct numbers as well as the names of all members of the Board of Directors may be accessed at the web site of the "Campaign For Equal Rights At Chrysler" at CONTACT INFORMATION FOR RON G. WOODS: Home phone: 248-545-7699 (new area code),
Email address:
Address: Ron G. Woods, PO Box 915, Royal Oak, Ml 48068

Subject: statue of andrew jackson
the subject came up in history class today-if u have a picture of the engraving on the statue or a picture of the statue itself i would greatly appreciate it :o) but if not i understand...if you know what is said on the statue i could use that just as well. i really appreciate your time. thanks

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