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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 23


Red Ribbon Review Huge Success;
Magnificent Atilla Charms Everyone at George's

Once a year, the reigning royalty of the Krewe of Apollo presents a fundraiser to benefit the Apollo AIDS Crisis Fund. This year, Queen Terry took over the direction of this special event, the Red Ribbon Review and Halloween Bash, which followed the equally successful Mr. and Miss Apollo Contest held at the Hide-A-Way and directed by King Damon. The reigning royal couple take on the duties of two major krewe functions during their reign.

The talent lineup was spectacular with the Lady Rhonda taking on microphone duties for the evening. Performers included Raquel Chevalier (the current Miss National Apollo and numerous other titles), Yvette LeVeaux (Miss Baton Rouge Apollo), Chris Terro (Mr. Gay Louisiana America, Mr. Baton Rouge Apollo, Mr. R.O.U. Lafayette), the Dixie Cups (minus one who was at his grandfather's funeral), Cody King, Shane Foster, Nicole DuBois (a former Miss National Apollo), and Effie Marie (current Queen R.O.U.).

Included in the evening's activities were balloon pops for videos, a cash bar, and a fabulous silent auction. Stage decorations were compliments of Flowers By Jimmy Thomas. Lots of notable people graced the audience and gave their support to this event, but rather than trying to mention them all, I'd just like to thank everyone for their help and in doing so am passing on sincere thanks from King and Queen Apollo XVI.

It was a night to remember, another fabulous one brought together by outstanding cooperation from a great group of guys and the community members who came to the Plaquemine Civic Center to enjoy the event.

George's was the happening place last week as Richard brought in a dynamic duo of strippers. Justin was good looking, had a great body, and strutted his stuff at both the early and late shows, but it was Atilla who impressed me more. Besides his good looks, fabulous body and nice disposition, he was outgoing and eager to please his audience. His personality was absolutely the best I've seen in quite some time, and in this line of work, it takes an outstanding individual to put up with some of the crap that comes along with the job. Atilla, with that magnificent smile and extremely gentle touch, handled himself well throughout the evening. This young man puts the "hon" in honey and the class in "class act." I'm sure our paths will cross again, maybe in Ms. Fly's place.

There's always fine happenings at George's, and a lot of surprises are in store in the upcoming weeks. Richard rules over a Baton Rouge institution, and his expertise at pleasing customers combined with his business management skills are seen in all of his employees. It's called success.

The Blue Parrot is usually a mixture of both leather and western wear. It's a happening place too. Don and Tom are two of the nicest members of the Baton Rouge gay community, and their bar has turned into a wonderful oasis for happy people. Sometimes it looks as if the Parrot is the meeting place of the minds. So many business types, those professionals from all walks of life, can be found here. There's also a happy mix of men and women here, and it's a welcome sight to behold.

I took Billy, a Floridian turned Red Sticker, out to the Hide-A-Way and introduced him around to everyone. It was his first trip to this bar, and he was quite impressed with it. This is another great gathering place, with the best music, big dance floor, pool tables, and quiet little corners to pass away some happy times. I liked this bar the first time I checked it out, and I always enjoy my visits to Mighty Minette's palace.

Lots of good things have been going on at the Mirror Lounge too. This showplace bar features some fine programs, including fundraisers, talent shows, and pageants. It has changed somewhat over the years but yet remains the same in so many ways. When you remember the days of Miss Hatch, kind and sweet Gerald, and the great and wonderful S.J., you know that even the current successes have deep roots in the past. The Mirror can be described as a Baton Rouge landmark, a place where people return again and again.

The Yvette LeVeaux Benefit Show held there recently was a rousing success, followed by an outstanding R.O.U. Benefit (held after that fantastic announcement party at the Dees Footnotes Dance Studio). Jada Alexander of New Orleans also came away the winner in the Miss Queen of the South Universe Pageant held at the Mirror. First runner-up was Nicole DuBois, and second runner-up was Carrione Synclaire. If you like contests, pageants, and just a fantastic time, you can't beat the Mirror. Danny and Jeff aim to please, and a certain gorgeous little man named Bo is willing and able to help them out.

Traditions had the biggest Halloween Bash in Red Stick. It was packed with little room left for breathing, but tight places have always been my thing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings and all those hot bodies. I took my assistant for the evening, movie-man Leonard, along with me, and he was very impressed with this dance emporium. Special entertainment for the evening was in the form of a beautiful Miss Gay Louisiana, Sylvia Scarlett of Monroe, and another lassie who did a lively snake dance. Since trouser snakes are more my bag, I opted not to stick around for this slithering speciman, but I hear it was a show to be remembered.

Winners of the Traditions costume contest were the Old Spice Girls, a trio of spectacular young ladies. In fact, one can also be seen in another trio, the Dixie Cups. Second place went to someone who had a kind of loin cloth that barely covered the essentials, but since this was not original and bordered on outright exhibitionism, the spicey trio came out on top. The Macho Bar, located on the second level, was also packed on this particular evening, but I did manage to draw wonderful Brian out of the crowd and talk with him for a while. Dandy Jim rules over this area and is always eager to please his customers.

Mystik Gourmet Coffeehouse and Mystik Treasures New Age Gift Store was also the scene of a nice holiday gathering, but this is becoming the IN place to be in the Midcity area. Not only do they have excellent coffee, bagels, art displays, and a fabulous gift area, but they also have a connecting patio which offers a serene setting to relax for a while. Kyle and Brian are two beautiful young men, and they have created a special place for special people. I think this is one of the best little complexes in the Capital City. If you are looking for Christmas, birthday or other special occasion gifts, you don't need to go to the big malls. Just journey down Government Street, and you can dine and shop in an elegant atmosphere, surrounded by photography, paintings, and some of the most unique giftables you will find anywhere. Check it out before you spend so much money elsewhere, and you just may find the perfect gift for that wonderful person who you thought had everything. I love it here, and I think you will too.

And speaking of a special place for special people, this has long been the slogan for Hibiscus Bookstore on Main Street. Besides the regular merchandise of books, cards, jewelry, magazines and movies, special orders are being handled for leather items and other specialty goods. Also at this facility is the official gay and lesbian directory of businesses and publications. Business cards are on display to help you with local places to shop and receive assistance, and doctor and dental recommendations are also available on request, especially for newcomers to the city. It's also one of the official distribution points for Ambush and other free publications.

Hibiscus, along with Four Seasons Flowers and Gifts, is also offering another service to the local community. Tickets for the Krewe of Apollo Bal Masque XVII are on sale for $35 (floor) and $20 (balcony). Buy your tickets early and you will be guaranteed a good seat. With the ball being held at the LSU Assembly Center, no seat is a bad seat. Even the balcony seating offers a fantastic view of the runway much like those offered for the balls held at the Chalmette Civic Center or the Plaquemine Civic Center. This is going to be a great show entitled "Apollo's Library," and you will be amazed at the costumes and the surprises in store for you. Don't wait to the last minute. The tables are filling up fast. Get the tuxedoes and floor-length gowns ready, and a night of nights will unfold before you in magnificent splendor as only the Apollo studs can deliver.

From Hibiscus, you can walk across the street to the Time Zone and enjoy the atmosphere of a neighborhood bar. The owners are adding hamburgers to their late night fare for those of you who need snacks before driving home. Kyle and James are always eager to please, and they've done a lot of work on this facility to make it a comfortable place for all to enjoy.

A lot of happy people are now being seen at gay and gay- friendly establishments. Check out Arzi's on Government, the Thai Kitchen on Florida, Christina's on St. Charles, Juban's on Perkins, and various other restaurants that offer delightful settings for all to enjoy. If you know of places like these where business is appreciated or where waiters and employees are gay or lesbian, pass on the good news so that the community can support from within. It's a positive thing to do, and the community benefits. Even if it's just a cup of coffee, buy gay. A little help goes a long way, and it is appreciated by family businesses.

Lots of events are coming up for the Capital City, so check out ads in Ambush or posters that can be found in the various gay and lesbian businesses. Baton Rouge may be red-neck central and a homophobic city, but it's still a happening place in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Get on board-and enjoy. WE ARE CHAMPIONS!

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