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another unique experience
by g. michael gallien

Volume 15/Issue 23

Thank God for the cooler weather because we in Alexandria have been running a marathon and it has only just begun. This particular drag race started on Friday, October 24 with a spectacular extravaganza featuring Nicole DuBois, Miss LA USA 93; Rachel Michaels, the Reba Diva from Kentucky; and our current Miss Unique, Jennifer Jason Hart. A special appearance was made by Jessica Daniels, Miss Gay Louisiana America I" Alternate, who just happened to be in town for a friend's wedding. It's a good thing the new bar is so large. We could have never fit all of that glamour into the old location.

The following Tuesday, the gang was off to Monroe for an impromptu celebration of Tim Bordelon's birthday. Hot Shotz was wonderful, as usual, and we can't wait for the next visit from our family in Monroe.

If you happen to be in Alexandria for Halloween, you won't want to miss our Shocktoberfest Costume Contest with prizes and drink specials. Look for the pic's in the next Ambush.

On Friday, November 7, an Alexandria delegation wase on hand at Images in Lafayette helping to raise funds to offset the cost of sending two glorious former Miss Uniques to Miss Gay America in Charlotte, NC. Miss Gay Louisiana America, Sylvia Scarlett, and MGLA alternate, Jessica Daniels will benefit from the proceeds raised that weekend.

The weekend following, on Saturday, November 15 we are back in Alexandria. Unique is hosting the Miss Greater Alexandria Pageant. Miss Texas America, the Fabulous Kofi from Houston, will be co-hosting with Jennifer Jason Hart. If you have never seen Kofi perform, be there. She will knock you on your ass and make you love her. Our featured entertainer for the pageant will be the aforementioned Miss Gay Louisiana America, Sylvia Scarlett. Luckily, I'll be able to cut up with Sylvia all night long considering we will be seated together at the judges' table. (Really, Sylvia. We have got to quit meeting like this. Our husbands will be jealous.) While you have all heard of the Dance of the Seven Veils, you must see the current reigning Miss Greater Alexandria, Shayla Meche, perform her Dance of the Three Feather Dusters. It'll tickle you. This pageant is a great place to start for fresh, nubile drag princesses. Miss Greater Alexandria is a preliminary to Miss Unique which is a preliminary to Miss Central Louisiana America. Call 318.448.0555 for more info.

The weekend of November 21, Sylvia and Jessica will be well into the fury of Miss Gay America in Charlotte, NC, which starts on November 19 and runs through the following Sunday. Good luck to all of the contestants from Louisiana who will be trodding the boards on behalf of our collective community. We are proud of all of you.

This has been fast and furious, but keep in touch. Coming up, I'll have profiles of outstanding community leaders from CenLa as well as information on various "family" oriented services and businesses in our area. We are a proud community with a lot to offer and I look forward to sharing more with Louisiana. Stay safe and happy.

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