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Volume 18/Issue 24

Rip & Marsha

by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain

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14th GAA Gala Set;
Charlene Schneider Gets
Lifetime Achievement Award

The 14th annual Gay Appreciation Awards {GAA} Gala is set for Sun., Dec. 10, 8pm at Body & Soul, 2300 Chartres in New Orleans. The winners in each voting category will be announced at the gala. The public voting ballot appeared in the last issue of Ambush Mag and online at ambushmag.com/gaa.

The GAA Board of Directors unanimously chose Charlene Schneider to receive its highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Schneider is acknowledged for her numerous contributions as a long time GLBT activist and business entrepreneur in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast communities.

charlene Past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients include Jimmie Callaway, Dan Fountain [Betty Buttons], the late Andy Boudreaux, the late Buzzy Fanning, the late Dirty Dottie, Miss Fury, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain, the late Dan Romero, Miss Do, Louise McFarland, Miss Dixie Fasnacht, Alice Brady & John Dodt and Gene Adams.

The Board also chose Brotherhood, Inc. as this year's charity benefiting from all ticket and table sales as well as stage performance tips at the Awards Gala. Brotherhood, Inc. is an HIV prevention organization with emphasis on men who have sex with men providing peer programs and HIV training.

Additionally, the Fly Fashion Awards are presented by Ms. Fly, the Cheridon Comedy Award, in memory of Sonny Cheridon Cleveland, by the GAA Board of Directors and the Marsha Delain Award of Excellence by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.

The top five finalists selected by popular vote in each category include:

Circuit Party of the Year: Abracadabra/Pensacola, Halloween/New Orleans, Perfect Day/Austin, Southern Decadence/New Orleans, White Party/Palm Springs
Hair Salon of the Year: Arthur's House of Glamour, Busters, Headquarters, Salon Millenia, Warlocks
Newcomer of the Year: Coca, Bianca Del Rio, Zaa Zaa D'la Hor, Tyler Stevens, Sy'ria Synclaire
Neighborhood Bar of the Year: Corner Pocket, Good Friends, Mint, TT's, Voodoo
Buzzy Fanning Fight Against AIDS Award: Joyce Alberts, Ursuline Burgundy, Marty Curtin, Billy Henry, Toby LeFort
Bitch of the Year: Bianca Del Rio, Miss Do, Glenn Fonte, Jon Newlin, Bobby Ramone
Show Bar of the Year: 735, Bourbon Pub/Parade, Footloose, Mint, Oz
GLBT Friendly Business of the Year: Bywater Bar.B.Que/Lorenzo's, Krystal, Radio Shack, United Cab, Something Different
Performing Arts Award: Becky Allen, "Beehive", Bianca Del Rio, Fernand Jackson, Slutpuppy's
Restaurant/Deli of the Year: Clover Grill, Feelings Cafe, Lucky Cheng's, Petunias, Quarter Scene
Dance Bar of the Year: 735, Bourbon Pub/Parade, Cowpokes, Forum/Austin, Oz
Bartender of the Year: Emily Armstrong/Bourbon Pub/Parade, Lisa Major/Mint, Jeffery Markel/Oz, Smurf Murphy/Corner Pocket, Mark Santelli/Oz
DJ of the Year: Alyson Calagna/735, Joe Gauthreaux/Oz, Scott Horner/Oz, Tim Pflueger/Oz, Ricky Taconi/Rawhide 2010
Leather Bar of the Year: Golden Lantern, Phoenix, Rawhide 2010, Roundup, Venture-N
GLBT Business of the Year: Alternatives, Country Club, Lucky Cheng's, Oz, Something Different
Political Activist of the Year: Larry Bagneris, Stewart Butler, Chris Daigle, Frank Pizzolato, Vicki Weeks
Leather Person of the Year: Scott Garrett, Wally Sherwood, Tabu, Jamie Temple, Kelly Terry
Transgender of the Year: Symone Devereaux, Miss Do, Rosa Miranda, Felina Colby Shane, Tonisha Thompson
Lesbian of the Year: Emily Armstrong, Red Hanson, Yvette Migues, Lisa Major, Tammy Murry
Man of the Year: Evans Alexander, Barry Bareass, Johnny Chisholm, Tommy Elias, Jules Tate
Entertainer of the Year: Bianca Del Rio, Raquel Chevallier, Ava Synclair, Sy'ria Synclaire, Ms. Wright

New GAA President Toni J.P. Pizanie and Vice President Rhyn Pate will emcee the evening's festivities.

The top finalists in the Show Bar of the Year category are invited to do one production number during the gala. Tradition also dictates a performance by outgoing Entertainer of the Year Tonisha Thompson. Please contact GAA Show Director Lisa Beaumann for details.

The Gay Appreciation Awards and its gala are sponsored by Ambush Mag and AMBUSHonLine and Bud Light.

The current GAA Board of Directors includes President Toni J.P. Pizanie, Vice President Rhyn Pate, Lisa Beaumann, Lance Ford, Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Mickey Gil and Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain

Pansies & Dirt

TGIF! It was off to the Golden Lantern after an extremely long day in the office. Ted was slingin' cocktails to a gaggle of locals here. We barely had time to down two vinos and then it was off with Miss Verona.

Miss Verona very seldom misses the Fri. afternoon Big Meat Brigade at TT's. Lady Charles was movin' as fast as this old girl could to get cocktails for the masses. Dancers Chris, Bryan and Paul were tantalizing the crowd with their ample assets. But it was not just boys here this night - Phyllis dragged in Amber and Jasmine as well.

Venture-N, New Orleans' newest leather club, was up next. One of our favorite bartenders here - Chuck - was behind the bar, instead of out on the patio. And don't forget Happy Hour bartender Monroe, of Easter Parade fame, another crowd favorite.

In fierce competition, Hattie Onetoomany and Marla Moon brought the audience to their feet showcasing trash outfits and talent in the 2nd Annual Miss Lower Quarter Lantern Trash Pageant. Hosted at the Golden Lantern Nov. 10th, the lovely Lucille, whose hot pants gave show goers much more than they would ever care to see, and reigning Miss Lower Quarter Lantern Trash Rusty emceed the extravaganza.

Even though the popular vote, according to the judges, went to Marla Moon, Hattie Onetoomany won the electoral college and was crowned Miss Lower Quarter Lantern Trash.

Marla chose to portray Eartha Kitt, mastering Eartha's difficult mouth and facial expressions with great expertise.

Hattie threw the competition into overdrive when she hit the stage as Jon Bonet Ramsey doing a wild rendition of "Daddy's Hands" complete with rubber arm and a can of greasy Crisco. Got the picture?

In addition to the contest, the crowd got to see the talents of emcees Lucille and Rusty along with Bobbie Ramone, Marcy Marcell, TT and Keno Kane Broadway.

Heading back to Bourbon St., we popped into 735 for cocktails with bartender Lee. Felina was greeting revelers at the door. DJ Alyson Calagna was busy keeping this club at an incredible tempo.

Oz was up next with some of the hottest Men of Manwatch on the bartops throughout the club. Robert got us a little vino and we checked out the sounds of DJ Joe Gauthreaux. Joe's selections left little room for anyone else to get on the dance floor. Oz surprised party goers at 12:30am with a live performance by Tina Ann. Rumor has it that these surprise performances will become a regular event every weekend or so. Revelers just won't know when or what time.

A short walk across the street brought us to the Bourbon Pub. The bar top dancers here were not at all shabby either. Where are all these hot men coming from? VJ Brendan Thompson gave revelers some of the best innovative videos around.

Sunday rolled around and it turned out to be one of those whirl wind bar runs. At 3pm, it was off to 4 Seasons in Metairie to see firsthand this club's popular Saints Game Parties, complete with food and free touchdown schnapps.

Steve and Billy were leading the pack and wanted to know if Ambush had come out to see the "butch" boys and girls of Metairie.

They were quite rowdy and appreciative when the Saints scored, and then when the Saints won against Carolina, this crowd could not be stopped. More importantly, Steve and Billy jumped up so they could divvy up quarter winnings on the game's bar pool.

The Phoenix would be our next stop which turned out to be quite a surprise. When bartender Donnie pulled out a bottle of White Zinfandel wine, we nearly fell right out of our shoes. It was the first time this popular leather bar has ever stocked our favorite wine. Blush or White Zin suites us just fine. Thanks Jamie. We sure appreciate it.

Pigs & Treasures weekend was up next at the Friendly Bar celebrating Henrietta's annual b-day blowout. The whole weekend benefits Buzzy's Boys & Girls. The garage sale in the Tulle Shed, along with the buffet, raffle and auction at the Friendly, brought in over $5,000 for Buzzy's Kids.

Then it was off to Bywater Bar.B.Que/Lorenzo's for Mike Murray's new patio dining and Out Back Bar grand opening. Mike and his staff prepared quite a feast for revelers including succulent sauteed bacon-wrapped scallops, rosemary grilled chicken, barbequed chicken, fried chicken, brie and hummus along with fresh veggies, fruits and desserts.

We made quite a few new acquaintances enjoying the cool evening on the new beautifully done patio. This time of year is sure to be a hit for patio dining at this little gem in the Bywater.

735 would be our next stop to take in the talents of Ricki Comeaux and her band. The singing sensation has changed her coif from blond to black and sang many new tunes bringing thunderous applause from this appreciative audience.

Footloose was up next for the Golden Girls Reunion show. This festive extravaganza brought many favorites to the stage led by headliners Marcy Marcell and Miss Do. Mr. Donnie Jay opened the evening setting the tone for the event.

The huge standing-room only crowd brought the cream of the crop to this popular venue. Many celebs were in the house, but Mother Moses, Jaylynn, Tammy Whynot and Miss Fury came from that golden girl era.

We were unable to stay for the entire show, but did get to see stellar performances from Donnie Jay, Marcy, Miss Do, Rusty, Tiffany Rae Button, Dione Larico, TT and Lisa Beaumann.

Voodoo at Congo Square would bring us head-on for a visit with finally-refreshed bartender Frank after his recent 96 hour/4-day drunk with Missy. A little rest goes a long way girl. Miss Love and Baby Rick were slung up at the bar keeping this bar in hysterical mode.

Orlando's Society Page brought us in for the antics of manager Michael. He was busy with his crowd of boisterous revelers when in walked Grand Diva Robert of Friendly Inn fame and his entourage. The festivities went into overdrive and we were out of there for our next destination.

Smurf was manning the bar at the Corner Pocket. We were surprised to see dancer Michael who apparently moonlights at Oz on occasion as a table waiter. Cute little Anthony was just one more of the cuties on the bar top this night.

Le Roundup would be our second to last stop for cocktails with Chuck. This pub was hoppin' with many regulars and some new ones who wandered in off of Bourbon St. It's always fun to watch their reactions when they finally figure out just where they are.

Our final stop would be for a few nightcaps with bartender Dave at Double Play. Many of the Golden Girls showgirls and audience participants were wandering in to Miss Do's Double Play.

It was nearly midnight, and after a bar run starting at 3pm, it was time for us to stumble on home. We just can't do those 96 hour/4-day drunks like Missy and her gang. After all, we do have to get up and work for a living.

The Country Club now features the talents of pianist Addison Stacey Wed. through Sun. On a recent visit Stacey showcased many audience favorites in the Country Club's new Piano Bar.

Athletes and swimmers can still use the pool facilities with its new heating system assuring year round swimming and exercise.

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