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Volume 15/Issue 24

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The clue word is "Cyber" in this column. Of course, you know that I am one of the webmasters for our 10 enormous and fascinating sites on the Web. As a result, I spend at least 8 hours a day cruising on the World Wide Web. If you aren't on the Internet you are missing out on a world of fun. Between looking at millions of personal home pages, E-mail, chat rooms, personal ads, games, shopping, and tons of other things to look up on the Web, you can find a whole new world to play in.

No, you don't have to be a computer nerd to play on the Web. It is for everyone. Whether you own a computer or purchase the new Web-TV, you can be a part of the future plus find a new outlet for expressing yourself.

Since Ambush took over ownership of the coveted, web famous Rainbow Award. We go through hundreds of submissions a month hoping to win a Rainbow Award. Some are extravagant, some simple, but all are interesting. You learn a lot about people, their thoughts, ideals, intents and their creative forces.

E-mail is another subject of great interest and fun. I get about 20 E-mails every morning when I log on to the Net. Some are from companies but most are from friends acoss the world I 've met on the Web. It's better than snail mail, and I can E-mail and get a return letter in about 1 to 2 minutes from Russia!

Chat rooms are another great place to hang out. You can meet lots of great people and make lots of new friends. In a chat room you can shoot pictures of each other back and forth while chatting at the same time. This could be called cyber-dating. I've met guys from Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, China and especially here in the USA. We E-mail each other with flirtatious blurbs or sincere friendship letters. Keeping up with each other everyday. Waiting to meet each other is always fun and intriguing too. After chatting and E-mailing each other, it is time to meet face to face. It works out great if you haven't been to a new destination before. You have a friend and a place to stay. Makes traveling arrangements much more inviting. mIRC chat is my favorite chat program to use. I don't like AOL's chat because you are locked in their own world and no one from outside AOL users can get in them. Chat with mIRC is wide open for anyone to use. You can find the program to download here. Just download and execute. You will chat for hours.

I will tell you more about the web in the next issue. Love, Sonny C

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