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Volume 15/Issue 25


Lesbian Activist Toni Pizanie Joins Ambush

Well known New Orleans activist Toni J.P. Pizanie has joined the staff of Ambush in the capacity of office manager. In its continuing effort to include more lesbians on staff, Ambush is certain the many talents of Pizanie, including her extensive background in accounting, will add greatly to the efficiency of the entire Ambush operation.

In addition to her duties as office manager, Pizanie will launch "Sappho Psalm," a column targeting political and lesbian issues within the GLBT community.

Pizanie's commitment to the GLBT community is evident in her current and past efforts. Currently, Pizanie is Chair of the Mayor's Advisory Committee on GLBT Issues, Honorary Co-Chair of Troy Carter's Re-election Campaign, Vice President of the Gay Appreciation Awards, and a member of LAGPAC, HRC and the Federal Club.

Pizanie has chaired numerous auction committees raising tens of thousands of dollars collectively for the GLBT community, plus a past NO AIDS Task Force volunteer.

Complications Keep Marsha In For The Holidays

On July 22nd of this year, Marsha Naquin-Delain tripped on a manhole cover located in the 800 block of N. Rampart, hitting an iron pole, near the old Cabaret site. The accident caused a compound fracture with 5 serious breaks below the knee and above the foot. A six hour operation at Tulane included the placement of a rod and four pins to set the fracture.

Recovery was going well with Marsha making several public outings walking on her own. The last two included the Halloween gala/auction benefiting Project Lazarus on Oct. 30 at the Plimsoll Club and all the various Halloween contests throughout the Quarter on Oct. 31.

On Nov. 1st a serious infection set in. These infections happen frequently in the case of compound fractures, since the bone has broken through the skin exposing it to the elements. In addition to a full body rash, the wound began to swell with infection. An operation on Nov. 6 removed several inches of infected tissue, leaving the bone tissueless.

On Nov. 9, during a seven hour operation, surgeons performed what is called a flap. This is actually an organ transplant, removing a small muscle in the upper thigh, transplanting it in the leg wound in order for good tissue to grow. It also included a skin graft removing roughly 4 square inches of skin from the upper thigh placing it on top of the flap. Total bed confinement was ordered for several weeks insuring the survival of the flap.

Following another week in the hospital, a pick-line was placed in Marsha's arm, allowing her home health care. This allowed antibiotics direct access to fight off infection in the bone. This process should end within six weeks.

However, after a surgeon's checkup on Dec. 3, the doctor ordered another skin graft since the first one did not take. The second skin graft operation took place Dec. 9. After returning home, Marsha will have several more weeks of total bed confinement. If all goes well, Marsha should be back in the swing of things with public outings resuming towards the middle or end of January.

Liz Simms Will Reign as KCQ V

Elizabeth "Liz" Simms has been chosen as King Cake Queen [KCQ] V and will reign over the annual Carnival festivities of the Krewe of Queenateenas.

Simms is Head Nurse of SICA [Surgical Intermediate Care Area] & Confined Care Center at Charity Hospital. She received her BA in English at Nicholls State and her BSN at LSU, and is CCRN [national accreditation in critical care]. Simms has been with life partner Kitty Blackwell [of Upstairs/Downstairs fame] for the past 17 "amazing years."

The Krewe of Queenateenas kick off festivities with the 2nd Annual King Cake Queen Bar Run set for Tuesday, Jan. 27th, exactly one month before Carnival. This will be KCQ IV Reba Douglas' last official function as reigning queen. Douglas will lead KCQ V-Elect Liz Simms, KCQ III Smurf Murphy, KCQ II Jay Loomis and some 20 guests on a limo-shuttle bar run throughout the New Orleans area.

The annual KCQ Coronation Bash will take place Tuesday, Jan. 10, exactly two weeks before Carnival. Hosted at Ambush Headquarters, the by invitation only bash, will launch the reign of KCQ V, Liz Simms.

And, of course, the 10th Annual KCQ Bead Toss will begin at 1pm Mardi Gras Day, Feb. 24th. KCQ V Liz Simms will lead the Krewe of Queenateenas from the world famous Bourbon Street balcony.

The announcement of the King Cake Queen usually occurs at the annual Christmas Party of Rip & Marsha. However, this year's party was cancelled due to Marsha's broken leg complications.

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