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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 25


Thanksgiving Quiet Holiday For BR

This Thanksgiving was a little quiet in the capital city. One of the biggest celebrations took place at the Time Zone where Kyle and James rolled out the red carpet for their customers. It was one of the biggest feasts I've seen, and lots of people were involved in bringing food delights and enjoying the festive evening. It was truly a family affair with regulars getting together to share the goodness of the occasion.

The Rev. Don Clarke of the Joie de Vivre Metropolitan Community Church blessed the occasion as everyone held hands around the food-laden table and counter. Spanish Town was well represented, but this is the bar of choice for many who live in this part of the city and prefer to walk to their destination. Tim was all smiles as he introduced his significant other to everyone. He met this special person while in Canada recently, and it was love at first delight - oops - sight. Josie was missing from the ST trio, but Debbie and her Claudette were there as was Paul (Miss Effie Marie). Another sexy duo I noted was that fantastically cute little Joe and his other half. I believe it was this combo that produced that fabulous peach cobbler, one of those double-helping varieties. Of course, doubles applied to a lot of things on this particular night. If you missed this special celebration, you missed one of the very best get-togethers I've been to in quite some time. Time Zone owners Kyle and James held this special night for special people along with a special bartender named Randy, who is one of the best assets any bar can have. Stop in for a visit. You'll be quite pleased for having done so.

The Blue Parrot also had a nice gathering of feasting people, but then this place is always the place to be when it comes to food. Their Wednesday nights attract lots of happy guys and gals, and they did double duty for Thanksgiving by serving food on two nights. Don and Tom know how to keep people happy. You can usually find a packed house at their fine establishment with lots of wonderful people, especially that super-sexy Mississippi cowboy. Goodness! He is a cutie-pie!

George's took time out last week to decorate for Christmas. When I stopped in to chat with Guy and Richard, they had just finished lunch, and we just enjoyed ourselves in the surrounding beauty that the festive garlands give to this Baton Rouge facility. Richard and his gang are already making plans for Christmas, New Year's and a very special April trip to the Big Apple. These theatrical enthusiasts are anxious to get to Broadway once more and catch some of the outstanding plays presented there. The Lion King is at the head of the list for this one.

Damon took a little trip to Claiborne Parish to visit relatives for the holiday. He's seldom out of the bookstore, so this was a welcome relief for him. Upon returning, it was a trip to New Orleans to finish up his king's costume for the Krewe of Apollo's Bal Masque XVII which is set for Friday, February 6 at the LSU Assembly Center. Tickets for this event are on sale at Hibiscus and at Four Seasons Flowers and Gifts. Table seats are $35, and balcony seats are $20. Hurry up with the reservations so that you can be guaranteed of a good place along the runway. It's shaping up to be really great, and what better ball theme for the book baron to rule over but one called "Apollo's Library."

Minette was holding court last week when I stopped in at the Hide-A-Way. It is always so nice to see her. She's one of my favorite people in the whole world as is that devilishly and dynamically personable Suzanne who you all know as that exceptionally handsome, studly, and wonderful woman of the '90s I've mentioned in previous columns. She really is a fine, fine human being.

I received a personal call from the owner of Pier 11 in Slidell to pay them a visit, but I haven't had time to get over there yet. I'm going to surprise them one of these days with an unannounced drop-in. That's ditto for Hottshotz up in Monroe. In fact, I'd like to just get in my new car one of these weeks and do the gay Louisiana tour. Wouldn't that be fun? A bar run on a state level! How fantastically original!

The Mirror Lounge has lots of things planned for December. I'll do a special report in the next issue on the fundraiser for Bettina, who underwent surgery recently. It's just difficult to picture such a wonderful person undergoing such pain. That's ditto for Miss Marsha, who's had her share of surgery lately. Just get well, ladies. We all love you.

Well, I haven't mentioned Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1997 very much lately, but I really should. This handsome stud (and I talk of sweet Kyle) has been doing some unusual things. He made it up to Colorado to meet an Internet pal, and I hear he got the royal treatment. It must have been great because he wants to make a return visit. Apparently, our Kyle likes the wilderness of the mountains and everything that goes with it. He's also planning to go back to school in January and is a frequent fixture at Hibiscus.

Another Coloradoite who I simple adore is sweet Joy. I hear from her periodically, and she is so happy there. She wants me to come up for a visit. In spite of what you may hear about this state, the city of Denver must have a marvelous gay community. All I hear about Colorado from ex-Louisianians is good stuff. Maybe I'll have to check it out sometimes.

I've also heard from another ex-Baton Rougean duo. Mitch and his Curtis are very happy up in the Great Lakes area. My, but you people know how to pick the cold places. I might visit you in mid-summer, but forget the winter stuff. A year in Pennsylvania was nice, but I chose to return to the warmer comforts of the Southland. I'd rather sweat than freeze.

If you all haven't made it over to Mystik Treasures and Mystik Coffeehouse, please take my word for the good gifts and food, and take advantage of Brian and Kyle's hospitality immediately. I can tell you for sure, the gifts are absolutely great here, and the atmosphere is just superb. I really enjoy my visits with this dynamic couple. They have lots of great gifts for Christmas, so be sure to stop in and check things out.

I had a long chat with Obry about the upcoming changes at Traditions. I think he is a sweet dude-a doll, to be exact. Christine King as Lucy is always a hoot, and this is just one example of how Traditions constantly schedules the best talents. Christine is always a hit, one of the finest you'll find anywhere.

Well, it's that time again to wish everyone the very best this holiday season. I do hope you get a great gift from Santa, and you may want to give a little thank you back to him. I think reciprocation is the only way to fly at any season of the year. Don't you?

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