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Volume 18/Issue 26

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  • s01.jpg - GAA Vice-Pres. Rhyn Pate & GAA Pres. Toni Pizanie flank Lifetime Achievement Award winner Charlene Schneider.
  • s02.jpg - GAA's Rhyn Pate presents Yvette Migues [of the Bourbon Pub/Parade] the Lesbian of the Year Award.
  • s03.jpg - '99 Entertainer of the Year Tonisha Thompson presents Oz's Bianca Del Rio with Entertainer of the Year 2000.
  • s04.jpg - Tommy Elias wins Gay Man of the Year.
  • s05.jpg - 735 host Tabu receives Marsha Delain Award of Excellence, known at the GLBT Ambassador to the World Award, from Marsha herself.
  • s06.jpg - GAA's Rhyn with Good Friends mgr. David accepting Neighborhood Bar of the Year.
  • s07.jpg - Coca wins Newcomer of the Year as GAA's Rhyn looks on.
  • s08.jpg - Larry Bagneris shares his Political Achtivist Awrd w/ Frank Pizzolato.
  • s09.jpg - Ursuline Burgundy wins Buzzy FAnning Fight Against AIDS Award.
  • s10.jpg - GAA's Rhyn w/Becky Allen, Performing Arts Award winner, honoring fellow nominee, the late Fernand Jackson
  • s11.jpg - GAA's Rhyn with GLBT Friendly Business of the Year winners Jeff & Brett of Something Different
  • s12.jpg - Carlton & Juicy accept Restaurant/Deli of the Year for Lucky Cheng's.
  • s13.jpg - Tim Pflueger wins DJ of the Year.
  • s14.jpg - Zaa Zaa D'la Hor, T. Paul Dodson & Sabrina Duncan accept the Cheridon Comedy Award in memory of Sonny C. Cleveland, for the Slutpuppy Revue.
  • s15.jpg - Arthur's House of Glamour wins Hair Salon of the Year/Kevin Latolais, Steven Guercio & Arthur Severio.
  • s16.jpg - Thom "Smurf" Murphy, formerly of Corner Pocket, now of Voodoo, accepts Bartender of the Year from GAA's Lance Ford.
  • s17.jpg - Adam Ozier accepts GLBT Business of the Year for the Country Club from GAA's Marsha.
  • s18.jpg - Oz's Bianca Del Rio receives Fly Fashion Award [in memory of Ms. Fly] for Outstanding Achievement from SDGM Smurf Murphy.
  • s19.jpg - 735's Tabu wins Fly Fashion Award [in memory of Ms. Fly] for Artistic Interpretation from SDGM Smurf Murphy.
  • s20.jpg - Miss Do wins Fly Fashion Award [in memory of Ms. Fly] for Big & Beautiful from SDGM Smurf Murphy.
  • s21.jpg - Miss Love wins Fly Fashion Award [in memory of Ms. Fly, the Fashion Victim Award from SDGM Smurf Murphy.
  • s22.jpg - 735 host Tabu & 735 head honcho Tom Frese accept Transgender of the Year for 735's "Flawless" hostess Felina Colby Shane.
  • s23.jpg - Jamie Temple accepts first Leather Bar of the Year Award for the Phoenix.
  • s24.jpg - Show Bar of the Year nominee, The Mint, performs at the GAA Gala raising $3,000 for Brotherhood, Inc.
  • s25.jpg - Show Bar of the Year nominee Footloose performs at the GAA Gala, raising $3,000 for Brotherhood, Inc.
  • s26.jpg - Show Bar of the Year nominee 735 gets standing ovation at the GAA Gala hosted at Body & Soul.
  • s27.jpg - Show Bar of the Year nominee Oz performs at the GAA Gala.
  • s28.jpg - Oz wins both Dance Bar of the Year & Show Bar of the Year for 2000.
  • s29.jpg - GAA trophy girl Carla Wild holds one of the winning envelopes at GAA Gala.
  • s30.jpg - Author Dr. Vikki Ashley feted at reception by Faubourg Marigny Books.
  • s31.jpg - 735's Charlie & Tom join Salon Millennia's Robin at Ninth Circle's grand opening bash.
  • s32.jpg - Icon/Baton Rouge mgr. Phil Marino & Oz's Janice Goodbee cocktainlin' at Ninth Circle's grand opening gala
  • s33.jpg - Has Been of the Year Candie Samples & Voodoo's Estelle celebrate at Ninth Circle's grand opening gala.
  • s34.jpg - Larry Bagneris & Country Club's Blake Miller pop in for Ninth Circle's grand opening bash.
  • s35.jpg - Superior Satellite's Brenda & Joe take in Ninth Circle's grand opening.
  • s36.jpg - Ninth Circle bar barons Rick Thomas & Michael Sheehan welcome hundreds of revvelers to the club's gala grand opening.
  • s37.jpg - French Quarter Accommodations' Kurt Tande joins Ron Clayton at Ninth Circle's grand opening bash.
  • s38.jpg - Miller girls Valerie & Jennifer celebrate at Nionth Circle's grand opening bash.
  • s39.jpg - TT, James, Voodoo's Ken & Connie join the grand opening festivities for Ninth Circle at Congo Square.
  • s40.jpg - If you see this yellow bike around the Quarter, you may want to run for your life when Has Been SDGM Robin is behind the handlebars!

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