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Volume 15/Issue 26

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We're at the end of another year and now entering 1998. Where did this year go? A lot has happened this year, good and bad! Some to be praised and some to be buried. I have watched the community grow in many ways this year and was very happy to be a part of some of it. I notice a lot of the divider walls have been brought down. Next issue I will do some reflecting on 1997's events, but for now just a few of the recent highlights I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Last week many of our DJs got together for a wonderful dinner at Alex Patout's, organized by Popular Records and singing Diva, Rozalla! The dinner was great but the company was even better. It was fascinating to see just how close the DJs really are throughout our city . With no "club" boundaries in their way and no division whatsoever, the dinner table buzzed with love, conversation and good cheer towards one another and, of course, our hosts, Rozalla & Harry Towers of Popular Records. After dinner everyone prepared for the night "out".

Once again having the grand privilege of escorting Rozalla throughout the night, I really got to know this precious woman from Zimbabwe. She is very simple, open and kind. I was able to get to know her better than any star with whom I've had the privilege to socialize.

Later that night we met back at the Bourbon Pub/Parade where she was scheduled to entertain the packed house. We hung out up in the beautiful 3rd floor penthouse of the Parade till show time. Once show time arrived, we escorted this remarkable diva down to the stage. Dressed in a simple yet fabulous yellow outfit, she stepped onto the stage and instantly wrecked the crowd. Not only did her voice engulf the room but the show girl completely dominated the crowd. She had them begging to get on the stage with her. After her absolutely flawless performance, she left the stage and the crowd went wild, begging for more. They went on chanting till she came back out to sing some more. Once she finished up with her encore, we escorted her back to the penthouse and visited till about 3am. She had lots more to do that week and needed to retire to her hotel room for the night. Thank you to the masters of hospitality, the Bourbon Pub/Parade and most of all Rozalla and Harry Towers for a great night amongst the stars.

Just across the street in the wonderful land of dance called Oz, their Monday night Gong/Game Show was in progress. If you haven't attended the newly famous show hosted by Barry BareAss and the glamourous Madam X then you are missing out on fun and, best of all, the prizes & giveaways. Everyone has a chance to win something. With live, judged entertainment, ticket pulls, "Name That Tune," "Spin The Rainbow," & "Drop Your Balls," there's lots of fun to be had either as a participant or a spectator. I have to make a comment concerning the co-hosts, though. The interaction between Barry BareAss and Madam X is wonderful. Madam X definitely wrecked me after her performance-when she set the Oz stage on fire. You Go Girl!

I must commend Oz and Bourbon Pub/Parade for setting their Christmas parties on the same night. Very clever! I loved it because it drew EVERYONE I don't get to see regularly out for a fun night of eating, drinking, reunion and family time. Both clubs were packed to the gills and the food spreads were incredible. Hats off to Ted and all the hands who helped design and cook all the fabulous munchies at Oz; and Bobby Revere did a great job, as usual, for the Parade's grand and first class Christmas feast. By the way, the decorations at the Parade are astounding! With a full set of life-size flying reindeer and gigantic presents on the ceiling, an 11 foot high snowman & toy soldier, I was blown away! Being the Christmas "Fag" that I am, I wanted to drag all that down to my house for my own decorations. As I was saying, The Bourbon Pub/Parade & Oz should be commended for the wonderful Christmas night out on Bourbon & St. Ann. I hope they make "Christmas On Corner" a new tradition.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas with family and lovers. I will be spending Christmas single again and maybe with my Grandma, wonderful roommate and some of the Ambush family. I hope to see everyone out Christmas Night, because the clubs will be bumping! I wish everyone an even better "ringing in" of the New Year and don't forget that it's time to start setting resolutions for 1998.

Love and kisses, Sonny C

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