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Volume 15/Issue 26


From: Ricquito
Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
Querido George, Well you certainly know how to make a guy float on a cloud. I bet you're equally talented in romance and other departments!
Seriously, I've finally come down from the excitement of receiving your email last week to respond properly. Men of Color-particularly Latin men- have few places that aren't commercial or exploitive-or both-to meet in virtual space. Ricq's is successful because there's a genuine need for a locus offering multi-racial guys space to hangout that is sexy, stimulating, comfortable and not hiding that inevitable click to an 0ll overseas long distance call or the usual hard-sell [as it were] graphic slam for browsers' credit card numbers. Your award honors, extends and challenges Ricquito's and it will strive to continue to be worthy of it. Gracias y bestitos

From: ASJ49
Subject: Music Videos
Hi There; My significant other and I of 21 years were there for the Thanksgiving Week and truly enjoyed all the sights and sounds of New Orleans. What really marvelled me was the Music Videos at the bars...they do not have that here in San Antonio, Texas...Just Music...I would like to know, if perhaps you can find out where I can get in contact with the company that puts out the Music Videos they have in Particular at the Bourbon Pub..I was amazed at the one where they have the Company B song in it...truly magnificent...Thanks,
--John Aguilar

Subject: Guest Book
name: Nora
description: I'm in the process of doing out reach work for gay and lesbian youth stutterers. Please contact me if you are a gay and lesbian stutterer or if you know someone who is. Thank You.
home: san mateo, ca usa
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: Robby Johnson
description: I love your site. It's very comprehensive and totally fun to visit. I am a native of Mobile, Alabama and really IF grew up" in New Orleans and have lived in Little Rock for the past 18 months . Your site gets me closer to home at the touch of a few buttons. I'd love to move back so if you know of anyone needing a 26 year old Public Relations dynamo please drop me some email. Thanks!!
home: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Disgrace from JR's in Washington DC FROM WITNESS TO LOST OF FAITH
I just came back from JR's in Washington DC, and have been absolutely horrified by the scene I witnessed, A guy being thrown out because he "DIDN'T BELONG THERE!" (Exact quote)!" I thought gays were persecuted enough by being gay, but I sadly arrived to the conclusion that some gays (white) are better then others?!? What kind of world are we living in? DO we have to segregate in an already struggling group? I am not American but thought that unity in an already segregated group was able to empowered itself! I do not think that segregation among gays will lead us to recognition! And I am accusing JR's of segregating in between an already segregated group! Race is not a value!!!!!!! We need an unity, not desparatism! I am (as white and blond as I can be) accusing JR's of being a racist establishment! ... No wonders my "non white" friends ask me to get they drink for them so that the amount of alcohol will be fair!!!!!!!! So lets please add in JR's quote: "white prefered"!!!!! SHAME ON YOU JR S Hope you will somehow publish this E-mail for others to take conscience of what happens in the capital of America. Cheers P.S., Being European , please forgive my spelling and grammar

Subject: Guest Book
name: Claudia Zinck-Gilroy
description: Thnks for being there. Now I know what we need. Till next time love Claudia
home: Nova SCotia, Canada
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: Daniel Sunderland
home: Quebec,Canada
find us: by word of mouth

Subject: Guest Book
name: Manuel Castaneda
description: It would be nice if you added a brief description of the bar type. Also, please add gay accomodations. I travel alot would prefer to stay at gay lodging.
home: Los Angeles, California USA
find us: by surfing the web

From: Anthony P Wilmore
Subject: metro 2004
I visited your web site the other day when you had Club Metro 2004 new Orleans listed. What happened? what do they feature and who frequents the bar?

Subject: Guest Book
name: Dale Atwell
description: I'm very interested in visiting New Orleans after the first of the year. Any information provided will be greatly appreciated.
home: Pleasanton, CA USA
f ind us: by surfing the web

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