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Volume 15/Issue 26


AMBUSHonLINE Sets New Record

With Over 18 Million Hits With 1997 coming to a close, AMBUSHonLINE [www.ambushonline.com] continues its upward trend bringing in over 18 million hits since Jan., 1996. The conglomerate brought in 4 million hits last year, while this year's hits more than tripled to the tune of over 14 million.

Client base continues to grow, this month adding Carla Gallo Travel [www.gayneworleans.com/carlagallo] to the A List [www.gayamerica.com/alist/indexg.htm]. The travel agency is showcasing a fabu getaway to Italy.

The success of the conglomerate includes location, design, accuracy and marketing skills of AMBUSHonLINE's Web Team. I would like to thank fellow webmasters Sonny Cleveland and George Patterson, who have joined me, spending countless hours establishing the professionalism of the 10 interactive sites comprising the company.

Sonny is in charge of design including animation, music, site development and A List/CCC client updates. George handles text creation, research, various updates and chairs the Rainbow Award Committee. I do site development, as well as various updates. All three of us participate in the massive marketing strategies which have placed AMBUSHonLINE as a leader in the glbt web community.

Saluting The AMBUSH Staff

The diligence, loyalty and professionalism of the AMBUSH Mag 2000 staff has not gone unnoticed and is deeply appreciated. I do not know how it would have been possible to achieve the success and growth this year without their support.

I have not had much time since July to devote to the mag. Most of my time has been devoted to the care of my life partner of over 23 years, Marsha. A compound fracture in July has kept Marsha in and out of the hospital, as well as mostly bedridden for the past 5 months.

Both Managing Editor/Sales Manager Sonny Cleveland and News Editor/Performing Arts Critic George Patterson have been invaluable, covering many of my duties. I know this has been difficult at times, and both Marsha and I will always owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.

The remaining staff also has been very supportive and helpful. Marsha and I would like to thank them as well ...Randy Stephens, Brad Benedict, Patrick Shannon, Pam Young, Eric Crabtree, G. Michael Gallien, Chuc LaVenture, Jon Newlin, Brian Sands, J.D. Norris, Lori Lassiter and Toni Pizanie. Ambush would never be the same without each and every one of you.

Oz Hosts Extravagant Holiday Bash

The annual Oz holiday bash was extravagant as always, bringing in hundreds of guests sampling the hospitality which has made this club famous. It was an evening of exceptional gourmet delights including Oysters Rumake, Sushi, Crawfish Thermador and Paella. With a never ending flow of cocktails, fabu holiday decorations, and the camaraderie of friends, the evening was marvelous.

Guests were asked to bring an upwrapped gift for a child with AIDS. Since Toni Pizanie and I left the office so late, we did not have time to purchase a gift; however, we did the following day, dropping it off at Oz. Thanks to Oz, many of us are able to participate in the spirit of giving during the holidays.

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