SNAP Express
Volume 17/Issue 26

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  • s01.jpg - Billy Warr wins Buzzy Fanning Fight Against AIDS Award @ the Mint.
  • s02.jpg - Sonny Cleveland presents Cheridon Comedy Award to Donnie Jay.
  • s03.jpg - Sonny Cleveland presents Cheridon Award to Bianco Del Rio.
  • s04.jpg - Washboard Laundry's Ronny & Beverly win GLBT Friendly Business of the Year.
  • s05.jpg - Slutpuppies with Performing Arts Award.
  • s06.jpg - George's Warlocks wins Hair Salon of the Year.
  • s07.jpg - Voodoo's Pat & Walter accept Neighborhood Bar of the Year from Ms. Fly.
  • s08.jpg - New Orleans Center for Living Reps Kym Whitfield & Craig Hankins address GAA Gala which raised $2,240 for the Center for Living.
  • s09.jpg - Fly Fashion Award Sexiest Man, Ferman Sands
  • s10.jpg - Bianca Del Rio gets Fly Fashion Award Outstanding Achievement from Smurf.
  • s11.jpg - Smurf & Fly present Becky Allen [center] w/ Fly Fashion Award Artistic Interpretation.
  • s12.jpg - Michael presents Billy Warr Bitch of the Year Award.
  • s13.jpg - Tommy Elias accepts Dance Bar of the Year Award for Oz.
  • s14.jpg - Footloose's Patrick Rodgers accepts Bartender of the Year from GAA Vice President Toni Pizanie.
  • s15.jpg - Tim Pflueger of Oz wins DJ of the Year for 2nd time.
  • s16.jpg - Faubourg Marigny Books' Alan Robinson accept GLBT Business of the Year from GAA's Teryl-Lynn Foxx.
  • s17.jpg - Christian Kean Johnson wins Leather Person of the Year.
  • s18.jpg - TT/Tonisha Thompson wins Transgender of the Year.
  • s19.jpg - Footloose wins Showbar of the Year.
  • s20.jpg - Red Hanson wins Lesbian of the Year.
  • s21.jpg - GAA Founder Marcy Marcell accepts Man of the Year for Clifford Rednoir.
  • s22.jpg - Saturday's Male Strip Contest brings out the beef at MRB.
  • s23.jpg - TT/Tonisha Thompson wins Entertainer of the Year.
  • s24.jpg - GAA Board presents Lifetime Achievement to Gene Adams [center].
  • s25.jpg - Secret Garden's Patrick checks out the glitzy millennium wear at Rab Dab.
  • s26.jpg - Bartender John slings cocktails at Club Park Avenue in Metairie.
  • s27.jpg - Peter, Michael, Hoyle & Jay enjoy Oz Xmas bash.
  • s28.jpg - Oz's own Tommy Elias welcomed guests at the club's giant xmas blowout.
  • s29.jpg - New Orleans' legend Roger & partner at Oz's xmas bash.
  • s30.jpg - Miller girl Lisa, Donnie & Quinnette at Oz's xmas bash.
  • s31.jpg - Emerald City mgr. Ted chefs it up for Oz & Emerald City.
  • s32.jpg - Ambush's Marsha joins 735's own Jacques for a holiday cocktail.
  • s33.jpg - Le Roundup's own Tommy Greenwood
  • s34.jpg - Emerald City's Preston does the sushi bar at Oz's xmas bash.
  • s35.jpg - Teryl-Lynn Foxx & Raquel Chevallier
  • s36.jpg - Newcomer of the Year & new Miss Wolfendale's 2000 Sy'ria Synclaire
  • s37.jpg - Dwayne & Guest @ Wolfendale's
  • s38.jpg - Asya Alexander, Miss Wolfendale's 1998-99

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