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A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 2



Happy Mardi Gras dearest brothers and sisters! So I see everyone has been gearing up for the big day. Have thoroughly enjoyed being out and playing with you all. Just a little bit to talk about this issue.

Of course, as you know, Super Bowl is here and we will see what gorgeous boys come in to grace us with their presence. So make sure you are out as much as possible so you won't miss anything.

I'm sure by now most of you have figured out the I am once again single. This is a never ending saga and probably will be for a while. Dating is a fun thing to do and I am having a blast.

Well, the scoop on this last one is short but sweet, just as he was. Moved all the way from L.A. to be with me; he couldn't get used to our lackadaisical way of living. He realized that we live in 1st gear and L.A. lives in 5th gear; also, we're just a little backwards from the rest of the world. But you know what . . . it works just fine for us. Then wanted me to move to CA. Nope! I'm not ready to leave you guys and girls and our magical city.

The dating scene has become even more inviting, especially with Mardi Gras here. I'm told by my more seasoned sisters that I have no business being married for our grandest of holidays anyway.

Now listen up are the worse for this philosophy and if you are married right now and "IN LOVE," hang on to him. Nothing worse than being single and lonely once Mardi Gras is over, after being in a relationship that you were really into. So if you can help it, hang on.; otherwise, enjoy yourself and have a good time. Speaking of leaving . . . rumor has it that there is going to be a great exodus of French Quarter employees after Mardi Gras. I will miss all of you who have told me you are leaving, but in my opinion, you can leave but you'll be back. New Orleans has a way of attaching herself to you before you can get out to the city. Of course, everyone needs a break-- I sure do need one!!!

Now, just a little on the World Wide Web. The hits on the Ambush sites are increasing daily by the thousands. Plus we have revamped the sites and are continuing the work daily. We've had some new members jump on board. Wood Empire has joined with Clover Grill, Good Friends, Lafittes, Poppy's Grill, Rawhide and the Wood boys themselves. I still have these under construction but they are coming along just fine.

Another joining the guild is Gargoyles Leather with a fabulous online shopping catalog. You can even see Andre and Larry on their site. So make sure you go and visit! Lots of new stuff being done everyday. Oh, and some more good news. The owners of the WWW Rainbow Award who awarded us last year on several of our sites have decided to hand the whole award project over to Ambush Inc. for the outstanding work we have done with our existing sites. So Ambush Inc (and is now the proud owner of the WWW Rainbow Award.

In the past week we have gotten tons of submissions for those wanting the award. Yeehaww! We love that! If you are not on the web, you are missing out on lots of fun and a great way to stay in touch with friends you've made from around the world.

Now, lets see what happened this weekend . . . Hmmmm? Friday was the start of lots of fun! The well known Mardi Gras Classic boys were in for their annual volleyball tournament. The registration was held by the proud sponsors at OZ Friday night.

When I came out 4 years ago, I stumbled across our local teams playing on a Tuesday night at the Y.M.C.A!

I remember it like it was yesterday. They became some of my first gay friends and family--lots of wonderful people and handsome athletic boys to choose from, which was right up my alley! Some of my first crushes also stemmed from joining this fabulous group of gay competitors.

Anyway, Friday night was like a family reunion for me. Some I hadn't seen for two years since they had moved it to UNO. Now they are back at the "Y." They had gorgeous boys from all over the states who came in to play the tourney. They were everywhere. I felt like the Exorcist, my head was just spinning around looking at these beautiful boys who had came in to play! And boy could they flirt, got lots of kisses and plenty of good conversation.

I stayed out and played with lots of boys which ended up reaping some rather fun benefits. Playful they were!

Saturday was a fun-filled day as well. I was able to fulfill another fantasy of being in a porno. Yes, that's what I said, a porno! I joined the forces of Varla Jean's Videographer Timo in his antics of porno with a plot with fantasy boy Richard Reed (aka Jim Buck), whom you may remember in Mardi Gras Cowboy and Dr. Jerkoff.

I was just a sideline in a three-way with Timo as DeGiorno and Richard as Elusian. They put it to me with a little bit of fun and comedy included. Damn, its very hard to perform as an actor and a sex toy being nervous as a cat because one of your fantasies is hovering over you like a God with bright lights everywhere. The body was not wanting to function correctly at the start, but we got it together as it went on. Richard is fantastic and Timo flawless (sick and twisted as only he can be)--sex with a casual sense of fun. Can't wait to see how this video comes out. Plus it will be interesting to see how you all react! The content is extreme and very different from common porn only because of all the comedy parts in it.

Sunday was a beautiful day and started and ended on a flawless note. I had set a brunch date with a wonderful and gorgeous boy and we started out at MRB's for an early Bloody Mary before heading to brunch. Blanche was tending bar and cutting up as usual. An old flick of Robert Redford and Natalie Wood was on the video monitors and the topic of old-fashioned boiled peanuts came up. So my date and I got a full history on Blanche's childhood and her paper bags of boiled peanuts for 10 cents. Hmmmm . . . are dating ourselves.

Then, of all customers to come in and visit was Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Of course, only Blanche would have such connections. Blanche tried to play it off as just some rather famous locals, but I'm still convinced that the two had gotten all their inventory done and decided to fly in on their new turbo-charged Boeing sled to have a Sunday cocktail with Blanche. You go girl!

From there my beautiful date and I headed to Cafe Sbisa for one of the most incredible brunches. We started out with another Bloody Mary and, oh my god, the best-tasting Bloody I have ever submitted to my taste buds. The appetizers and a fabulous meal were followed by a dessert to die for. My date even fed me across the table. Talk about drive me crazy. I loved it.

Then off to the French Market to buy lots of fun stuff for each other. Had a blast. Went home and took a nap and then out to play for T-dance. The Pub was packed solid. Miss Matt Myers had the boys and girls twirling and the crowd was very playful with lots of cute boys!!!!

Of course, Oz packed them in too, as usual. I twirled all night flirting and initiated the Mardi Gras tradition of "You show, I throw." I took along some beautiful beads left over from the King Cake Queen bar tour that we went on last week on one of Chisholm Livery's big and luxurious limo buses. Everyone wanted a set of beads, but not without the official "showing!" Some just dropped their pants to their ankles and all their glory just hanging there. Weeeeeehaaaw! Had a blast, needless to say!

It looks like the bars have planned a fun-filled Mardi Gras Weekend. I am not able to share the details of all the line-ups yet but trust me when I say they are getting ready. I also understand that we will have a new host this year for the Bourbon Street Awards. That's all for now . . . till next time . . . come out and play with me!

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