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erotic film reviews

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Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Gangsters At Large Porn Stars

Believe me! The world's hottest men are with Kristen Bjorn!

That's an understatement in his latest, Gangsters At Large. I got a surprise when one of my favorite stars ended up in the opening scene. I had just admired the layout he did for Indulge magazine and didn't realize he was the star in this movie. Well, it's a "mission impossible" approach to the activities of the Russian Mafia and those gangster-type Colombians, and it is hot - real hot.

Our hero accepts the challenge when he sees a picture of the missing model who has been possibly sold into sexual slavery. He just can't resist, and heads out to the modeling agency to try out for a job. It was a real turn-on of major Astroglide proportions. Watching those two Russian goons rip his clothes off was so sexually arousing. Poor child! They made him do so many things that he just simply didn't want to do - but he did enjoy it, and so did 1.

The photographer during this scene was equally adorable. I've never known one like him. He really got into his work, stripping along with the client and playing with that gorgeous weenie while he photographed the session. Keyth, darling, we must try this approach sometimes. It was fascinating.

At this point, I must say that one of those Russian studs had the biggest set of balls I've ever seen. They got their workout in this scene, and it was a sheer treat. Our hero got to enjoy them too, and his reluctance at having sex with these dudes soon turned into just the opposite. Pleasure, baby, pleasure!

Next, we go off to that Colombian mansion in Miami where two brothers apparently don't get along, but we know this is about to change, especially when older brother catches little brother with a weenie in his mouth. Porn StarsA few threats of calling "Papa" gets the sex going into a three-way. Older brother was just waiting for a good excuse to get to this puppy and that big-weenied guard. They did it in the yard, in the living room, on the balcony. Even though I knew those two brothers were engaging in a little incest, I did enjoy it and was exhausted trying to keep up with them.

Next, we return to our hero who has been strapped to the wall of a prison, and guess what? He gets loose and rescues our model and a Colombian "cousin." Of course, before they make their escape, they do the sex deeds in every way possible. I guess they weren't afraid of getting caught, but I was worried sick. I just knew they wouldn't get out! Horrors!

Well, the next thing I know, we're at the sex club where all these kidnapped guys get to perform, or get performed on. There were fifteen masked naked guys in the wildest orgy scene since Lukas Ridgeston caught all his buddies doing it on that boat, Bel Ami style. At this point, I was so exhausted, I knew I would have trouble writing this all up for my Ambush editors. But I did it. I can't tell you how it ended. That's for you to find out. It was a cute one, but the questions raised in the process were quite nice, especially since I love a good contest.

Listen to this: Do Colombians have bigger weenies than Russians? Who shoots the most? Who licks butt best? And on and on until you finally learn the answers. Let me tell you. This is a must-see movie. It went completely off my scale and sent me scurring off to buy some more Astroglide.

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