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hot tails of red stick

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 2


Hedonites Hold Fabulous Bal Masque at LSU

Cook Alumni Center at Louisiana State University was the site of the Krewe of Hedon's Bal Masque IV last week, and the party was a great one. I haven't danced so much in quite a long while. King Richard and Queen Kathy made their debuts as the crowd helped to usher in the first big Red Stick party of this holiday season. This catered affair was magnificent in all respects, including that fantastic secretary, Debbie.

Richard, king Hedon IV, made an exceptional King Arthur, with flowing purple cape and exquisite period garb that showed off a pair of gorgeous legs. I hear also that the other leg is also of the gorgeous variety. I just think he and his other half are two wonderful people, and I cherish their friendship. His queen was equally beautiful in a lovely period gown that definitely could have made dining at any round table more enjoyable.

The Krewe of Hedon is a mixed krewe - gay, straight, men, women, and a great mix of all. The party came off as well-planned, with all the members and friends helping to decorate and then enjoy the festivities of the evening. A studly and handsome little Tyler boy was the sexy announcer. Charming, charming little sweetheart!

Also in the tableau was former royalty, including that exceptionally beautiful combo of Joseph and Stephanie, King and Queen Hedon II. Draped in gold, they added a beauty element not seen in many krewe functions. Of course, there were other beauties in the audience, and I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't tell you about them, especially one.

I have to mention that Stephanie's little Italian stud Tony was simply divine as he kept his table happy and comfortable throughout the evening. I must say that one of his guests was a knockout, and I'm told that there is another one just like him who couldn't attend the ball. Two beauties like Chad! Twins! (Was it Jeb? No, it was Chad!) Be still my heart, and all points beyond! This young man was adorned in a radiant smile all evening that could melt any icicle, and when he removed that coat and revealed a broad chest covered with that burgundy shirt, I just almost lost it. Oh, for a peek beyond! Chad, darling, we need to talk. I could do a complete interview with you, and anything else, if you so desired. See me at your earliest convenience, and we'll let nature take her course to new heights. (smile)

Several Apolloites and friends were among the guests of the evening. Damon, King Apollo XVI, was there with another former king, Danny (borrowed from Hal for the evening). Also with this group was still another king, Gene, along with Sam (newly-elected Apollo board member), dynamic Don, sweet David, and a lively Leonard. These guys were on that dance floor all evening. I saw moves I didn't know they could do - and some they shouldn't have done. At any rate, it was a fabulous and delightful party, with sweet Keyth taking pictures and compiling a book of memories for the occasion. It was the first time Keyth had been out since the big New Year's Eve wedding of Tatia and Skeeter. Sympathy goes out to Skeeter who lost her mother the following the day.

Effie Marie performed two numbers in the show and was lovely as usual, but lovely doesn't do justice for Josie. She was absolutely radian. Tim, Claudette, and Debbie rounded out this group. Alicia was also there, and this is one of the most charming and lovely human beings you'll ever meet. Just wonderful! Two of the musicians of the evening also did some great dance routines. There is simply nothing more beautiful than two male bodies in motion, and these two straight boys had all the right moves in all the right places. Remarkable! Absolutely remarkable!

After leaving the Hedon blast, I joined in the fun at both the Mirror and Time Zone. In fact, I got so relaxed that I didn't wake up until 1 p.m. the next day. It was a fun evening, and I'm looking forward to more as the carnival season moves along.

The flu-bug and highway ic ing kept many of the Baton Rougeans from attending the Krewe of Apollo ball in Lafayette, but reports were that it was a fabulous evening. Those who did attend just barely made it back before the roads were closed. Deliver me from cold weather. I prefer the warm days of summer when all those sweethearts take off and uncover those gorgeous bodies. Give me naked bodies, and cram the cold! I'm the hot-blooded, show-me variety! (Remind me to tell Burt, Chase, Scott and a few others this - or at least tell them again!)

And speaking of beautiful Burt, Mike and I ran into him at George's. He was with his precious sweetie, Jimmy, down in Red Stick for an evening of rest and relaxation. These two Mississippians don't get out too often, but they are frequently seen shopping at Hibiscus Bookstore. In case you all don't know Burt, he's the talented young man with the expert fingers that dance across a piano so graciously. He's a most adorable human being.

I think illness also kept Cody from karaoke over at George's last week. Dwayne, Ricky and their bunch had a great time anyway, as well as all the others who came out and braved the cold on this most popular of nights in Baton Rouge. Cody and Rodney made it to Las Vegas for the big Bartenders Convention. The ever thoughtful and charitable Richard sent his boys out to learn new pointers and to have a great time with all expenses paid by this fabulous bar baron. I hear that Richard has a new bartender who is definitely worth checking out. Don was doing the bar duties on my last stop there, and he is and always has been a real charmer. Great smile. Warm personality.

Michael was keeping things hot over at the Mirror, and NO, DARLINGS, it AIN'T closing. Who the hell starts these rumors? And better still, who would believe such a thing? I talked with Jackie a long time, and she and Sandy have great plans for this place of business and also their new print facility, Eagle Copy Service, located over on Main Street, across from that pretty lawyer's complex. That's Chad, in case you didn't know already. And the sexy boarder downstairs is the ever-lovable and cuddly Jeff.

And NO DARLINGS, Hibiscis NOT closing! Don't you have anything better to do than nose around in things that don't have any bearing on you in the first place?

Things are always hopping over at the Time Zone, and during the day, you can get some great, hot plate lunches at the Grill. I eat there quite often and can vouch for the goodies. If you haven't tried it, then I'd have to say that you've missed a treat.

I ran into Charlie at the Blue Parrot. His recovery from his latest surgery is progressing nicely. I was surprised, yet very, very pleased to see that heavenly little Greg serving up the drinks. This hot little number is certainly a welcome addition at Mike and Paul's place. I didn't stay for dinner with them. I had already made plans to do a little Lebanese dining, compliments of the great guys at Arzi's, over on Government Street. It's a nice place to take someone you really care about. Right, Mike?

Sweet Brandon no longer does the Bluebonnet Mexican food. He's moved over to that new place on Siegen Lane, near the new theater. And speaking of theater, I did make it to Evita, a private showing, sweethearts. It's everything I thought it would be - and more. Whatever you may think of Madonna, she is great in this role. I can't see anyone else in the role, and Antonio is absolutely breathtaking in his role of Che. That nude picture of him in Playgirl this month is probably a fake. I just don't put too much stock in those Internet pictures. Think about it, dear hearts. Very few of these big name stars are going to bare all in publicity photos. I'd rather stick to clips from movies - the real thing. If you want to view Antonio in the buff, try the 1988 Spanish movie "Baton Rouge." For Tom Cruise, freeze-frame "All The Right Moves." Or check out the reproductions in several "frontal" books now in bookstores. I just heard about the new David Duchovny frontal from an earlier-released movie, and I'm off to get a copy very soon. He can "X" my file any old time he likes.

Keith came by Hibiscus and showed off his dog bite. You heard it right. He was playing with the furry variety and got a bite on the upper lip. Now sweet Keith, darling. I've heard about some of your bites, but this one really takes the cake. Just be glad you had your pants on! However, you are beautiful without them! (smile)

Edwin and Damon had a lovely breakfast last week at Petunias. It's Damon's favorite New Orleans restaurant, and his chats with Rip, Marsha, and Chef Jay are always so enjoyable. The elegance of the surroundings only enhances the enjoyment of the finest food in the Crescent City. That wonderful suite, compliments of the two Jays, at the Burgoyne Guest House on Bourbon Street, was the setting for Damon's stay-over after the Armeinius Cotillion at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre. Again, several Apolloites came down for this special fundraiser for Buzzy's Boys. Vinnie and Gregg had personally invited Damon, and joining him in the evening's activities were Gene, Sam, Don, David, and Tracy. It was a gorgeous function, with two sexy leathermen, George and Lee, adding class to the party. Of course, for overall charm and grace, you just can't match my Vinnie.

Coming up on the 25th of January is the big Krewe of Apollo Bal Masque XVI at the Centroplex in Baton Rouge. This is going to be a fabulous affair. If you miss it, you are going to miss one of the best balls around. As I've stated before, Apollo has the balls to die for. Seeing is believing. Cheers.

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