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3 snaps

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 3



The night Abigail blew out the French Quarter

So how did everyone enjoy his Super Bowl weekend? I had a great time with all those wonderful Packers in town. I have to say that these were definitely some of the most festive fans I have seen enter our city in a while. ( Though the Florida fans in recently were pretty fun but very homophobic. Lots of hecklers!) The one thing I realized about the Packers is that Wisconsin breeds lots of "us!" Love me some "Cheese Packers."

You know it just had to be a queen that designed those slabs of cheese they wore, with such pride, on their heads. Now if our community could be that "out" and not give a damn what anyone thinks when they walk down our streets holding hands with their lovers. That would be the "Tea."

So how many of you had the distinct pleasure of seeing Abigail in action at Oz? She was magnificent, long, tall, and cool as they get. When I stepped into the room, there she was, just as pretty as a picture and not all painted up. Of course, age is her major asset; she is only 24 years young. Not only was her appearance stunning, but her personality was that of an older, well seasoned & mature sister-somewhat of a motherly touch. Very caring. So far, she is my favorite out of all the wonderful stars and performers I have had the honor to interview.

What was so amazing was that she had a heavy London accent, being born and raised just outside Liverpool. Once she began to sing, you would never know.

That is a phenomenon that has always baffled me.

She explained to me that her singing was the result of opera training, which causes the throat and formation of the mouth to open up, which in turn causes one to lose any accent. Neat little tidbit, huh?

Anyway . . . back to the show . . . she had them singing and dancing with that powerful voice of hers. The fans were giving her Mardi Gras trinkets to wear and wanting to shake her hand. She wore very simple attire: black flair-bottom pants, a shiny pink retro button-up blouse, 3" black platform pumps, and a metal designer gecko lizard hung around her neck. Pissy girl! Well, on her fourth song, during a sustained note . . . the Oz went pitch black!

Then, come to find out, the whole French Quarter was out. Yaaaaahooooo!

"Bitch just blew out New Orleans" I screamed in her ear after we got her off stage to bring her back to the apartment! We got her outside and looked around. It was BEAUTIFUL! I never would have thought that I would get to see the French Quarter under Moonlight in this lifetime.

Well I did and will never forget the rush I felt . . . or was that the liquor . . . I felt something when I looked down Bourbon and saw the buildings reflecting the moonlight. YES! That was a definite 3 Snap moment.

We stood there and looked around a few minutes and escorted her back to the apartment. With all our glasses full of whatever, we sat in the candlelight and cut up with her and watched her get quite toasted. She was adorable!

Oh, and watching "Madame Miller Lite" Lisa Ducre and her lover finally fold after working her cute ass off for Super Bowl was a memory I won't soon forget...especially since I got a picture of it. Love you girls! Hope the heads weren't hurting too bad the next day.

Did the brunch thing again on Sunday afternoon. This time we went to Andrew Jeager's House of Seafood on Conti between Royal and Chartres, behind the Police station.

This was an incredible brunch layout. Believe me when I tell you that we ate for two hours. Let's see, here is just a few of the goodies we had the privilege to savor: seafood gumbo, turtle soup, crawfish etouffe, red beans, jambalaya, court boulion, Cajun fried turkey, baked ham, zydeco salad, crawfish pasta salad, big boiled shrimp, boiled crabs & crawfish, etc... just too many things to list, but I can't forget our favorite.

We got an order of Shrimp Creole Omelet and Eggs Ponchartrain (poached eggs on homemade crab cakes w/ creamy garlic sauce). These two dishes were incredible, melted in your mouth! Along with wine, and a live jazz band and getting fed by my date, I couldn't have asked for a better and more romantic time of dining. Even the desserts were sinful with coffee to finish out the meal. We almost had to be rolled out the door by our very handsome waiter. The sin of gluttony was committed and we loved every second of it.

Of course, the layout of the downstairs dining room is great, but they have been remodeling the upstairs dining rooms. We were given the grand tour; we were blown away by the design and decorating on the second and third floors. The third floor was very plush and ready for any type of private party or dining experience. I was waiting for Robin Leech to come walking into the room. There's the Library Room, the Living Room w/ fully equipped bar and fire place, then the breathtaking Blue Room. I will definitely have to hold a party in there-elegant in every aspect, like dining in a very lavishly decorated home. Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap!

The 2nd floor has a large dining room with full-length French doors and dining balcony. If you pass up the opportunity to dine or have a private party at Andrew Jeager's House of Seafood, you are denying yourself a very warm and romantic setting and fabulous food cooked and designed by head chef Donnie Jay. Donnie and Andrew have made a dining palace. After that flawless experience, my date and I agreed it was time to walk some of that off and make our way to the house for a "Hot and Heavy" afternoon nap. Weeeeeehaaaaa, LOVE that! On the way home we stumbled across Miss Loretta and her sidewalk sale at Bourbon and Esplanade- leave it to her to work a corner that popular, even for a rummage sale! Whew, that was a full afternoon!

So, what's up out there on the streets for Mardi Gras! I see the bars and clubs are decorating and getting ready for the festivities. Lots more changes being made at the Pub-I understand they are now charging cover to help keep the bad out and to keep you safe and sound within. The Oz and Pub have put their weekend passes on sale, so get your passes now so you can save some money for your partying and cocktails.

Speaking of the Pub/Parade, I wish to send ever popular DJ/VJ Darren Thomas a "Get Well Soon" for a recent on-duty fall while working on the lighting system, which has left one of his hands disabled. Make sure you go and love on him and pamper him some so he can somewhat enjoy his holiday weekend. Love you, Darren. Oh, and for those size queens out there, you will enjoy the new "Big Dick" contest being held upstairs at the parade on Thursday nights, hosted by Becky Allen! I will have the privilege of being one of the first judges to participate and measure the contestants in this event.

I' ll be running the Laser Light show with Scott Horner every night during Mardi Gras so come out and see me and give me lots of kisses! Love some kisses from some cute boys, and you too girls!

Don't forget that the fantabulous Sarah Washington will be gracing the stage at Oz for Lundi Gras (Fat Monday) as well as some of the hottest "hand-picked" dancers they have ever had. Hey, you never know, you might be one of the lucky ones to get one of them home. While I'm on the topic of Oz-Hey Dana, so has Oz gotten you an apartment attached to the bar yet or at least a bronze engraved name plate for where you lean? Love you, girl! Oh, and a happy 30th birthday wish to my friend Troy Glines! Mine's cumming up soon too, girl; I'm right behind you. Ooooh, how'd that sound?

I also understand that even Ms. Fly has some new stock cumming in for the holiday. I've seen one picture of what she has scheduled for her bar tops and I will just have to stop in and shop!

Rawhide will be bringing in some handsome boys for your pleasure and Tyler Tauzin and his "Tool of Terror" show for you sizers to play with. If you haven't seen the latest porno which he appeared in, you can rent or buy it at Chartres St. Connexxxion at 107 Chartres. It is called "The Last Taboo," and recently made it to page 3 of the 1997 Adam Gay Video Directory. Pretty hot!

Well, that seems to be it for now, I will see you all from the Ambush balcony at 2pm Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) for the Annual Krewe of Queenateenas Bead Toss led by this year's King Cake Queen, Reba Douglas! Remember the rules- "You Show, We Throw!" See you in the streets and in Oz and please "Play Safe" and have a good time! Love you all, Sonny C.

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