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ambush does mardi gras

Revelers infiltrated the streets of the Quarter for a rather chilly Carnival this year. Action started Wednesday, Feb. 5 with Oz kicking off its celebration with Carnival in Rio, the monthly production show starring the Oz cast along with the Pocket's Ms. Fly and Vicki Vines.

A touch of the flu kept us in Thursday and Friday. But Saturday rolled around and it was another story. We started off this night at TT's on the Rampart strip. Yes, it was another funfilled evening with Clorox Bleachman and her Trailer Trash Revue. This entertaina' really is a piece of work. She comes up with some of the most clever stunts in town.

Clorox was joined by Dione LaRico and Regina Boom Boom, oops, we mean Big Regina. Regina recently told us that her Boom Boom days were long gone, and now, she was simply Big Regina.

Lady Charles kept those vinos acomin' and we always enjoy the latest from this Rampart Street legend.

Wolfendale's, a few doors down from TT's, was our next stop. Manager Eddie was manning the door with big ole William at his side. The dance floor was packed to the sounds of DJ Dan, who is featured Hit DJ in this issue of AMBUSH.

Connie, Ryan and Trixie were behind the bar working their tits off. Ryan introduced us to The Underground Station, a marvelous new mag addressing the concerns, issues and interests of the Lesbian/Gay African American community. Out of Dallas, this info source is covering Texas, Louisiana and points beyond. Best wishes guys and much success.

Heading on down the street, we stopped in for a drink with Ralph over at Buckaroo's. The party crowd here was already well on their way with many of the locals leading the way. Ralph has his hands full entertainin' his regular cast of characters. It's one of those neighborhood bars visitors to the Crescent City should try to experience.

One block down landed us at Footloose and its Mardi Gras Cabaret show. Led by mainstays Marcy Marcell and Tiffany Rae Button, this cast always has some of those great fun pieces that audiences love. They were joined this night by Tara Alexander, Pussy Galore and Charlene LaRue. Mac and Todd were running behind the bar to keep up with this drink guzzling crowd. Shows are held every Saturday at this club both at 11pm and the late, late show at 2am.

Mother Bob's was our next stop a little further down Rampart. Mother Bob and Harold had a special treat for bar patrons here. It was men dancing on the bar top this whole Carnival weekend. The dancers went over so well during Mardi Gras, so Bob and Harold have decided to have these men back every Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9pm.

The Financial District was up next with our first stop at The Corner Pocket. We had to make it in to see first hand what Ms. Fly's new slogan was all about - "Home of thirty beautiful boys and two ugly ones." Fly definitely had a load of beefy boys here. However, we never did see the ugly ones, unless Ms. Fly was insinuating that bartenders Jay Sewell and Smurf Murphy, were the ugly ones. You know that queen has a scandalous sense of humor, but surely she could not be talking about two of her best friends.

Oh and the lovely, tanked and loud Rolls Royce - oops - Rose that is, was in from Hammond way celebrating her, we think she said, 65th birthday. Yes, this old girl was in her element, molesting any man or boy within 3 feet of her voluptuous bod. Rose was a little hard to understand since her speech was somewhat slurred. Isn't that "dewbonics" Rose? Poor friend Tori Welles was doing her best to watch over Rose. But finally, she told Rose, "You're on your own girl!"

We ended up with Rose and Tori down the street at the Double Play. What trip would be complete on St. Louis without a visit with Miss Do? Miss Do was cracking the whip checking ids on all those youngsters coming through the door.

The patrons here were happy since all were old enough to venture on in... It was new meat night at the Double Play, "the REAL place for swingers!"

Overdoing it a bit landed us back in bed with that flu thing Sunday night and Monday day. However, you can't keep these two old queens down. Feeling better, we ventured out early Lundi Gras evening. First stop was MRB for a visit with Manager Bob and bartender Dale. The party crowd here was already in full swing.

And then much to our surprise, in walked "Evita". Jerry of Houston was the clever queen giving his version of an S&M Evita complete with studded jock strap and exposed half inch long hard nipples. You go girl!

The early evening of surprises continued as Angel walked in and over to our end of the bar. Most of ya'll know him as porn star great Karl Thomas.

Karl tells us he's returning to the screen with some new hot video delights. He has just returned from an extended tour in Spain and looks fabulous.

Karl headlined with Rayne, Goddess and all the MRB dancers during the entire Carnival experience at Andy Boudreaux's MRB.

A nice stroll down Royal landed us at the Golden Lantern. Chester was behind the bar slingin' cocktails to this bear guzzlin' crowd. This neighborhood pub is always entertianin' with its never ending cast of characters. You don't know if you'll see Alain doing her naked peanut strut or the lovely Blanche introducin' another new "workin'" husband. It's always a kick!

We waited for an hour and no cab ever arrived to take us over to Miss Thompson's "Hookers Ball" at Another Corner. Sorry we missed it this year Miss T. We're sure it was a scream as it always is.

Mardi Gras rolled around and we readied ourselves for the arrival of our Krewe of Queenateenas. Yes, the Krewe is practically always the same 50 guests, give or take 10, that come up every year for the AMBUSH Mardi Gras bead toss.

With Reba Douglas as KCQIV [King Cake Queen 4], we knew we had to have more beads than ever before. Over 10,000 were thrown this year beginning at 1pm and ending around 6.

Reba was assisted by honey Michael Landry, friend Rocky all the way from Atlanta and Lisa Beaumann.

KCQII Jay Loomis and Michael Moran joined in the festivities as did Toni Pizanie, KCQIII Smurf Murphy, Ms. Fly, Clorox Bleachman, Kitty Blackwell and Liz Simms and friends, King Apollo Baton Rouge Damon Veach and Brandon, Michael Sullivan and friend David from Michigan, Jerry Scavo and Kenny Walker, Petunias' Pete Thomas, Hide-A-Way's Minette and manager Marie and friends, Father Thom, Miss Paul and Mr. Tony, Petronius' Mickey Gil and George Patterson, Sonny Cleveland and honey Shawn, Randy Stephens and James Comeaux, Brian Sands and friends, and several others.

We've been asked how can an individual becomes King Cake Queen. We choose someone who is a regular guest for the Carnival Day bead toss, by watching all of our guests, seeing which one we feel is the most enthusiastic that day, and has been in attendance at least 3 years.

We've already narrowed it down to 3 and will present the '98 KCQ V -Elect during our annual Christmas bash in December. It's not that far away. After all, Mardi Gras is February 24, 1998.

Thanks for a great day Reba. We look forward to the '98 KCQ Bar Run that you will lead with your guest KCQV in tow.

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