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Leading Gay Online Service Brings Out the News

BadPuppy (, the leader in male erotica on the World Wide Web, introduces Gay Today (, an all- news area devoted to serving the needs of gays and lesbians across the globe. With hard-hitting news coverage, health and entertainment reports, interviews and reviews, Gay Today is the one stop everyone in the gay community will want to make. (And reporters will want to visit.)

Although there is a membership fee for the use of BadPuppy, Gay Today can be accessed free of charge. The company's President Bill Pinyon launched the site to inform as many gays and lesbians as possible about important news that is often buried in the mainstream press (or isn't even reported there). It will link to news/events sites around the globe. Just as The Advocate announced it will be shifting editorial gears from hard news to "think pieces," Pinyon, along with Gay Today's Managing Editor Ken Brandt and Senior Editor Jack Nicholas, an award-winning author, is launching this all-news, all-the-time site just in time.

Up and running for under a week, they have already beaten MSNBC to the punch with stories such as this: same-sex partner benefits, delays in treatment of AIDS patients, the Death Penalty, and interviews with George Weinberg Ph.D. (the man who discovered homophobia) and controversial Screw Publisher Al Goldstein.

Coming soon to this first-ever-never-before news sight are the Gay Today Forums, meant to provide gays and lesbians across the globe with the opportunity to discuss the latest news, issues and trends. (And oh yes, to meet.)


Subject: Great Tour Becky!
Hope the Nawlins Lady is doing well! I am so lucky to be living in this beautiful city with wonderful people like you that make us laugh and smile! You're a great woman and a true frined to the Nawlins Gay Community! Take Care.

Subject: From Ft. Lauderdale
I found AMBUSH today for the very first time. I really enjoyed reading CRUISIN' THE WEB. I've been trying to get our local paper TWN to print a column like George Patterson's, but they don't even respond to my email. I am new to the world online. I had no trouble pulling up But ..... I don't know how to pull up the winning pages. Please tell me what to do to view the winning pages.

Thanks for sending me to the website.


I am learning more each day but I've only been online for a month or so. I hope Ambush stays available at the Club Lauderdale. It is informative plus!
Subject: Re: From Ft. Lauderdale
Thanks a million and a big hug too. I am very happy you answered by email. So many places just can't be bothered.



Subject: Thanks
Fun "stuff", we are visiting New Orleans for the first time in the end of March ... looking very forward to it! Your page(s) are wonderful! Thanks!

Subject: A special request
I realize this is an unrealistic request, but I have to at least ask. Is there any way that you can let Stephanie Williams know that there is this really nice man that is dedicated to reading Ambush 2000 that adores her? :-) I SAID it was presumptious, but love makes fools of us all. Thanks if you can, if this works out you are all invited to the wedding!

Thanks again, BTW I am the boy attached.


Subject: Big Easy
Thanks for your informative and entertaining dictionary. I found it through the New Orleans Public Library site, and ultimately "Infoseek."

By the way, in the entry on "Flambeaux," it should say "their mysterious illumination" (not "there").

I was hoping to find the answer to a question I have been asking for years, which nobody, even people raised in New Orleans, seems to know: Why is New Orleans called "The Big Easy"? If you can answer this question for me, I will be extremely grateful. It might also be a good term to include in the dictionary! Thanks for your help.


To: (Mark McCartney)
Subject: re: Gay Marriages / Vol.#15 issue 4
I was given the " Gay Marriages" clipping from your publication by a friend who thought that I might be interested in viewing the referred to web site. Thankfully I am familiar enough with the internet that I finally was able to find the proper URL for the site.

I would suggest that, in the future, you check out the addresses that are sent to you, before you print them in your publication. For your information (and especially for your readers) the correct URL is:

The BugLady

Subject: aca
I have bookmarked your site as I am stuck[!!!] down here in Acapulco Mexico and some cyber friends from d.f. are putting together something similar for dear Acauplco Mexico; your site is great and I fell out of my chair when Petunias music unexpectedly kicked in. This seems like it is going to be a from the bottom up task. thanx for charting a path.

--jaime/james allen Casa Condesa, Paraiso

Subject: Hi, Sonny, Rip, and Marsha!
Thanks to Sonny for "introducing" me to Dan from San Diego who saw my pic in the Ambush. It was providence that Damon saw me as soon as he got off the phone with Sonny who got the email from Dan. We've made contact and plan to meet later this year. Hope Mardi Gras was a good one for all of you. Was in front of your office/home Fat Tuesday. Did y'all see me?

--Terrible Tommy

Subject: A good home page?
We just came back from a great time at Mardi gras! We got a little carried away with the bead tossing at lafittes, are there any good homepages to see some of the men? and see if we ended up in cyber space!!

Subject: brian sands
i'm so dissatisfied with the articles that you've ritten latly, whats up with that culture bullshit? You used to be so cool and write about sex and stuff what's going on now you join a convent or something? I want the old stuff back. very disgruntled reader in the big easy.

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