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AMBUSH onLINE Reaches 1 MILLION hpm Record

Journeying into the third month of '97, AMBUSH onLINE has reached a new record of 1 million hpm [hits per month]. January and February '97 brought an average 1 million hpm to the interactive sites comprising the online service. Total hits now exceed 6 million since the launch of the service in January '96.

Much of this success is due to the fact that all of these sites are considered to be some of the hottest destinations on the web ...gayamerica.com, gaybars.com, gaymardigras.com, southerndecadence.com, gayneworleans.com, gayneworleans.org, and ambushmag.com.

The other factor is the massive marketing efforts of AMBUSH onLINE which spent roughly $25,000 in both local and national ad campaigns.

The service also boasts some 27 clients on The A List, gayamerica.com's premiere banner location. This factor makes AMBUSH onLINE the GLBT market leader in the entire South, as well as other comparable markets throughout the World.

Sonny Cleveland and George Patterson, members of our Web Team, have both done some brilliant new work during the past several weeks. The Wood Enterprises [www.gayneworleans.com/wood/] site was quite an undertaking involving our entire Web Team, creating 6 totally different concepts for each business in the Wood empire. Each of us took a page and designed it to the specifications of Wood management.

Sonny outdid himself on the Rawhide 2010 [www.gayneworleans.com/rawhide/] site making it the hottest leather/levi site to come out of New Orleans. Of course, the proof is in the 2,817 hits this site received during the past four week period. This is incredible when you consider the fact that another local site online for the past 6 weeks has not even reached a total of 200 hits yet.

George and Sonny did more fabu work on the Clover and Poppy Grill pages, and we all did our best on Good Friends, Lafitte's and the Wood pages.

The numbers prove the success of the work. [hits below are for the last 4 week period.]
Wood Enterprises - 825 hpm;
Cafe Lafitte in Exile [www.gayneworleans.com/lafittes/] - 3,538 hpm;
Clover Grill [www.gayneworleans.com/clover/] - 2,138 hpm;
Good Friends Bar [www.gayneworleans.com/goodfriends/ - 4,582 hpm;
Poppy's Grill [www.gayneworleans.com/poppys/] - 916.
Big Easy/Gulf Coast Reservations, Inc. [www.crescentcity.com/bigeasy/] is AMBUSH onLINE's newest design. Up less than two weeks, it has already garnered 344 hits.

The oldest site at AMBUSH onLINE is Oz [www.gayneworleans.com/oz/, comprised of some 6 pages. With 7,828 hpm in the last 4 week period, this site currently trades off for the top hit spot on The A List with the second oldest site, The Corner Pocket [www.gayneworleans.com/The_Pocket]. The Corner Pocket garnered 6,719 hpm in the last 4 week period.

Bob Doesn't Know Bull From Lamb

Celebrity bar manager Bob Moore of MRB fame just celebrated his birthday bash with a fun circle of friends.

But he definitely was not born on a farm. He showed us one of his favorite gifts, a "black lamb," he said. Queen! It was a black bull. Guess we need to take you to Audubon Zoo for a lesson in animal technology. Love ya anyway and all the best!

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