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hot tails of red stick

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 5


Spring Is In the Air and Red Stickers Are Hot to Trot

With winter melting away into spring, Red Stickers are already planning vacations and outings leading up to the lazy days of summer. Lots of local sweethearts are looking forward to beach jaunts to Florida, some Caribbean cruises are on the agenda, a fabulous trip down the bayous, and a visit to Twin Peaks and Snoqualmie Falls is also in the picture.

The Krewe of Apollo is already planning their 1998 Bal Masque XVII, and Captain Denny and Co-captain Joe are not wasting any time at all. These guys are ball specialists, at least I hear they are.

Now that's not what I mean, darlings. I'm referring to the big event each January, and they both have the knowledge and expertise to put on a big one. I just love these Apollo guys. When it comes to fun, relaxation, and togetherness, they don't come any better. Really!

If you're interested in membership, contact either of these guys or any lieutenant. That ever-sexy Ken is senior lieutenant, and he's a great friend. Be sure to get your gardening goodies at his place of business on Coursey Boulevard, and keep the money in the family.

Speaking of family, our co-captain Joe is another plant specialist. He does his thing at Flowers by Jimmy Thomas, across from Baton Rouge High School on Government Street. Jimmy is another Apollo stud who is just simply a fine, fine individual. You can find floral goodies and outstanding gifts at his great establishment. Check this one out soon.

Apollo founder, my good buddy Larry, takes care of your needs out on Essen Lane-Four Seasons Flowers and Gifts. Other half Steve is past captain of the 1997 ball which everyone seems to be saying was the best to date. That's saying a lot, sweet Steve, so you must have done your homework well. Your pirate outfit was stunningly beautiful, and your king and queen added the magnificent touch it needed. Related congratulations go out to Damon and Terry for their performances. May your reign be the very best.

Damon, our book baron over at Hibiscus, is another of our local entrepreneurs who is very grateful for the community's support, not only during his recent bereavement but for the continued support he has received over the years. He's in his nineth year of business. My, but time does fly when you're having fun. And speaking of fun, he's planning that trip to Seattle and the Twin Peaks thing, with probably a little side excursion around Puget Sound and British Columbia in Canada. At least that's one thing he has planned. Costa Rica (again) is also in his thoughts with a jaunt down to the Panama Canal with a "friend" he met on his last visit to San Jose and Colours Guest House.

Richard will be doing several trips this year, which is noth ing unusual for him and that marvelous little Guy. Our bar baron is also quite knowledgeable on Broadway plays and often drops in on the Great White Way. Don't sell this guy short. He's a classy guy when you get to know him.

And speaking of getting to know someone: try his new bartender, Shane. This young man will put lead in your pencil immediately. The way he says "sir" makes you realize immediately how much his upbringing did for him. He is so polite and just filled with personality plus. I watched him last week when I stopped in at George's and perused him in all his exquisiteness. From designer jeans (and wonderful butt) to that broad chest visible even with that loose-fitting shirt, Shane is a winner. His lips are sensuous, his eyes reveal innocence, his light brown and shortly-clipped hair is stylish, and his actions show a gentle shyness. At age 20, this one seems to have it all together, and I can hardly wait to see him in the all-together. That's naked, sweetheart. Your body just goes to show what good jeans - oops, genes - can do for the human form. "Daddy" Richard did good with this one, but then he has the knack for doing that on a regular basis.

Bar barons Paul and Michael also have a knack for bringing in the crowds. Their Blue Parrot just keeps growing, but I'm not at all surprised. When you have these two guys at the helm, the ship just keeps sailing into greatness. If you haven't visited their piano and patio bar, by all means do so immediately. The atmosphere is just great, and it will be the scene of many cookouts and private parties I'm sure. When I was there last week, it was packed, and the food (served twice last week) was outstanding - both times. I usually meet my newspaper friend Charlie over there and my buddy Ken, the city's classy artist. I like the atmosphere Paul and Michael have created here, and I like their bartenders too, especially that cute and sweet little Greg and that wonderous Livonia girl, Steve. He and Mr. Bill are always a delight to be around. I haven't been around Greg very much, but I plan to learn a little more about him so I can pass it on to you. Did you say "around seven," sweetheart?

Queen Terry was in rare form last week at George's, but then this sweetheart always knows how to turn people on. Isn't that true, Jake darling? I dare not tell that story here, but it was quite sexy, quite revealing, and quite funny. Oh, to have had that on tape! Devan, A.J., Gene, Jim, Cary and a number of others were all having a great time. A tape from the Mirror Lounge would also have been re vealing, especially when old friends like Jacques, Larry and Damon get together. I won't go there either, but it makes for very interesting recollections. Eddie was on hand too, and other half Randy was serving up drinks.

It's always nice to visit the Hide-A- Way, but Minette's always had a great establishment, not only for women but for all the men who hang out there. I don't mean that kind of hanging out, but, on occasion, that wouldn't be a bad idea, straight or otherwise. After all, the human form is just simply beautiful, and after spending the day in New Orleans with Minette, Marie, Dee, and friends, beautiful bodies took on a completely new perspective, especially from that balcony at 828 Bourbon Street. It was one of my favorite times spent at this location. The same fun and frivolity is also at the Hide-A-Way. This Exchange Place facility is absolutely one of the best in the capital city, and it seems to be getting even better. Keep up the good work, sweetheart. I love to hang out with you all. Watch their ads in Ambush. There's lots coming up during March.

I haven't figured out Damon's technique yet, but maybe I should ask Jason, Jeff, Tim, or Brian. I guess older IS better! Oh, well. Enough said! It seems that this man is running a race with Big Dick, the printer, for top position, whatever that means. That blonde hair has done wonders for the book man. Finis and Russell did a "plus factor" on him.

I haven't seen much of Mr. Mike lately, but that doesn't mean things have been dull in life. In fact, just the opposite might apply. I think this is one of the finest men around. He has a goodness about him that is a rarity. To know him is to love him.

The Breakfast Brigade that meets at Christina's on Saturdays is growing at a rapid pace. Leonard has joined the group, and more happy people are joining the ranks all the time. I guess telling everyone about Michael, Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1996, inspired them to check it out. After doing this, they decided to spread the word. At any rate, it's nice to see the success that is evident here, and gays and lesbians appreciate Christina's support, especially her volunteer work for the Krewe of Apollo. Thanks, sweetheart. You are fantastic. By the way, did you like that Valentine gift?

For your printing needs, have you checked out our two down town specialists? Jackie and Sandy of the Mirror Lounge also have Eagle Copy Service over on Main Street, right before you get to the railroad tracks and across from that sexy lawyer's pad. (It was good to see you at the Spanish Town parade, darling. What did you do to get those beads?) Another printing specialist is precious Richard, who is so young at heart. His place of business is Richard's Printing, off Government in Beauregard Town. Call him for all your needs, especially printing needs. (smile)

The gay community gets a lot of support too from Finn's Formal Wear, located on Third Street downtown. Ask for Brad, and tell him an Apollo stud referred you to his store. And when you need food or drink with a difference, try the Time Zone, Kyle and James' place on Main Street. This is a nice place to stop in and relax, one of the few in the immediate downtown area.

Both Karen and Jason, those spectacular music spinners at Traditions, dropped in at Hibiscus for a visit recently. Karen has always been one of my favorite people, and Jason (as well as his Bobby) is just great. Others I've had the pleasure to meet recently are Roger and his fantastic Terrible Tommy, who is our city's newest gay travel agent. They are a fine couple, and I love them both. I don't know if you noticed it or not, but a recent picture of Tommy in Ambush generated interest of a "let's get together" type. Roger, darling! Watch that other half closely! He's got a rare gift about him, one of the "Come with me to the Casbah" types. It's commonly called magnetism, and it must have shown through in that picture which went out on the Internet, compliments of the great service Ambush is providing to our community.

Richard, that sexy Hedon boy, also visited me recently and presented me with a wonderful gift. He and Joseph make such a wonderful couple - two lawyers with fantastic bodies and wonderful personalities (among other things). Larry, my little hot tamale, is promoting his seeds (smile). Now, now! Don't get that wrong idea again. He is a seed specialist, and peppers are his trade. I know of someone on Bungalow Lane who will be able to supply the whole city with the hot stuff from his yard. Precious Al, over on Sixth Street, is ready to open up his patio to spring delights. This man loves to entertain, and a recent party at his home was just splendid. He also has a beautiful and really sexy nephew.

I also hear that Bokey is working at George's. I'll have to check this out. He answered the phone when I called over there last week, so he must be working an early shift. This is another sexy resident of Spanish Town. I sometimes wonder if this young man really knows how beautiful he is. See me, sweetheart. We need to talk - or something.

Tim is another of the Spanish Town elite, who, I might add, was part of that party group over at George's last week That boy is fabulous, especially when he dons his leather. He is so sexy. Paul (Miss Effie) is also a delight to be around. He's one of our 8th Street residents, along with Miss Josie. Debbie and Claudette brighten up Sixth, Michael is someone in the area, and numerous others are scattered around, including a certain Puerto Rican.

And I must tell you that my vivacious Vinnie called me this week and invited me to take a trip by boat down into bayou country below New Orleans and a fabulous dinner with him and significant other Gregg. You're on, sweetheart. I can hardly wait until the weather is warmer and get you out of those clothes. I'll bring my camera (smile).

Well, I'm getting ready for St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day. These are fun holidays, so come on out and join in the activities. From green beer to breaking bread, Red Stickers do it up just right.

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