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March Rainbow Award Winners

Of the 76 Rainbow Award submissions received during the month of February, the Rainbow Committee selected 24 upon which it bestowed its March, 1997 award.

From as far away as Iceland and as exotic and regressive as Singapore, these pages are a mirror-image of the gay world and display it with pride, wit, compassion, dignity and an astounding amount of technical expertise. The actual gay population may be a minority, but in the virtual world of cyberspace, we are a presence to be reckoned with. All of these new inductees along with past winners (through Sept., 96) can be accessed directly from

Placed in the gayamerica main directory under Art are three websites by gay web designers which point the way not only toward design but also content. Ziggy's Space is created by Ziggy who lives in England and is an artist, while A Touch of Frost by Dave Swim displays both design savvy and a wonderfully witty poetic edge. Check out his fun humor links. StealthE1's Place features visually exciting graphics (he does it for a living, in Toronto), great links and many hidden surprises.

Two of the winners hail themselves as bisexual and can be accessed also from that directory. Jeff Ivins' Bisexual Page and Shannon Jordan's site, Katland--Where The Kitty Plays, effectively, the yin and yang of bisexdom-he's an ex-sailor; she, a pussy cat lover.

From sex we go to family, the Family directory that is, where we placed Michael B. Clark's site named Couples, which is dedicated to gay male couples and promotes monogamous gay relationships with lots of "kewl" quick graphics, along with an interesting look inside the lives of a gay couple together for almost 10 years-Dan and Jay's House (check out the "live" netcam page) and Brian & Rick Johnson's Gay & Lesbian Family Values. This one is a page for gay people with children and is not only well-designed but chocked with useful info.

Cody's World, found in the HIV/AIDS directory in is a tribute to a close friend of Cody's who died of AIDS, but is much more and very life-affirming. One feature of almost all gay pages is their inherent wit, usually ironic or acerbic or, as the Australians say, "Cheeky!" The directory we've delegated humor to is "infotainment," since we're also looking for content-useful information. Check out FabFanny's Photos & E-zine for things queer and "cheeky" in Sydney (like her Hugh Grant Kissing Booth), or The Not-So-Average Gay Homepage by Bob Parker. Then there's P.L.U.T.O.--People Like Us Talking Online which gives you all the info needed to chat with the world.

Two pages stand in stark contrast: Sue Ann Pien's A Lil Slice of Paradise is infotainment, artistic and a lesbian's dream page, while Transcript of "Legacies--A Documentary by Sean Weakland" is nothing more than html text which is absolutely chilling, dealing, as it does, with the Mormon Church's medieval attempts at trying to "convert" a gay teen to heterosexuality.

Other great lesbian pages are: The Lesbian Mothers Support Society and Muddling's Mind, which has the most extensive collection of Sappho's work on the web, with some great lesbian poetry.

Another hard-to-catagorize page is Mark Whiteford's Studs n' Spurs Saloon-which focuses on the gay country western culture with lots of humor and great music.

Alternatives is a straight-forward shopping site for rainbowed articles of every description, cleanly designed and easily navigable.

The burgeoning realm of gay teen pages is evident in the three awards bestowed in this category.

Try TRIzone, created by James Bradach, a 13 year old Arkansan, or adult David Mariner's GLBT Youth Resource Page, or Instincts-rich repositories of info, chat rooms and facts all gay teens need to know.

Finally, three pages were rewarded and placed either in the Travel or Destinations directory.

Calm Before the Storm, created by Justin M. Y Ali, a gay teenager in repressive Singapore, flaunting his Java code at the censors (hence the page name), Gusti's Internet Homepage, which depicts a very warmhearted Iceland and last, but certainly not least, Dave Lindahl's Gay Rochester Online, which is such a cleanly designed site, it makes you want to go there.

ELLEN Comes Out Of The Closet On April 30

Following a successful nation wide campaign organized by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), ABC-TV recently announced that Ellen DeGeneres' title character on her popular sitcom Ellen will reveal that she is a lesbian. The landmark "coming out" episode is scheduled to air on the network on Wed., Apr. 30, 1997.

According to GLAAD, this move by ABC will make television history. Ellen Morgan, the character played by DeGeneres, is the first-ever lesbian or gay lead in an American television sitcom. In the episode, Ellen Morgan finds herself attracted to an old college chum's lesbian friend (played by Laura Dern) and begins to explore her own sexual orientation. Oprah Winfrey will guest star as Ellen's therapist who helps her understand her feelings and to come out.

"After months of speculation, ABC, Disney and the producers of ELLEN have taken a decisive stand for programming that reflects the true America, which includes lesbians and gay men," said GLAAD's Entertainment Media Director Chastity Bono. "The public has voiced their desire to see Ellen Morgan come out, and now we can finally celebrate this truly ground breaking event."

GLAAD maintains an "Ellen Watch" World Wide Web site at

GLAAD is the nation's lesbian and gay news bureau and the only national lesbian and gay media watchdog organization. GLAAD promotes fair, accurate and inclusive representation as a means of challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.

The Data Lounge Takes Over OUT.Com

In a surprising turn of events, Out Magazine shut down OUT.Com, its highly popular Web page, after over a year of existence, but another organization, Mediapolis, has taken the baton.

The site offered many services for the gay and lesbian community, and served as a place for visitors to post opinions on topical issues and meet other gay and lesbian people.

The Data Lounge, run by Mediapolis, is taking over most of the site's most popular features. Mediapolis has created and maintained Web sites for many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations and companies, including Out Magazine and GLAAD, often offering pro-bono work in the effort to bring greater visibility of the community on the Internet. The site can be accessed at


Dear editor,
I'm lynnx, I have browsed over your websites. I'm in the closet. I'm not a dyke, but I'm interested in women more than in men.

I had a twin sister, she's straight. Sometimes, she suspects that I have the tendency of becoming a lesbian. Just recently, I watched the film "bound", usually, the censors here in the Philippines are very stiff so we don't get to see much.

Being in the closet is very difficult. Actually, while I'm using this I should see to it that nobody knows. I'm simply a girl who likes girls, feminine ones with long hair, sexy bodies etc ... I'm 23 years old and I don't have a boyfriend nor girlfriend yet.

They say that I'm good looking, but the problem is I can't express how I feel and I'm still quite confused, probably I have an internalized homophobia, we'll its really very difficult. I feel like I would want to burst and look for someone who could cheer me up. My zest for doing things are subconsciously manipulated by my want to have someone special who would reciprocate my love and passion. I look very much as an average girl along the block. People knew me as friendly and warm a person, but they have no idea of my preference.

I get quite uncomfortable when people asked me why I don't have a boyfriend yet, as if I'm hiding something. I hope you could reply to my e-mail address, thank you very much. Can you refer me to any lesbian femme-femme club that I might join in.

In the Philippines, there aren't a single girls club around. So you can just imagine the urge in me that was running for more than how many years now to run hither with so much suppression on my part.

Of course I can't admit it to my sister although I know she could understand me. I don't want to remain single.

A columnist suggested that I just suppress the feelings and input it to a more useful manner, like to throw it all to my field of endeavor (he's religious anyway) but he indeed has a point. I don't know, what I could say is that I'm quite confused within myself. Please give me some counsel. Would I be bad if I look for a girl to love. and how to I do it? Thank you very much. I hope you would reply soon.


From: Daniel Scott Angel
Subject: Research
My name is Daniel Scott Angel and I am conducting my dissertation research on gay male adoptive couples. I'm comparing this group with other gay male couples who choose not to become parents.

I'm contacting your center in hopes of using it as a source for volunteers for my study. Would it be possible to post a flyer in your facility or perhaps insert an ad in your newsletter asking for participants? I can provide you with whatever references you might need to validate who I am and my study including the name and phone number of my committee chairperson. If possible could you respond to my home e-mail address: Thanks for considering my request.


Subject: Hello, Hey Becky,
I LOVE YOU hawd hawd hawd I swear to Gawd.

I try and catch all of your shows. I have even hugged you on several occasions. I just wanted to take your tour of NO. I think that it is a good Idea to have you on the net WATCH OUT WORLD!

Anyhow I just wanted to stop by and say hello. 8-) So long and keep it up Becky.

From: "R. E. Davis"
Subject: Gay Bed& Breakfasts
Hi there Becky!
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your web page. My wife & I come to NOLA at least once a year - more if we can. We're familiar with Petunias - it's always a must do on our list! Also, it's great to see Rubyfruit Jungle is a wimmin's bar & we'll be comming in pairs on this trip so the 4 of us will just have to slip in there & check it out ... How long have they been around? Don't tell me we've missed it all this time!

Another place we enjoy is the Mint, is it still open? We once saw Beach Blanket Bingo there - was that you? If so, we just loved it!!

The main thing I wanted to ask about, and I am still surfing for this info. - is about any gay owned/friendly Bed & Breakfast or places to stay in in the Quarter / Mariginy. Got any Suggestions? Thanks!!

-Ruth & Diana

Subject: Guest Book
name: Bubba Ragowski
description: Love your music. It's so exciting! I wish we could show and throw on the net.
home: Groton CT USA
find us: by surfing the web


Subject: Guest Book
name: buddy deeds
description: I start dancing every time I hear your music. MARV-elous graphics.
home: shelton, ct usa
find us: by surfing the web


Subject: Guest Book
name: Jeffrey Taylor
description: I think it is really neat .... Glad to see things on the net about GAY people. I looked in your organizations part to see if there was something in my area besides bars to meet other gay men, but found nothing. Do you know where I can go.? Thanks for your time.
home: Fort Wayne, IN
find us: by surfing the web


From: "Margarida Nunes"


Subject: Good Job
I recently moved to LA from New Orleans, and already miss the great places like OZ & Parade down in the quarter. Your connecting web pages let my friends here see all the places that I'm familiar with. Great job!

If I might make a suggestion (he asks, not knowing the slightest about how to design a web page ... ) would a comments page be possible for the bars, to let people who go to those places, and visit the website to leave their blurb about what they liked best about the place? Keep up the good work!


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