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erotic film reviews

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Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Mardi Gras Cowboy

Let me tell you the story of a good ole Louisiana country boy who leaves home to make it in the big city of New Orleans. First of all, I have to explain to you about this big weenie he has that's adorned with this Prince Albert apparatus. The boy's name is Jim Buck, and he REALLY is a beauty, a real prize for anyone. (And he's also the star of a movie called "Dr. Jerkoff and Mr. Hard.")

Well, he goes to this little cafe singing "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain," planning to tell his buddy and co-worker that he's going off to gain his fame and fortune. This is where I got the shock of my life. This country boy/cafe cook was none other than sweet Jeffrey, who used to grace the streets of Baton Rouge doing all that roller blading and showing off that pretty body. It was Beauregard Town's loss when he went to work on that big river boat and sailed away into the Mississippi's muddy waters. That was when he finally decided to show me his Prince Albert. Oh, what a beautiful day that was!

But, I digress-let's get back to the real story. Jim Buck meets poor little Wendell (new movie magnate Timo), our Ratzo Rizzo guy, and then goes around the French Quarter to grace all those women with his prime piece of beef. He does just that with this upscale female, but he gets no money in return. It was too comical for words. You'll just have to see this part for yourself. (Did you ever try talking on the phone when you were getting plowed from the rear?)

Our Jim Buck then is shown at a parade, walking around the Quarter, and going to a bar. While he's getting a drink, the bartender has to go to the stockroom for more liquor. A customer walks in, needs to tinkle, and has to gobble down the bartender's weenie before he gets the bathroom privilege. It was wonderful.

Then we get back to Wendell, go to a movie, and finally we see them sharing an apartment. Wendell wants to become his partner and get him business, but Jim Buck just can't seem to get it through his head(s) that guys will be better partners then women. We see them going to this fabulous party, and then there's a chance for Jim Buck to see these two guys gettin' it on, so it finally hits him that maybe he's been barking up the wrong bushes. Well, let me tell you, this was a hot sex scene, and the actors are New Orleanians. Even the masks couldn't hide their real identities, and now you can view their weenies in all their glory.

While all this is going on, Jim Buck is writing our ex-Beauregard boy back home, and I'm sure we may be in for the sequel when Jeffrey and Jim Buck get together. (I can hardly wait!) Anyhow, we finally get to see what happens to Jim Buck and Wendell. Will they get on the bus and go to Florida? Will Wendell die in Jim Buck's arms? Will Brad Benedict ever get to meet Jim Buck? Tune in to Ambush for further updates. On a scale of 10, "Mardi Gras Cowboy" rates an 11. It's a hoot and sure to please all of you seeking out friends turned actors in a local movie production. You did good, Timo. You did real good!

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