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A 9 day run of the clubs, shows and pubs was on the horizon this past two weeks for us. It all started on a Thursday with a visit to Mickey Gil, now bartending at the newest hotspot in town, Cosimo's Bar. This pub is reminiscent of the old Sterling Club or American Refuge, but on a much grander scale. Pianist Mark Gonzales serenaded patrons as many enjoyed one of the best deals around, 2 for 1 happy hour.

Located at Burgundy and Barracks, the club sports a 7 day happy hour with 2 for 1 well drinks, domestic beer and house wine. But Cosimo's also serves hot appetizers from $2.95-$5.95 plus burgers and the like. The ambience is conducive to intimate talk and camaraderie in a laid back European atmosphere.

Friday rolled around and it was off for a visit with the lovely and talented Cliff, Lady Charles and Pogo at world infamous TT's. Yes, Friday afternoon is the time to pop in and catch these guys in action with those cute, and sometimes butch, "Temptations After Dark" male dance revue. Benny and Desperado were definitely popular this afternoon, leaving the bar top with bulges of dollars and more.

Saturday brought us back to the Rampart Strip with a stop at Buckaroo's and a little chitchat with barkeep Ralph.

A few steps down the street brought us to Footloose and the big photo shoot with the bar and show staff. The Footloose gang is readying themselves for their big anniversary blowout Sunday, April 6th featuring the cast of "Where Y'at" complete with buffet, Polyester Contest and door prizes.

Then it was off to the Mint and the regular "Profiles" show. The girls were in rare form this night, and what a lucky night for our visit. It was all new material from Scarlett's monologue to Aux Shea's bizarre performances, to Teryl-Lynn Foxx's glamourous renditions. Even Jerce Ann and Lou were there enjoying the festivities.

Sunday found us back on Rampart at Mother Bob's for the big "Pussy Galore & Company" show. Featuring the talents of Pussy, Simone Richards, Tammy Whynot, Tanya James, Maggie Marrero, TT, and many more, this entertainment extravaganza was a unique experience on the Rampart strip. Even our old friends Bobby Ramone and John John Parry were in attendance. Loved that joke John!

Then a quick cab ride to Rubyfruit landed us at the "Forbidden Fruit" show stopper. Lisa Beaumann and Teryl-Lynn were just too fabu this night, and Baton Rouge's Cody King was singin' live filling in for Reba Douglas. The Jungle girls and boys were rowdy this night making these show stars work "hard for the money!"

A 9:30 phone call Monday morning from Ms. Fly demanding we drop everything and join her on a day bar run came next. And ya know you can't turn down the Fly, so we forced ourselves along for the festivities. Miss Do, Smurf, Fabian, Petunias' Jayleen and a host of others went from the Corner Pocket to the Double Play, TT's and Footloose. By the time we made it to Footloose at 3pm, we were the first casualties. The rest of the lovelies stayed out past midnight!

Tuesday rolled around and it was back to Mother Bob's for the 1st Talent Night which unexpectedly had been cancelled due to illness of emcee Dominique. We had a few vinos with Harold and Lady TT before heading to the Marigny.

The Friendly Bar was up next with a visit with bartender Bill. Then it was to Another Corner to see barkeep Billy and across the street to visit with Nancy Rose at Big Daddy's. At Another Corner, the Helen Reddy trio [Dudley, Regan and Pat] were debating if she was indeed the first one to do "Delta Dawn."

Heading back to the Quarter, we decided on a nightcap at Oz. It was also Dangerous Disco night and hit dj Tim Pflueger packed out the dance floor playing many of the hits from our "courting days." We even had the winning ticket for one of the $50 cash drawings, so we got to drink even more white zin.

Wednesday night landed us in the land of Oz again. The Drag Races were a scream this night with handsome [before he got in drag] Jerry Lane. All time favorites Lisa Beaumann and Teryl-Lynn Foxx just brought down the house. And Miss Stephanie Williams - you go girl! You look absolutely fabulous. That weight loss program of yours is really bringing in results, and of course, we hate you skinny girl!

The Marigny beckoned us back Thursday for the 1 year anni- versary blowout at The Copper Top. Miss Management [owner Richard] was too much as a "down the Bayou grandma" cookin' for her children. Loads of boiled spicy crawfish, potatoes, onions and garlic were gobbled down by party revelers.

A short cab ride brought us to The Golden Lantern back in the Quarter. Ted was barkeep this night and he had a host of regulars on hand. Ted's all refreshed since his latest getaway to Chicago. Plans are underway, we understand, for the big Germany Octoberfest getaway in September with a host of local celebrities taking the same trip. What a gas!

Friday night it was back to Oz for Caligula's Orgy benefitting LE- GAL. All the beefy toga boys and glamourous toga girls were dancing the night away.. The popular club was transformed into a Roman playground.

Then it was off to MRB for a visit with one of our all time favorites "hello, this is Bob", the fun manager of MRB. It was dance night and Goddess kept the stable of hot dancers on stage. Headliner Rayne tantalized the crowd joined by Fernand and Alexander while we were there.

After a Saturday night at home, ending our 9 day bar stint, it was out again Sunday, this time heading over to T-dance at the Parade. Two of our favorite bartenders Matt and Yvette were working the dance floor side bar. Of course, their Evita rendition, duo style, was a hit!

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