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Dear Mr. Naquin-Delain, Marsha, Sonny & Staff:

I wanted to be sure that you and your readers know that the Homosexual Information Center and the community/movement lost a great person when co-founder of HIC/ONE, Inc., Don Slater, died February 14, 1997, at age 74, at the VA Hospital in West Los Angeles, from heart problems caused by his failure to get his artificial heart valve replaced-he had a terrible time the first time and feared getting it done again and let himself get so sick it was too late.

It is planned by HIC board members that the Don Slater Collection/Homosexual Information Center Library/Archives (the part in Los Angeles which is the main part that was a part of the ONE collection from the start of the movement in 1950, along with Jim Kepner's collection) will be rejoined to those other 2 parts and be housed at 909 W. Adams next to USC, where Don went to college, worked in the library, and now will have his work preserved for use by not only future USC students and faculty, but by everyone seeking to research issues of homosexuality with all viewpoints represented. But this is a slow process since the building has to be fitted for the total collection, probably the best in the world, so it should be 7 or 8 months before this happens.

USC recognizes the importance of this aspect of education. I had hoped that LSU Baton Rouge would someday realize that its graduates, like myself, have gone on to make history and that we should have material preserved at LSU also. The little start made in 1950 and not widely known when I was at LSU, so that students then did not have such a resource, now has reached not only every area, but most universities and now we must see that college students have knowledge of the history of this fight for civil rights, but have material at their college so that they don't have to fight alone as we did then.

You are a part of this history building, and future generations will build on what we are doing now. And that will be the best tribute we can give to those who have fought the good fight before us.

William Edward Glover, Vice Chair, Homosexual Information Center, Bossier City

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