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GAA Founder "Passes The Torch"

NEW ORLEANS - After careful consideration, Gay Appreciation Awards founder Marcy Marcell decided to "pass the torch," transferring the Gay Appreciation Awards name and program to Ambush, Inc. on Feb. 27, 1997. Ms. Marcell has presented the awards show since 1987. The first board of directors included President Marcy Marcell, Vice President Barry Marino, Treasurer Johnny St. James and Secretary Jan Morgan. In the transfer agreement, Ms. Marcell will be recognized as founder and also has the option to entertain each year.

"The Gay Appreciation Awards were developed to thank the many in the Gay Community who most of the time are not recognized for the outstanding services and efforts they perform. These individuals and businesses have made the New Orleans Gay Community into the viable, successful and powerful community it is today." ...GAA Program 1996.

For the past ten years the awards show has been a colorful evening of entertainment and excitement. The 1987 first show hosted at The Other Side, was "A Salute to New Orleans" presenting Jimmy Calloway with the Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honor at the presentations.

In 1988, the Soiled Dove Saloon was host site presenting "All About Dance" naming Dan Fountain aka Betty Buttons with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Elaine's was host site in 1989 presenting "A Musical Journey Through Time" with Rosemary Pino taking the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The 1990 show hosted at Baker's Hall celebrated "Stars of Screen & Broadway" presenting Andy Boudreaux with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Host site We Are Family in 1991 presented the "5 Year Salute to the GAA" with Lifetime Achievement going to Buzzy Fanning. MRB was host site in 1992 celebrating "Rags to Riches" naming Fury with Lifetime Achievement.

1993 brought the show to Big Daddy's presenting "The 7 Year Itch" giving Lifetime Achievement to Dirty Dottie.

The 1994 show celebrated "Cabaret" at The Corner Pocket with Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain taking home Lifetime Achievement. Rubyfruit Jungle was host site in 1995 presenting "Come Together" honoring Dan Romero with Lifetime Achievement.

The 1996 celebration was hosted at Body and Soul with the "10th Anniversary Salute to the GAA" presenting Miss Do with Lifetime Achievement.

Now, in 1997, under the direction of Ambush, Inc., the GAA will move into a new decade striving to promote the best in the New Orleans Community. The board includes Chairman of the Board Rip Naquin, President Sonny Cleveland, Vice President Toni Pizanie, Secretary Connie Marcelle, Patrons Chair Marsha Delain and Show Director Lisa Beaumann.

A major policy change affects eligibility of award recipients this year. Any individual, organization or business is eligible to win an award with the exception of any GAA Board member or any staff member of AMBUSH Mag 2000 and AMBUSH onLINE. Another policy change will see the Gay Appreciation Awards as a fund-raiser for various community based organizations each year. The selection of the beneficiary of the '97 show is in progress.

The award nomination night will be held in September this year allowing nominees to campaign throughout the community. The public voting night is scheduled for early November with the awards presentation night later in the month.

This year will see a top five in each category. The top five nominees in the Show Bar of the Year category will be required to present a production number during the awards ceremony. A massive print and online media campaign will be launched in April or May.

Gay Issues in the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival - March 20 - 23, 1997

Panel Discussions:
Lavender Dixie
Southern writers regularly head both literary and mass-market bestseller lists, and the works of the masters and contemporary writers receive respectful study. But the field of specifically gay southern studies has lagged behind; until recently Tennessee Williams's homosexuality was considered more a matter for biography than literary scholarship. Scholars and critics are now reinterpreting the works of southern writers in the light of the growing critical literature of gay studies. Jim Grimsley, Jean Redmann, Donald Windham; Rebecca Mark, moderator Saturday, March 22, 3 p.m., O'Flaherty's Irish Pub, 508 Toulouse St.

Michael York and Lyle Leverich on Outcry/The Two Character Play
A perfectionistic re-writer, Tennessee Williams spent years working on Outcry/The Two Character Play. Both Michael York, the theater and film star, and Lyle Leverich, the prize-winning biographer, worked with the playwright on production of this play. They will trade stories of working with Tennessee and their assessments of his most autobiographical, introspective play.

Elizabeth Barron, moderator, Friday, March 21, 3 p.m., Le Petit Theatre, 616 St. Peter St.

Productions of The Two Character Play will be presented Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m. at Maxwell's Toulouse Cabaret, 615 Toulouse St. [Outcry is currently on the boards at Theatre Marigny. See On The Boards--ed.)

Tennessee Williams: His Life Into His Work
There was Tennessee Williams, the playwright, and there was "Tennessee Williams," the character(s) in the works. In all sorts of ways, Williams made it impossible not to read himself into his plays. Scholars discuss the public vs. the private persona.

John Clum, Lyle Leverich, Nancy Tischler; Robert Bray, moderator, Saturday, March 22, 9:30 a.m., O'Flaherty's Irish Pub, 508 Toulouse St.

Low-Cost Rabies Vaccinations -April 6th, 1997 from 1 to 5 pm

Members of the Southeast Louisiana Veterinary Association will join forces on Sunday, April 6 to fight rabies by vaccinating local dogs and cats at a special low price. The Rabies Campaign will take place from I to 5 p.m. at many Orleans Parish fire houses and Jefferson Parish schools. Pet owners will receive rabies tags and licenses for each animal.

The cost for the vaccinations, which are administered by licensed veterinarians, is $7 per animal in Orleans and Jefferson Parish.

Dogs must wear leashes and cats must be either on leashes or in a carrier. For more information, call 524.8843.

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