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hot tails of red stick

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 6


From the Irish to the Italians to a
Saintly Stud Named Kyle

Red Stickers were out in force celebrating St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day. Of course, when you are a sexy lawyer like Joseph, you learn to celebrate on a daily basis. At least, Sir Richard of Hedon can - or does - but I wouldn't want to give away any bedroom secrets. After all, this IS a "family" newspaper.

I will say one thing for certain, and that concerns a gorgeous beauty named Kyle. This young man stands out above all the rest and has since the first time I saw him. He has brains somewhere else other than in the lower abdominal head - oops - region.

This intelligent stud just reeks in sexuality, and I don't really think he even realizes this, but let him smile, and the room brightens. All those around him fall under his spell, and the voice is angelic, even saintly, in a commanding sort of way. I think his birthday should be celebrated this year as St. Kyle's Day.

Seriously, all jokes aside, this is a wonderful individual who really is one of the nicest youngsters you could possible ever want to meet. His friendship is of the golden variety, the kind to hold on to and to cherish forever. From his sensuous lips to his beautiful eyes, Kyle stands tall among men of the alternative persuasion, or any persuasion for that matter. He's a marvelous example of what being male, gay and proud is all about. He's a perfect example of what can happen when you garner the respect of your peers and hold yourself high in seeking a quality existence. Quality - that's it. I think he's perfect quality, absolutely the best you'll find anywhere.

Another fine young man with a gorgeous smile and exuberant personality lives over on the boulevard. I'll let you guess at which boulevard, but he's a winner in all respects too. His name is Greg, and he loves Lebanese food from a certain Government Street establishment and can be seen on Saturdays at Christina's with the rest of the Breakfast Brigade. I treasure his friendship and have for a long while. He's another great example of young and talented individuals who stand tall within the gay community. And Greg, darling, I told you the right size, didn't I?

I had a marvelous time at the Blue Parrot last Friday. It was turn- about time, and these studs became damsels of the night. Owners Paul and Michael were hilarious. I'm not sure exactly what moniker Michael used, but Paul was Tammy Whynot - and this orange and golden butterfly just took to that stage like a fish in water. She was a blonde hussey who got it on in grand style-a wonderful, wonderful sweetheart. Now the outstanding beauty of the evening in my book just had to be Ava Lanche. You know him better as Greg, not the one described above on the boulevard but just as nice and wholesome. He's a very handsome young man, but as Ava - he was fantastic.

Ken, darling, you did a fabulous job in the makeup, hairstyling and wardrobe department, but then you always were and always will be "Queen" in my book-if you know what I mean.

When Ava hit that stage and did "Evita," I just couldn't stop taking pictures. He was outrageously gorgeous, outstandingly talented, and remarkably original. With poise and beauty of this type, Ava could easily be the top beauty among the masses. Move over Nicole, and Cindy Sue! Ava is coming through, and she's got the looks, poise, and talent to take her to any title she so desires-any time, any year.

I saw gay history in the making here at the Blue Parrot, and I recorded it all on film. Absolutely flawless, darling! Absolutely flawless!

Now, wait, this wasn't all. You won't believe the sexy creature that Roland became. He was a young and beautiful Lauren Bacall. Really! That dress was perfect for him, and the name was even better - Ann Orexia. He just reeked in sexuality, a very attractive young woman.

But, wait again. Our two Steves were there too, along with Miss Bill and Sybil Stunning. Both Steves were blondes, and I have to admit, the Livonia girl was the sexiest I've ever seen her. That white dress was Stunning - oops - stunning. (Excuse me, Sybil dear.) Now the other Steve, Starr Perez, was a crowd favorite, and I can understand why. She became a dream date for anyone, and her performance was just great. Miss Stunning took on the announcing duties and did a couple of numbers. The whole gang got up there in a grand finale and showed off their gams. In some cases, it was the middle one, but after all, if you've got it, flaunt it. These beauties did just that, and it was a surprisingly wonderful and enjoyable night. The Blue Parrot was the showplace of the night and is fast becoming one of the most popular bars in the city. I can understand why.

I also had a great time at the Mirror lounge last Saturday. Jackie and Sandy are always so nice to me when I visit their place. I made a special effort to make it to DJ Tommy's Sounds Unlimited show. He is one of the finest music purveyors out there. His music is catered to those in attendance, and it shows in his choices of music. A wide variety of favorites-unlike what you will hear at other dance emporiums-from country western to disco, it's all there at the Mirror, and the dance floor is always completely filled, regardless of the type of music played.

You can have a great time swinging and swaying with Tommy, and that Jackie can do it up just right out there on that dance floor. My, my, darling! Where do you get so much energy after a big day at the Eagle printing presses? And at your age, too!! And don't forget, Run Jane Run will perform on Saturday, March 22. Ya'll come on out and have a good time, the Mirror way. B.J.'s Debbie is our local security guard. This honey is a winner in my book any old day of the week.

The Hide-A-Way has some great shows coming up too. Stardust Karaoke will be the choice of the evening on March 21, and Next Exit, formerly Stone Rainbow, will perform on April 5. I went out there for a nightcap last week and was all involved in a chitchat with Dee and Marie when I was shocked out of my wits.

Michelle came in for a drink-in drag! Or at least I thought so. Actually, I discovered she had a sister, an identical twin. You should have seen them at the pool table. If they hadn't been dressed differently, I wouldn't have known one from the other.

I went to George's on two different nights to check out Daddy Richard's place. Shane wasn't there. He was out of town because of the death of a loved one. My condolences, sweetheart. I got to meet the fabulous Mitch, one of Gene's friends, a very young friend, if you know what I mean, and he was a cutie, with a sparkling personality. A.J. was also there, and this huggable bear is always a joy to be around. (They also made it to the Mirror for DJ Tommy's fantastic show, as did another cutie from my past, the adorable Jimmy, Gene's cousin, who was also photographed by that famous Houston photographer at Mardi Gras this year.)

Leonard and I made it over to George's after the Blue Parrot show, minus the sexy Frankie who had to rush home. We ran into Danny, who was minus his Hal, and I got to hug that fantastic Mississippian, my sexy, sexy Nicolas, or to you, Burt, who was there with his sweetie. It was wall to wall partygoers inside, so I spent most of my time on the patio under the stars. It was so nice and relaxing. Bokey and Guy were bartending.

I hear Hibiscus is planning some big sales to get rid of excess stock. Watch those Ambush ads for full details. There's lots of bargains to be had and some extended evening store hours for your shopping convenience. "Bound" is available for rental. This is a great lesbian movie and if you missed it during its brief theatrical run, you need to see it now.

Matt Bradshaw, Buck Philips, and other local stars can be perused too - in the theater section, that is. I think Matt is one of the nicest young men I've met in quite some time. He has a great personality and gives you the impression that he really cares for your friendship and support. He got his start in show business at George's, or at least he lets you know that he "came out" there. Some of you may remember him as Alex of Orlando.

I recall a picture of him that Keyth took (and exhibited at Hibiscus) during one of his performances at George's. It was one of those pictures that stick in your mind because of their greatness, and this is only one of the great ones from this talented photographer. I must tell you that the outrageously handsome Douglas (from Atlanta) was back in Red Stick for a brief business visit and will be returning again in a couple of weeks for a longer stay. I caught up with him at Hibiscus, and we had a "nice" reunion. He's such a doll and so huggable and charming. I look forward to his return to our fair city even if it will be for only a short time.

Classy Claudette reminded me that their Spanish Town abode was not on Sixth Street as I stated in my last column but on Seventh Street. Well, so I was off a street or two and maybe I do make mistakes occasionally, but it is a rarity, my dear. I've always strived for perfection, and I did want to set the records straight (tee hee) here. Sweet Tim is on Sixth, Claudette and her dynamic Debbie, the master painter, are on Seventh, and sweet Effie and Josie are on Eighth. Now, did I get it right this time, sweetie? Well, if you must have corrections, that picture of the three Mississippians was also incorrect. They were annual visitors to our fair city from Kentucky. When you have such a magnificent hunk like Burt from up in homophobic Lottland, you tend to keep that state on your mind.

Kyle and James are going strong with their Time Zone over on Main Street, across from Hibiscus. They offer a friendly and neighborly atmosphere with both bar and restaurant for after-hours dining. If you like antiques, you will like the way everything has been designed around some unusual pieces of our past. It's interesting to look at their items-the antiques, darlings, the antiques-while enjoying a relaxing time with some of the best drink buys in the city. James is planning more painting for the outside which will make this historic corner of Main Street a new jewel among the many in the downtown area. Most of the buildings in this section of the city are turn-of-the-century gems. Damon did wonders with his bookstore property, and now the Time Zone is upgrading their corner and the results are quite nice.

Artists Against AIDS is presenting "Rhythm For A Rea son" on May 2,1997 at the Centroplex Theater of Performing Arts. This will be the theatrical event of the season so plan to attend this one. Seating will be limited. Proceeds benefit Friends For Life Capital Area HIV/AIDS Services, Inc. for Women and Children's Pediatric Services.

The Joie de Vivre Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge has some fantastic celebrations planned for Holy Week. There will be a Palm Sunday Parade, March 23 at 10 am. This March of Praise and Adoration will move from City Park at Dalrymple and May to the church. A spring concert will follow at the worship service.

Then on March 27 at 7 pm., there will be a special Passover Service followed on Good Friday by an observance of the Stations of the Cross at 2 pm. This will be a meaningful and moving service. On Holy Saturday, a beautiful afternoon can be observed, filled with fun and fellowship as members and friends help in a children's Easter egg hunt.

Easter services will be conducted at 8 am and 11 am on March 30 with an Easter continental breakfast being served from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. The Rev. Don Clark is the dynamic leader of this equally dynamic church group. A welcome is extended for all to attend the Easter activities and to become permanently involved with MCC.

Memories are wonderful. That's what we all have now of Lee Michaels. This great talent is no longer with us, but the memories of her contributions to the gay community will long be remembered. Thanks for everything, Lee.

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