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QTVR Panoramas

In web design, we have learned that simple is better. And quicker. With "web design" an ever evolving new medium, there are no hard and fast rules, or programs, one may rely on to keep up, with the one hidebound exception: HTML code which manipulates letters for copy.

With MMX technology boosting the next generation of computers, promising more multi-media capabilities, we still must think about the millions of surfers, like ourselves, still computing with one or two year old pentium processors, many of which have much trouble and require the patience of Job in downloading pages in either Java Code or VRML Code, which allows for the third dimension, to say nothing of the various burgeoning video programs.

Everything depends, or certainly should depend, on speed-how fast a page loads in and then holds the interest of the web surfer so that he or she will feel free to navigate about the site.

With over 200 "pages" that must be maintained and kept up-to-date content-wise as well as technically, we stay abreast of new technologies as they become manifest and try to incorporate them into our sites. One such new technology we quickly embraced was discovered by idly cruising the Web looking at local pages.

At we found Ray Broussard's young company, Maritime New Media, Inc., located on St. Charles Ave., and his unique Quicktime Virtual Reality 360 degree Interactive Panorama.

After the picture loads in, one can make the picture "turn" with the application of the mouse on one of the four sides of the photo, in essence, swinging the picture 360 degrees right or left, and, to a lesser degree, up or down.

"What a great way to animate our pages," we collectively thought, especially with Mardi Gras approaching and our site receiving unprecedented traffic. Ray Broussard's panoramic pictures would be just perfect to show the world our unique Bourbon St. location along with our annual bead-throwing party in honor of our King Cake Queen.

Not only did Mr. Broussard oblige by spending his Mardi Gras on our balcony, he went into the streets with his peculiar camera apparatus and retrieved wonderful street level views of the Bourbon St. Awards at the corner of St. Ann and Burgundy; also, he captured St. Ann and Bourbon and the craziness going on in front of Oz and the Bourbon Pub.

It's not a full-blown movie, or MPEG, but it is truly interactive and, what's more, we offer the ten panoramas in two sizes for quick and effortless download.

Go to and see them for yourself. And keep checking our sites:, gaynew,, southern or, which is changed, just like the hardcopy, every two weeks, and contains every word and every picture (excluding ads) from the hardcopy.

GLAAD Launches Official "Come Out With Ellen" World Wide Web Site

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has launched the official "Come Out With Ellen" World Wide Web site.

The website is part of the media watchdog group's nationwide campaign to mark the historic coming out of ABC Television's Ellen Morgan, the first-ever lesbian lead character on American television. The coming out episode will air on ABC on April 30, 1997.

The "Come Out With Ellen" Web site is located at GLAAD's official "Come Out With Ellen" site provides up-to-the-minute information about the ground breaking coming out episode and about GLAAD's "Come Out With Ellen" viewing parties scheduled to take place in cities nationwide. The site also provides information about how to host Ellen house parties, contact information for sponsors, online Ellen resources as well as information about coming out.

GLAAD began its successful "Let Ellen Out" campaign nearly eight months ago and launched "Ellen Watch," a Web page dedicated to monitoring the show and to following the rumors that the title character would be coming out.

"Many lesbians and gay men start their coming out process on the Internet because it is a safe, anonymous place," said Loren Javier, GLAAD Interactive Media Director, "Thousands of people visit GLAAD's Web site each day, and we hope that we can play a role in helping them break down their closet doors, and to enjoy this landmark coming out event."

According to Chastity Bono, GLAAD Entertainment Media Director, "This episode marks a historic turning point in television history, and we hope that lesbian and gay fans of the show will turn out with GLAAD to come out with Ellen."

For more information about GLAAD's "Come Out With Ellen" campaign, please call 800.GAY-MEDIA or e-mail to, or visit the "Come Out With Ellen" Web page at

Subject: Help
Jerry Falwell is at it again. He and his conservative followers are writing the sponsors of "Ellen" to protest her coming out episode.

It's time we in the gay community get involved. Could you please print the addresses of the sponsors so we can send our support for "Ellen".

We also have a voice and great spending power in this country. The sponsors are: General Motors, Chrysler, and Johnson and Johnson. ABC's address is: ABC Entertainment 4151 Prospect, Hollywood, CA 90027. Also, E-Mail addresses of the above would be a help. Thank You,

-Joe Valentino
From: Tatjana Shepperd
Subject: Yakyakyak and other commentaries
I must say that your page is truly the finest about New Orleans. It's a fun and amusing, but informative tour. One gets tired of all that dry, matter-of-fact stuff. Thanks for your playfulness! Keep on truckin'

Subject: Southern Decadence
What is the theme for S.D. 1997? Time to start planning our costumes! Thanks,

-Kent & Daniel

Subject: Guest Book
name: Bill Cryer
description: planning a trip for 4 last weekend, first week of July, need help in determining where to stay, places to see, nightlife, etc. Never been to New Orleans! Help email: home: Dallas, TX USA
find us: by surfing the web

From: (Dale Schmeltz)
Subject: Just browsing through your site
Hey-I'm from Michigan and have always said, "I would like to go to N.O. for Mardi Gras." After seeing your site and it's dedication to it, I HAVE to go!!! You make it all sound so f--g hot!! I'm from a very sleepy town in Michigan. The closest Gay to me, to my knowledge, is 1/2 hour away. I live 50 minutes to a bar and 1 1/2 hours to hot men at a Gay bar. Thanks!! I've just got off the phone with my travel agent girlfriend and she is going to get some lit around for me. Thanks again. And I'll see you next spring, or I should say, you'll see me.

-Dale Schmeltz

From: "Kevin Wilcox"
Subject: Southerndecadence 1997
Hi: We already have our tickets for the 1997 event. The men of Long Beach, CA already have a whole floor at the Crowne Plaza reserved. How do we get invited to some of the native's parties or let the natives know about our parties?


To: becky
Hi luved the tour ...wana cumm 2 new orleans ... never been..when do i plan 2 cum ... be there alone ... wana have fun ... butt wana feel safe.. a book i shud read or sumthin? Mardis Grass? Southern Decadence? Sincerely, Confused.

-JeepBoy847 (Jimbo)
P.S. Do iget 2 see u when i get there?

From: Norb Promo
Subject: Feedback
Am new to the internet and since we'll be in New Orleans next week, wanted to see what I could find. Your site is by far the most impressive and gives the most information. Thanks!


From: (Eric Walter 111)
Subject: WebPages & Information
Enjoy all you have to offer on the gay site. Keep up the good work! Does The Club located just off Royal st. have an e-mail number? How do i search for New Orleans e-mail numbers? Thanks again.


Subject: LOVE your web site
I'm new on in the world of web pages and let me tell you that I have really enjoyed looking at these pages because of the graphics and the sound. I am thinking of doing a web page for my photographes and what to know more information on doing something like what you have done, please if you would let me know who to talk to I would be greatful. Than you again for making this so nice.


From: "bamberg"
Subject: t-shirt
Hi, can you describe what the "oz" T-shirt looks like? Thanks,


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