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In our last column we gave the location of Cosimo's Bar as the corner of Burgundy and Barracks. We were one block off. The correct location is 1201 Burgundy at Gov. Nicholls, easy to find.

And since our last column, we have tried a few of the house appetizers. Don't miss the Oysters Cosimo, Oysters Rockefeller or the artichoke/garlic bread, all at a steal, for only $2.95 a piece. Stop in for a visit with local Petronius legend Mickey Gil, Monday through Friday during Cosimo's 2 for 1 Happy Hour.

Approaching 8 Million Hits!

AMBUSH onLINE continues to dazzle the Internet savvy online community. Since the first of the year, the sites comprising AMBUSH onLINE have averaged over 1 million hpm* [*hits per month]. The end of March brought total hits to over 7 million since the launch of New Orleans and America's premiere and largest GLBT Web conglomerate on January 1, 1996.

The marketing expertise of AMBUSH is responsible for the success of the conglomerate running an international gamut of influences. The full color, full page ad in Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide this year reached a readership of over 300,000. Over 650,000 annually are reached through the biweekly full page or multiple page ads in Louisiana's premiere GLBT source, AMBUSH Mag 2000, and online the mag rakes in over 1.5 million hits annually. Additional advertising in national publications such as San Francisco's The Damron Address Book, Boston's The Guide: Gay Travel, Entertainment, Politics & Sex, and loads of ads in programs locally attribute to the success of AMBUSH onLINE, spending some $30,000 thus far, in marketing promotions.

The A List is AMBUSH onLINE's banner location @ www.gayamerica.com/alist/ with over 30 regular clients advertising their business, service or organization.

The Rainbow Award program, under the direction of gayamerica.com since January brings in an additional 60-70,000 hits per week.

Don't miss out! You can reach the Web world for only $140 a month. Call Sonny Cleveland for details 504.522.8047 or 8049.

Visit GLBT America's AMBUSHonLINE:

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