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Dear Editor,

The Lesbian and Gay Community Center of New Orleans is currently embarking on an effort to raise funds for the 1997 operating budget which includes salary for a staff person from July-Dec., 97.

The Board of Directors feels so strongly that the Center must grow and move beyond its current all volunteer status that it has passed a resolution requiring $15,000 to be raised by July or the Center will close its doors.

The Center has proudly served the New Orleans Community and its visitors for over four years by providing resources, information, activities, seminars, meeting space, showcasing lesbian and gay artists, conducting a Saturday Youth Rap Group and Friday night movies (which are returning in April). Thanks to our dedicated volunteers we are now open 7 days a week.

A successful building fund drive initiated under the leadership of Rip Naquin and Renee Parks continues to grow ($31,000 in donations and pledges) and is targeted specifically for acquiring a new home for the Center. The search for the right space continues; however, all personal donations will be returned to the donors if a building is not obtained. We hope this will not be the case.

We appreciate all of you who have supported the Center; thanks to you the Center has been able to provide important and needed services; however, as with many volunteer, non-profit organizations, we have been struggling with growing pains of late. The Center needs to grow and reach out to a larger section of the community. We urgently need your support. If you want your Community Center to grow and continue to be a viable part of the New Orleans community now is the time to get involved! We need your ideas, your suggestions, your time and your money.

We repeat - the board has passed a resolution that if the $15,000 for operating and staff is not raised by July, the Center will close.

As with the building fund, all major donations will be returned if our goal is not reached. Please send donations, join or renew your membership at the highest level possible (no amount is too small, or too large). We will keep you informed of upcoming events between now and July benefiting the Center. Send us your ideas and suggestions.

LGCCNO Co-chairs: Dexter Brecht & Joan Ladnier, 816 N. Rampart St., NO, LA 70116; 504.522.1103.

Your next opportunity to personally support the Center and enjoy a wonderful exhibit will be an opening for photographer Lorry Salcedo-Mitrani on Saturday, Apr. 12, 6:30-8:30 pm at the Center.

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing from you soon.
-Joan Ladnier - 504.566.0329
-Dexter Brecht - 504.945.5390

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