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hot tails of red stick

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 7


AMbarRUNbr Takes on Red Stick;
Terrible Tommy Hits The Forties

It was a Thursday night to remember in old Red Stick. The Ambush gang made their way to all the bars in a whirlwind night of revelry that ended with Oz's Terrific Tommy bringing down the house with those fabulous vocals he did at George's great karaoke estravaganza. But I'm ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.

It all got under way as King Damon, Daddy Richard, Captain Denny Do-Good, and Mark's Mikey headed out to the Hide-A-Way to await the big arrival. Miss Minette was holding court around the pool tables as the gals did their thing in the pool league. Dee was spinning platters, Marie was dishing out drinks, and our new BR resident, fresh from Las Vegas, was going through the paces doing his showgirl routine. It was a very unusual gathering, but everyone was having a great time.

Then, after a delay due to potty breaks, food stops, and the completion of the in-bus movie, the group arrived. The drinks flowed, the cameras flashed, and the camaraderie all came together in flawless wonder. After all the introductions and the drinks were downed, the whistle blew, and it was off to the Mirror Lounge.

The same thing happened here. For Teryl-Lynn Fox, it was a coming-home reunion of sorts. She's a former Miss Mirror and one of the best of all the rest. That girl is a talent to admire, with a career to envy and a personality that makes her a sheer joy to be around. I think she's absolutely fabulous. Also coming along on this trip was Lisa Beaumann, her Patrick, Rip and his lovely Marsha, the Alternatives duo, Lisa's blond friend, and Terrific Tommy of the wonderful world of Oz (and his fabulously-sexy companion). You know things are going okay when they both go to the bathroom together. Don't you just love this kind of companionship?

As the whistle blew, it was take-off time again to the Time Zone, over in the 600 block of Main Street, near Dish Row, which really is for "dishes" since those two studs, Ronnie and Billy, moved off to the backwoods around French Settlement. Damon managed to get that hunky Alternatives owner/manager over to his bookstore across the street to compare notes-business notes, darlings. What makes you think such awfully good thoughts all the time? We were very good and took care of business in record time.

With whistle blowing at hand, everyone prepared to head on over to the Blue Parrot to check out things over there. Paul and Mike gave tours of the patio area, explained the future plans for the roof-top bar, and treated everyone to a jolly good time. It was the finest time there since the big turnabout of the previous week.

The last stop was George's. I've never seen so much talent in one place. Shane was the big surprise for me with his country-style songs; William added a Spanish flavor as he and Cody did a number together; but, it was that outstandingly beautiful Steve who grabbed everyone's attention. This blonde beauty took that on-stage presence to a new high with his fantastic voice, his wonderful personality, and his outrageously gorgeous body. He made it a point to make everyone feel at home, especially Rip and Marsha.

The night wasn't over for Damon and Mike. They wished everyone a safe journey back to the Crescent City, said their good-nights to Denny, Richard, Guy and everyone else at the bar and headed back over to Hibiscus to pick up Damon's car. However, they got sidetracked. Don't worry, Marky darling. All they did was go back to the Time Zone for another drink. (I think.) Maybe I need to check into this further. I'll keep you posted, my friend.

Well, the other big event for Baton Rouge during the last two weeks was the surprise birthday party which was held at Hibiscus in the upstairs office area. Terrifically Terrible Tommy, not to be confused with Oz's Terrific Tommy, got the shock of his first forty years when the lights came on to the big "Happy Birthday" celebration that was at hand. It was a wonderful gathering of friends, those who really cared about this wonderful individual. Sweet Roger had the affair catered for his Tommy, and the food was fantastic. It was the climax, no pun intended unless it happened later, of a two-week planning spree that saw Roger putting his plans into action. It was great to meet and talk to all the guys and gals, straight and gay, who came by with their well-wishes. I'm so very pleased to have been included among this elite realm of friends. I can't say enough about my Tommy. He's a dear friend, one who I cherish so very much. I'm so lucky to have had him and Roger come into my life.

I ran into Joey earlier at Hibiscus. He was treating Andy of Austin to the artistic places around the city and included the bookstore on his agenda. Joey is one of the finest young men I know, and I'm lucky to have him for a friend too. He's always been one of my favorite people. I remember the first time I saw him. I knew then that he was special. He always has been. He always will be. You are loved, Joey. Thanks so much for my roses.

I always run into some of my earlier acquaintances when I stop by the bookstore. Michelle was also there as was a new-found friend, Tim. They were both relaxing in the Movieorium when I ran into them.

I hear that April 12 is going to be a big day at the bookstore and at the Time Zone. James and Kyle are planning to open the bar at 11 a.m. and treat everyone to a crawfish boil beginning at 1 pm.. Damon is going to have a one-day sale on all books, both hardcover and softcover. It will be a big percentage markdown on books only in order to make room for some of the newer releases now hitting the market. Only those customers citing the Ambush ad will be given the discount. Pay attention to it.

I talked to three sweethearts up Shreveport way this week. Jeff, at the Centenary Bar and Grill, was doing just great with his latest band sessions. His bar was packed when I called. Dear friend Mike was also doing just great, and I must stop in and chat with him on my next trip up there.

Lastly, I talked to that cute Michael, who was one of the outstanding costumers at this year's Krewe of Apollo Bal Masque in Shreveland. I'm anxious to see a copy of the tape they made of the ball. After all, when you have the two wonderful Ronnies making their bows as royalty, it has to be good.

L andscaper Tom just returned from Austin, and he had a great time there. I guess I need to get back over there and check out Hippy Hollow. I haven't been back since my San Antonio Bill took me there. Gosh, that was several years ago. Bill is my antique-selling buddy who doesn't mind sharing that beauty. The first time I glimpsed that spectacular appendage I just knew we were in for a long-term friendship. With an English father and a Chicano mother, my Bill came off with the kind of beauty you don't see often. In fact, the closest equal he has would be my wonderful Tampa friend, the talented David Burrill, who has performed several times at George's and also at Oz and Hottshotz in Monroe. Well, I may as well plan a Florida trip too. After all, life is short, and we need to enjoy it as much as we can. I'll contact my travel agent immediately.

And while I'm on the subject of Florida, let me tell you about my surprise visit from Carol and Debbie, former residents who left for a better life in a better part of the country. They're doing just great and send out best wishes to all their friends here in the capital city.

This week, I got a wonderful letter from a former Spanish Town resident, the jovial and brilliant Jennifer. She left the bayou area to make her way in the New York school system, where they know how to pay their teachers the right wages. This angel got a part-time job that paid her as much as she was making on full-time basis here in Woodyville. No wonder the polls gave a win to our New Orleans doll. At least she will fight for the people and not just for herself. Talk about assholes! Baton Rouge has King Asshole himself. Doesn't that little man know when to shutup? And I use the term "man" very loosely.

The Unity Church of Christianity, located at 15255 Old Jefferson Highway, has scheduled several great programs for April, May and June. On April 10, Wyming Sun will discuss sex in the Bible, where he will reveal the difference in purity laws versus sin laws. The May program will be on women in the Bible, and the June study will discuss gays in the Bible. Sun is well versed in Aramaic, a sister language to Hebrew and Greek. Only one feature will be presented each month, so find out what you can about all three, and plan to attend these.

Red Stick Miscellany: Get well soon, Leonard. Your friends wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks to Don for his thoughtful remembrance of the memorial book donation. I'm glad to see Gene kicking up his heels. Even though you see him on tours with little old ladies, just remember where Gene is concerned, there's still fire down below. Just ask around, and you may find a pretty weenie in the picture. Congratulations to Keyth on all those weddings that are booked for his Studio One Photography. And I hope the tall, blonde beauty, who used to live on Main Street, is happy now that he has moved back to deep bayou country. And to my significant other, who is off on those environmental jaunts - hurry back, sweetheart. All work and no play will make your life dull. I know how to liven it up. Right? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Abstinance is the pits.

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