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This issue's clue words are "Coming Out!"

Under this subject we have Gay Pride Weekend, which is to be held in Washington Square Park on October 11th and 12th! National Coming Out Day is on Oct. 11th. It is very important that any and all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender "family" come and celebrate their "Gay Pride" and heritage. No GLBT person can deny that we have and share a common tie to any and all other GLBTs. Our ties go much deeper than just a sexual thing. There are strange emotional ties amongst each other. Mental and social conflicts that are even more commonly shared. We usually can "clock" one another quite easily. Of course that depends on how strong your "gay-dar" has been developed. Our similarities go deeper than race, color, creed, religion or anything else our society has developed a category for. If you have been a follower of my column for long you probably have realized that I am very "OUT" and very much into the thought that every GLBT person should be the same. If we don't stand up for ourselves then we won't gain our rights as humans. My belief is that ALL humans are given the same rights regardless of physical or sexual differences. I am very disturbed after hearing that HRC refuses to include Bisexual and Transgender in the Marriage Bill. Do I understand the name of this organization correctly? HRC stands for "Human Rights Campaign." I would think that anyone that is classified by science as a Homo-sapien or Human should have just as much rights to this marriage bill as any other person whether gay or straight. What does society think it is trying to make rules around who we can love and be married to. Would you want to be left out on common rights when everyone else is getting them. Think about that for a while and speak your peace to the National HRC. Okay... enough steam blown on that! It just really hurts my feelings denying a human of simple rights that they deserve as a result of being born into this world without being asked or even consulted as to what type of pressures they would like to encounter in their lifetime. Whether it is being black or white, gay or straight, Buddhist or Christian, society is a cruel thing and so are those that create these social stereotypes that we have to live with.

Ellen DeGeneresNext under the subject of "Coming Out" is Ellen DeGeneres. I can't say that I could be prouder of a person. Using her influence to benefit a people. As everyone knows Ellen's "Coming Out" Day is on April 30th. Of course I think that the show's corporate sponsors are total fools for backing out due to people that think they are better than others to dictate hated and socialism in such ranks. I have dedicated a web page on for her for incoming information or just those that feel strongly about her as fans: Ellen, but if you go to the GayAmerica home page she is floating right there on the web page. Just click on her and it will take you to her link page. I will be adding links constantly as they are found. So check it out and learn all about her. I consider her a second "Stonewall" step to our freedom as people. Please make sure you don't miss her show on the 30th. We want the Neilson ratings to skyrocket on that night.

Enough about the world out there! Let's talk a bit about home here in New Orleans.

For those of you that are devout fans of the Mona Lisa Restaurant on Royal Street, I just wanted to let you know that she has obtained her beer and wine license. Since then she has stocked up! So now you can have wine without having to bring your own.

Next subject would have to be muggings. I just heard about one of our local bar managers getting mugged in his doorway at home after getting out of a cab. Now look people... enough is enough. If you have to go to Sharper Image in the Riverwalk and slap down some money on an Air Tazer or something that you can carry legally to protect yourself. Try not to travel around in the late night by yourself.

Now for some fun stuff! First I have to comment on ABBAcadabra's performance at Oz for the White Party. For those of you that are fans of the Retro-Disco Era and ABBA, if you missed this performance you missed out. I have seen every video of this landmark group and to see these two fabulous girls on stage performing just some of ABBA's greatest hits was fascinating. With choreographed dance moves from ABBA's videos and their voices that reigned supreme to impersonating this historical group, they deserve several Snaps. Good job girls! This was their first stop with an eight day tour across the US to expose their talents. Talent they have and voices and a performance to make you twirl. I wish them the best of luck on their future ventures.

Now lets talk about getting some boys married off!

First in the line up is David Weick of Oz. I have noticed that he is quite the husband material. I've known David since my "Coming Out" 5 years ago. Not only is he a wonderful friend, but from hearsay he is a wonderful lover as well. Here's just a few stats on him. David will be 34 this May around Memorial Weekend, brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'6"tall, very handsome. I have seen him naked and he is all that and a bag of Zap's potato chips. He has one child named Dali, a beautiful Dalmation that is as spoiled rotten and lovable as he is. Around the house I find him to be very clean and anal about his surroundings and everything being in their place. A very good cook and very hospitable. With being a very good cook he loves to eat and dine in fine restaurants. I am also to understand that he will eat anything or anyone that don't eat him first. Hmmmm... surprise! In his lovelife he states, "I am not a top, nor a bottom". Well I share the same in his versatility. He definitely believes in a totally well rounded experience. In being around him for the past five years I also have found that he too is a hopeless romantic. If you want to turn this boy on...send him flowers or setup a candlelight dinner, or even a picnic with just the two of you. When he's not managing and tormenting his crew at Oz he likes to go out and watch the latest movies, do a weekend excursion out of town, or visit friends. He is presently looking for a workout partner to go and join a gym with. So if you want to attempt to meet him out for an hour or two worth of hot muscle pumping, he would like that very much.

Now on occasion he can "fag-out" like the rest of us. Being the fantastic and creative sissy that he is, dressing up for a theme party or a holiday is only second nature. From drag to being a fully adorned cop he is as versatile in bed as he is out of bed. You might have seen him and his roommate out for Mardi Gras dressed in green and orange neon. All these traits confirm his true Gemini birth rights. You figure it out!

He told me that he is not waiting on or chasing any comets. What the hell that means I have no idea, but it sounded good anyway!

That's the end of that sales pitch. Be watching for my exclusive interview with Sandra Bernhardt. My closing thought..."Save a more Lumberjacks!" Love ya all...till next time!

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