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Subject: Guest Book
name: Matt C. McCary
I've been going to Oz for the past 2 years now. I love the Oz, and I love New Orleans-it's a great place. The citizens of New Orleans should stop worrying cleaning and modernizing New Orleans ... and start worrying about keeping the heritage, and the culture alive and well in the Crescent City. I've lived all over the world, Guam, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, South Dakota, California, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Georgia-and I have never come across a place or even heard of a place that is as good as the Oz in New Orleans...Absolutely superb, one of New Orleans' many attractions for me...I mean...I go there every weekend! Thanks guys!

From: "Carole Briggs"
Subject: comment

Hi !
I nominated one of the 26 sites picked as the April Award Winners - Under the Couch with Kimberly- I, and kimberly are thrilled that she was choosen as a Rainbow Award winner.

However, in my review of some of the other 25 sites you awarded the "Excellence" to, I must say WHY???? WHY did you choose some of the others to be included in the Rainbow Award??? In my opinion some of them are not worthy of such an honor. By picking 26 a month, it depleats, minimizes the Award.

Now, admittedly I didn't check all 25 out, but they in no way compare to Under the Couch ! I'm disappointed that hers is included with the others. If you have a moment go back and REALLY check Under the Couch out. There are over 30 hot buttons that take you to other pages-and they are imaginative, and creative. Kimberly has put her heart and soul into her web site.

If you don't already, I suggest you have sites of the YEAR. I doubt that you'll find a gay/lesbian site that even comes close to
-Carole Briggs

From: Albert Nester
Subject: Personals!
Nice site! How about a personals page though!

Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
To: Rip Naquin

am really glad Rob Allen's site, "Amber's World" has won a Rainbow Award. I am off to tell him the good news right now! His e-mail is Thanks again,
-Leigh Ann Shelpman


Hey Becky, I just took your tour and what a wonderful experience. Brava! to you and the web page designer.

Subject: Cathedral

I live in the Quarter and just spotted your store on my way back from work.

Also noticed your website address - great idea. It gave me a chance to "visit" you while you were closed.

I'll be sure to stop by and visit in person when I get chance. Good luck with the business.
-Annie Grace

From: Bud Carlson
Subject: Applause! Applause Wonderful Web Site!
Why are gay sites always the most innovative and entertaining ? Julie and I are perched above the Mississippi about 750 miles upstream in Louisiana, Missouri. We're planning to visit NO for the first time during the third week of May. While our own relationship is hetero, we are very gay friendly. Of course, we're both active in theatre - and it just so happens that our best friends, our favorite artists, and our favorite dancing clubs are gay. I am truly at my happiest when all gay-hetero distinctions dissappear!

Anyway, ya'll have a terrific site. We took the complete tour and enjoyed it immensely - Can't wait to see the real thing! By the way, we're thinking about staying at Place d' Armes. Is it OK? I know as a local in areas that I live in, there are always those tourist traps to avoid. Is Place d' Armes one of those places, or is it an OK place to stay? Once again, three cheers for a great site. Keep up the good work.

From: Anastasia Anthony
Organization: Boxtop Interactive, Inc.
Subject: Ellen Comes Out Chat Party
My name is Anastasia Anthony, and I work for As you probably already know...Ellen has come out! and I thought that this information might interest you regarding a great coming out celebration!
OUTBOX Joins GLAAD and "Ellen" Cast to Host Chatroom LIVE from Los Angeles Screening Party. ( will be hosting a chat program LIVE! from GLAAD's "Come Out with Ellen" Party in Los Angeles, April 30th from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm (PST). The GLAAD party will be joined by "Ellen" cast members David Higgins, Peter Bristow and other surprise guests. Join in the RAINBOW CAFE on April 30 and be a part of the most spectacular coming out party of the year!

Join GLAAD and on-line! Connect with our other house parties around the country! Chat with our special celebrity guests! is a premiere gateway to queer cyberspace and is proud to be associated with GLAAD ( For more information about the "Come Out with Ellen Chat" check out GLAAD ( or OUTBOX ( Or e-mail

From: Jerry Kraus
Subject: S.D. 1997
Re: What is the theme for S.D. 1997?
Time to start planning our costumes! Thanks.
The theme for S.D. 1997 will not be known until Aug lst, when S.D.G.M. XXV will be named by me, Wayne White S.D.G.M. XXIV. Stay in touch. S.D.G.M. XXIV

Subject: Hotlanta River Expo 1997
Hey Web team,
Just wanted to let you know Hotlanta River Expo for 1997 is in the planning stages. And wondered if we could get added to your page. Check out our site at www. Thanks, and hope to see you in August.

Subject: mardigrascowboy
Dear Sirs, I'm the person who wrote, co-starred in and co-directed "Mardi Gras Cowboy." I just wanted to thank Ambush magazine and Brad Benedict for the wonderful review!

Please pass on my contact information (below) to Mr. Benedict so he can get in touch with me. I'd really like to thank him personally.

Subject: Flickin' With Brad
Dear Brad-Thanks very much for the more-than-glowing review you give Mardi Gras Cowboy in the current issue of Ambush.

Quite rightly, you credit Timo for the movie's achievements (although his collaborator, Rico de la Playa, also deserves mention). Everyone involved in the project takes pride in the film, but Timo's creative mind, joined to Rico's visual acumen, are entirely responsible for its success.

Given the vast number of directors in the porn demimonde, I've been very lucky; so far, I've worked with really interesting, inventive, and thoughtful directors, and Timo and Rico rank at the top of my list.

And without seeming too self-promoting, I'd like to mention that Timo and I are currently working on a new film which we hope to wrap up very soon.

It's very different from Mardi Gras Cowboy, but similar in its well-developed plot, its humor, and its uniqueness. Be on the lookout for it: At Twilight Come the Flesh-Eaters. If I've piqued your curiosity, you could ask Sonny for some details-he knows a bit about it. Or, if you like, e-mail me or Timo ( Thanks again. We look forward to hearing from you.
-"Jim Buck"

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