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The new kid on Ambush's evergrowing block of websites is unique for Ambush; common for the Internet and the world wide web in general: a genuine straight site, designed to be a major presence on the net for local businesses.

With our conglomerate of gay sites receiving unprecedented exposure (and fast becoming an advertising must for our ever-growing list of clients), we felt it was time to cater to those who have been hesitant about coming aboard our rather flamboyantly gay endeavor.

At we have created a number of directories for Attractions and Tours, Dining in New Orleans, Lodging and Travel along with an extensive collection of links to the evergrowing list of local sites: The New Orleans Saints, the Superdome, The Big Easy, The New Orleans Jazz Fast, NOMA, CAC, Tulane, UNO and Xavier Universities, Offbeat Magazine, the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc., Mardi Gras World, the Louisiana Office of Tourism, the French Quarter Festival, Fat Tuesday, The Experience of New Orleans along with maps of New Orleans and New Orleans Weather. also supplies a link to the $500 billion "niche" market giving Triple "C" clients access to the GLBT community.

Our rates continue to be among the lowest in the local market and our web team is topnotch and super fast in creating, uploading and maintaining your web presence; plus, we do extensive international and local marketing. Call for details Monday-Friday 504.522.8047 or 8049.

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