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Subject: Search for Executive Director, Orange County GLC
We are seeking your assistance as we conduct a search to fill the position of Executive Director for the Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center of Orange County. Located in Garden Grove, California, the Center has an operating budget of $700K, is staffed by 13 full time employees supported by over 70 volunteers, and serves over 4,000 clients annually.

The ED's responsibilities include: operations management, program development, accounting and financial management, grant applications/proposal preparation and management, fundraising/community relations and board relations. The successful candidate will have an extensive background in not-for-profit management including previous experience as ED of a substantial social service agency or COO/Program Director of a larger organization.

Attached to this message please find a more detailed description of the agency and the position's responsibilities and requirements (please let us know if you do not receive this attachment or it does not download in readable form).

Salary for this position is in the $60-70K range.

We would greatly appreciate any potential candidate or source suggestions you might be able to provide, and any assistance in helping us spread the word about this important opportunity for leadership and service to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and HIV/AIDS-affected communities.

For further information, please contact:
David Dingman, McCormack & Associates Tel: 818.717.9191; Fax: 818.717.9366; E-mail: DingmanDR@aol

Subject: Gay Pride
I noticed on the web page that Pride weekend was 10/4-10/5 96 - when is it in 97?

We are planning to be in town on 10/2 - 10/5 this year and we were wondering if it was planned for the same weekend.

-Alex Claney

From: "Roger H. LaGreca"
Subject: Hey Becky!
Hey I loved your tour it was absolutely fabulous! I was hoping that you might be able to recommend a great place for a few college boys from Ohio to stay while on spring break, as we are a little tight on funds and well a few other things too ... oops there I go!

If you could email me with any ideas I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks


From: Randy Burge
Subject: (no subject)
This is a great service. Would be better with a little more description of each bar - type of crowd, etc.


From: (Rickey)
Subject: I love your club
I am from London England and I will be in New Orleans sometime in June 97, are you close to the French Quarters? I have never been to the USAbefore, but I can see I will have fun.

-Sir Rickey of Kingston Court

Subject: my name
Dear Becky Allen,
This is an interesting tour, but all high-school boys are sick, and have been making fun of me because my name is also Becky Allen. Not that I care, they're slime, but I'm not actually gay.
Yours truly,

-Becky Allen

name: William Cook
description: First time I have ever came across Web Site on the Internet.
Hope to make some goodconnections. email: home: San Jose, California USA
find us: by surfing the web

From: "betsken"
Subject: Ambush Graphic Artist-Krystyn Betsinger
Just checking to see if you indeed our my long lost daughter, I do know that you are in New Orleans, I came accross this searching the name betsinger, if so e mail or call. Love,

- Dad

From: Millie De Leon
Subject: bastard out of carolina video tape
i need to watch this film for class. any ideas where i may be bale to buy it? please email me with info if you have any.


Subject: request
Hi, how are you?
My name is William Soeharto and I am a student of University of Oregon this term, I am doing a research about children of gay and lesbian parents.

I am really interested in the development of this issue, therefore I would like to request some information if I may, in order to support my research.

The research paper is due less than 4 weeks (due on 05/19), so please reply me soon. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.


Subject: Guest Book
submit: SUBMIT...
name: Joey Watkins
description: Pretty cool site.
My friend, Amber Rose of Amber's World, won a Rainbow Award, so I had to check it out.


Subject: !!!!!
I am a lesbian in New Orleans. I am thrilled to see this. Uummmm ... Just wish my favorite bar had it's very own web page .... Good Friends! Love the page.... Keep up the good work... Maybe in the future I could get involved... I love computers and plan to be involved with them in some way in my studies. (Freshman 97)


From: Layne Mistretta
Subject: "new" gay bar in Pensacola
Hey Sonny and guys at Ambush- Just got back from an impromptu weekend in Pensacola, Florida and found a recently opened bar that I didn't see listed in the Gay Bars page.

It is a place called Club Heat, located at 406 E. Wright St., Pensacola, FL. (904.438.1112) (E-mail It was an interesting enough place, but nothing compared to New Orleans.

Imagine our shock and surprise when at 2 AM they announced "Last Call." Whoever heard of such a thing??? Anyway, they play their interpretation of high energy dance music (any frequenter of OZ would sit quietly in a corner and snicker) and on the night we went there was a porn star who sang a few songs with his CD playing in the background and eventually stripped down to a thong, I think his name was David Burril or something like that. The owner is a real nice guy named Kirk Burgess and the club is supposed to be really new, so I can't be too hard on them.

We are very loyal fans of Oz, and this little experience made us realize just how lucky we are to have a city as free as New Orleans in our backyard. You guys keep up your excellent job, and we will keep using your pages to assist in our traveling.

Oh, by the way, the beach was great!!! Lots of gorgeous eye candy on display-and summer isn't even close yet. Later,

-Todd M. Keller

Subject: Guest Book
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name: Raymomd Brady
description: GREAT SITE!
Although just fun to visit the page(s), lots of good technical work and thinking went into this site. Great Job!


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