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erotic film reviews

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Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Anchor Hotel

I checked into the Anchor Hotel last night and didn't get a single wink--a wank or two would be more like it. It's a great place to stay when you're in Miami. Come. Let me explain.

Anchor Hotel CastShore leave in Miami is something sailors really love, especially the ones from Great Britain. Things get started with a gorgeous blond with beautiful eyes and a charming personality. He's thrown a key from the balcony, so he investigates. Talk about plush! This was the place to be, and it was all there at The Anchor Hotel. Our Brit gets propositioned immediately and decides he likes the place and the propositioner, even the third guy who sneaks up behind him. It's now time for everyone to learn how versatile these three dudes really are-and they are all extremely versatile.

We go through a series of three-ways, and it looked as if our sailor would never lose that cap; but, lo and behold, the humping did it. Off it came, but it got back on as soon as the deed was done.

From the main living area to the dining table to that nice little space with the beautiful view, the three-ways continued.

After these three played ring around the "rosies," it was back to the street for our fortunate sailor. Then sailor number two enters, requests a cig from sailor number one, and then smokes his way to a parked convertible where two young Spanish guys are doing the big JO. Number two sailor needs a closer look, and then full participation. It doesn't all happen here. They strike out in that convertible and go to this humongous home. These boys do the three-way in just about every room of that house. I was totally exhausted just trying to keep up with them. From the living room, to the kitchen chopping block, to rattlin' those pots and pans, it was one fantastic experience. Throw in a little foot fetish, and you have another look at eroticism.

When sailor number two completes his R&R, he heads to the scopes to view some of the tourist attractions. He finds another gorgeous number on a hotel balcony, but he's too far away to join in the four-way that is about to follow. These boys are on their way to finding out who's bigger, and they do it every which-way, ending in a fantastic choo-choo humpalong. When sailor number three comes on the scene, we learn how lonesome he is, but this isn't to be for long. When eye contact is made, you know what that means. Our sailor enters this building which happens to be a voodoo room, complete with nine hot guys, including the two hot ones he just made eye contact with on the dock. This one turns into one of the most wonderful orgies I've ever experienced. The masks were beautiful, the bodies gorgeous and the ritual was absolutely outstanding. I wonder if we have anything like that in New Orleans? Now we get to the Russians. Our lonely Russian sailor just happens to meet up with another lonely Russian, and they talk tits and where to find some. The Anchor Hotel is the most logical place, so sailor number four lures his Russian buddy to his room. "What about the girls?" He asks. "Who cares?" Comes the response. Well, don't just stand there, honeys, get out of those clothes and get on with it. Just do it! And do it they do. I was amazed at the endurance records that these two must have broken. This may be the best from Kristen Bjorn thus far-and that's saying a lot. This guy has some of the biggest and most erotically beautiful films out at this time. He gets better with each one. In The Anchor Hotel, you can view 23 of the world's hottest men. This is two hours of beautiful guys from Europe and Latin America-all doing what comes naturally. Naturally, I enjoyed it tremendously. The only thing that could have made it any better was to have had Jim Buck dressed up like a sailor and taking on all 23 guys. Maybe I should write to Mr. Bjorn and suggest this to him.

Video and catalogue available through Kristen Bjorn Productions 1.800.918.9130.

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