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Combination Party Big Success At Cosimo's

The combination of a Bon Voyage Party for Miss Dixie, Pat Skelly and Sylvia Frank with Hank Ranna's annual Galley House Reunion Party was held recently on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Cosimo's bar at the corner of Gov. Nicholls and Burgundy.

Bon Voyage GirlsIt was a huge success and brought out the creme de la creme of New Orleans' senior gays, both men and women.

Miss Dixie, the doyen of French Quarter gay bars, having owned and operated one for years on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter, is off on her maiden voyage to Paris, compliments of Concorde. She and her two friends will return the middle of May aboard the QEII.

The Galley House was another of the original gay watering holes located on the corner of Chartres and Toulouse which was affectionately called "the wrinkle room."

Since those who remember it are a finite and ever-shrinking group, the combination of the two parties brought out more than enough wrinkles and memories to make Cosimo's a legitimate heir to this title.

Mickey Gil, who, along with Cosimo's bar, sponsored the Bon Voyage Party, and is the happy hour bartender, also supplied the piece de resistance, an enormous chocolate cake upon which sat a delectable, and enormous chocolate Eiffel Tower, created by Doyle DeForest.

Among those in attendance were Dr. Mary Pillow Scales, Rose Mae Franzen, Shirl Cieutat, Henrietta Hudson, Mary Lonatro, Nancy Ott (first female member of Petronius), Shirley Daigle, Bessiane Parks, Clyde Webb, R. J. Dykes, R. T. Gray, Carl Laliloff, James Harthrone, Chet Robin, Tracy Hendrix, Bill McLemore, Roger Chustz, Clark Sonntag, Bobby Ramon, Frank Chaco, Arti Chaussier, Robert Truxillo, Easton Lala, Paul Bordelon, Tony Quintiliano and James Keyes-to mention just a few.

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